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Nvidia VP on Next-Gen Consoles: "There's no way a 200W Xbox is going to beat a 1,000W PC"

Nvidia is in the limelight these days. First they announced that they are working with the SteamOS and boasting on how much powerful PCs are as compared to consoles. Given that Nvidia was skipped by both the titans of console manufacturers who opted to go with AMD this time, it is understandable that it is siding with the PC gamers and assuring them each and every way.

Nvidia’s senior vice president of technology Tomy Tamasi stated that the PCs will leave the consoles behind, again. (Industry, NVIDIA, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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drsfinest72  +   677d ago
Well no shit. Lol. Water is wet, fire burns too! Nvidia
abzdine  +   677d ago
shut up Nvidia, this is just jealousy cause you haven't sold chips to MS and Sony.
I wonder what they'd have said if next gen consoles were equiped with Nvidia chips...
BOLO  +   676d ago
Something along the lines of..."We can extract Titan-like performance from our GTX (insert number here) based GPU for the next-gen consoles".
SolidStoner  +   676d ago
cool... so now we know.. lets sit back and enjoy the power of PC.. it can really create great games for my consoles :)

funny thing is that those games are developed on PC but playable only on consoles... (well I mean all great and greatest games)..

especially GTA5, but good to know that PC has "the power".. :D mine also has it.. pity N4G dosnt use all that power! :D
ZodTheRipper  +   676d ago
I think it's good that there's a company left that's going for high end performance. I'll be getting a PS4 first but in 2-4 years I'll need a new PC so I want it to outpower my console by far.
saber00005  +   676d ago
abzdine, they wouldn't be able to comment about it if Microsoft and Sony were their client. AMD did and they got severely chewed up by Microsoft. It's 100% against their contract.
darx  +   676d ago
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Mithan  +   676d ago
He isn't wrong though.
Are u people idiots?? Stop hating nvidia..

They only talk becuz journalist ask them question..

Dumb asses.

Also AMD Mantle is gonna make things worse for consoles..

PC is about to be optimized like consoles lol

Can't wait to try it with bf4.. Pc going up and next gen is already degrading..

No need for windows for bf4 soon.

But yes I still want ps4. I love many games man.. lol
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ginsunuva  +   676d ago
Even for the ps3 they said nothing good. They just said they're happy to work with Sony.
JasonKCK  +   676d ago
Nvidia is famous for burning bridges and letting opportunities slip by.
Godlovesgamers  +   676d ago
Exactly. Had they secured the chip deal for this console gen they would've been praising the new generation of consoles.

Nvidia: Displaying the maturity of a small child, in HD.
mistertwoturbo  +   676d ago
I prefer Nvidia GPUs and all, but yeah it really looks like sour grapes here.

Because no matter what Nvidia says, no matter how true PC's graphics will be more powerful than consoles, the simple pure FACT that consoles will sell millions and millions and millions of units. Look at the PS3/360/Wii = 258M units combined.

So imagine however many millions of units sold of PS4/Xbone = Zero revenue for Nvidia.
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forcefullpower  +   677d ago
Totally agree. NVidia really need to shut up its getting annoying. I buy Nvidia cards and even they are making me think about going AMD next time.
drsfinest72  +   677d ago
You should lol remember Sony and ms approached nvidia first about creating you for next gen and they said no..now they regretting it.
forcefullpower  +   677d ago
With all the talk about Mantle aswell its a very interesting time. I wont hide my hatred for Direct X and hope these new systems make it obsolete.
Jughead3416  +   676d ago
How many games for consoles that can't be played on PC?
Halo, Gears of War, God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Killzone....list can go on. PC can have all that power. I'll take console exclusives all day long (along with my couch and 60inch TV).
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MiHX2  +   676d ago
If you will buy an AMD PC with AMD Graphics Card,It will suck because we want your money so badly.
darx  +   676d ago
@ Jughead

More eclusives on PC, just saying!
MethCupcakes  +   676d ago
@Darx Yeah sure, but those are exclusives that either no one has heard about, ones that no one wants to play and/or exclusives that you and many other people are playing just because of popular YouTubers.
darx  +   676d ago
@ meth

Some gamer you are!
awi5951  +   676d ago

Thats not it nvidia wanted to rip the console makers off again. What nvidia did to Microsoft with the original xbox pricing is legendary. Its was the biggest consumer hardware ^())*& over of all time. And both microsoft and sony was determined not to let nvidia get away with their shady tactics this time and thats why they are left out.
Dude420  +   676d ago
lol @ Meth.

Difference is, PC games/mods etc... don't need to be marketed heavily like console exclusives to be successful. You really don't know the magnitude of the PC gaming community.
gcolley  +   676d ago
Idiots. He answered a question...
PCPP: In the past, when a new console launched, the graphics were on par, if not even better, than a reasonably well-specced PC of the time. Yet at this year’s E3, we noticed that the Xbox One and PS4 demos didn’t look as good as the earlier PC demos of the same games. Do you think the lead that consoles had in the past at launch day is over?
Zodiac  +   677d ago
Water isn't wet, water can wet other things, but your point was made haha.
drsfinest72  +   677d ago
Lmao I know. Oh well
HammadTheBeast  +   676d ago
Actually, water molecules joined together in cohesion at room temperature are liquid.....

So water is wet.

_FantasmA_  +   671d ago
You get it. People just need to stop copying and pasting this water is wet comment online. It doesn't make any sense. Is skin fleshy, and is corn corny?
_FantasmA_  +   676d ago
Water is not wet, water is what wets. Are flames on fire and is air windy?
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torchic  +   676d ago
well said lol

my whole life has been a lie.
kevnb  +   676d ago
pr for the pc, someone has to do it. I hope people realize intel and nvidia were the first choice, but they wanted alot more money than desperate amd will settle for. The gpu in these new consoles looks fine, but im really not sold on the cpu yet. Im sure there will be great games, but the cpu seems like a bottle neck. Im expecting little improvements gameplay wise, but higher framerates and shinnier graphics.
People act like amd is going to start making tons of money off of this, they were in the 360 and the wii but were still bleeding money. AMD is going to need to get into tablets and improve in other markets, or they could be in serious trouble here soon.
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thisismyaccount  +   676d ago
Yet - visually no PC games will look 10 - 16 times better than it´s "younger sibilings", it will run at a higher resolution for those that crave 4k and more :

200W ph > 1000W ph... (the bill is cheaper)

Nvidia has (e)Nvidia < put this on a t-shirt pls!!! on the back and sumtin else on the front.
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Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
@drsfinest you took the words right out of my mouth.

@Mithan kill urself. Pc trolls

Thank you Nvidia for stating the obvious. Please get back to fueling ur jealous fangirl publicity. No one cares but the pc trolls and fannies.
Gamers are gaming regardless and doin all of this is not gonna make us go out and buy pc's for ur overpriced gfx cards. Give it a rest. When TLOU, Halo, Forza, Uncharted or GranTurismo hits pc then there is no need to have a pc. Unless you wanna play Civilization or something. Lol. Im content with the weaker consoles. The others are not content with their hardware it seems
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sinjonezp  +   676d ago
Well, we can sit here and talk about hate but the guy is trying to market that if you want the best gaming experience, get a PC. While most of us here on n4g is knowledgeable about this, some are not. They want to get the message clear. I would never stop buying nvidia cards. I am not going to let people like this thwart my views on the product because nvidia makes quality cards and amd cannot match their driver support. I will get a ps4 and a xb1 soon but I know that my gtx cards can run anything at 1080p and that's a good thing. If anything maybe they should adjust the message into a positive one instead of dogging the ps4 and xb1.
Tooly  +   677d ago
I Think Nvidia Jelly When They Was Offered To Work With Sony And Microsoft They Denied The offer. Now They see all The Paper/Dinero/Cheeta/Guwap/ AMD and ms/sony Bout To Get.Haters
Neixus  +   676d ago
I Agree But Please Stop Typing Like This
Feralkitsune  +   676d ago
I like how people can obviously troll on this site and everyone agrees with them.
JimmyLmao  +   677d ago
I think Nvidia is butthurt after all that AMD ass-whooping they just got the other day
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The_Infected  +   677d ago
Yea except now Nvidia is working with Steam which is huge. Which honesty is better for PC gaming Nvidia or AMD? I've heard AMD.
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THC CELL  +   677d ago
Nvida has done nothing but moan since amd got the consoles
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   677d ago
Nvidia is better for Gaming IMO.
more often Driver patches,
GeForce Experience for those that don't know how to use settings in game (i dont use it myself but its really good for the new guys),
Cuda (good for more than gaming, alot of Video and 3D tools use it aswell)
Driver Patches increase performance, always.
you can stream to Geforce Shield (if you have one and a 600series+ GPU)
better SLi scaling for games.

there is alot more for PC gaming in Nvidia but those are the main lines i think myself.

tho the new mantle things from AMD can be a game changer one its out. but we dont know if N will use it aswell tho :D

@Nabbic bellow
well how often do you get your driver patches?
do they increase performance in games?
all drivers of Nvidia gives performance for specific and none specific games.
all from 5% to even 40% in performance (i have seen it once or twice) just from drivers.
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Nabbic  +   677d ago
Hey, I like AMD.
I've got a Saphire HD 7870 XT w/ Boost and an AMD FX 6300 Piledriver in my custom and they perform flawlessly.

AMD drivers aren't as bad as everyone says they are, and I've had no issue with them yet.
TheFamous1  +   676d ago
Nvidia is a better product for GPU's and Intel is a better processor than AMD - but they cost more for that reason.
kingduqc  +   676d ago
By ass whooping you mean no performance bench
no price
no date
shitty audio solution on a video card
api working with 1 game?

Edito  +   677d ago
You can't play Uncharted or Halo on a Super PC...
Are_The_MaDNess  +   677d ago
well halo isnt that great IMO. an on rail shooter IMO.
and Uncharted (the first one) was good for its time. newer once fail hard IMO (atleast the 3rd one)

i personally think controller is way to in accurate to be presice when it comes to shooting, you can follow a moving target to pin point precision. you cant be as accurate in general IMO.
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Nabbic  +   677d ago
I agree with your comments about Halo, but you can use any controller you want on a PC. Most support 360 ones out of the box, and there's software to allow you to use Dualshock and map controls. And personally I feel dualshock hits the spot in certain games over keyboard.
Plus, Uncharted 3 was fun.
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IHassounah  +   677d ago
PC fanboy ? looks like it cause after all, both games are great (Halo+Uncharted) , I also love ARMA 3 that is exclusive for the PC but yet your gonna continue saying bullshit about PC is better , I'll tell you that AMD is actually better than Nvidia cause they made chips for the X1 and the PS4
Are_The_MaDNess  +   677d ago
actually no, im not a PC "fanboy" as you bluntly call it.

but frankly a controller in not as accurate or precise. (try playing CSGO with a controller, you wont hit a 180 headshot within the first 10 hours of gameplay thats for sure)

analog sticks are the problem here IMO.

BTW: i think Uncharted 3 is a disgrace of the series considering the first two games (dont get me started on the vita game) both the 3rd game and the Vita game took looks over a stable framerate. i couldnt finnish them at all since the frame rate was up and down all the time and messing up my aim.

and im not a "fanboy"
PSN: http://gamercards.exophase....

Xbox Live ID: https://live.xbox.com/en-US...

SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/i...

even have a Wii U, Wii, PSP Go, 3DS among others......... i love all kinds of games. but i love quality and precision of my controls more.
TheFamous1  +   676d ago
Uncharted is pretty great and I was an Xbox 360 owner this gen - Halo has gone to shit. When you look at the Xbox exclusives you have Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Fable - all tired and uninteresting now.
Edito  +   676d ago
Even so you just can't those games and many others on a PC... the almighty PC will have to wait for GTAV, had to wait for MK and will have to wait for many more games and at this point in time for me at least it's not about graphics or power it's about the experience... Consoles give me more of the experiences i like in games...
Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
Please stop it. Most pc games are on consoles. The same game just prettier. No console exclusives on pc except those rts games and a few others. So why limit urself to pc when ur missing out on great games. GTA5 Iis great by the way. How are those petitions goin for the pc version. Lol
But I think a gamepad is better. My opinion. Dnt have to worry about cramps after a intense session
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BOLO  +   676d ago
Not until they're emulated.
despair  +   676d ago
Funny how people reference the console exclusive games but ignore the PC exclusives, the instant or super fast loading times, the better look and multiple controller options (keyboard/mouse, gamepad etc.) The upgradable hardware, the 100 other uses a PC has that Consoles don't.

If you are going to argue something then put all the facts forward (oh and Halo 1 and 2 are on PC). I own both a gaming PC and a PS3 and I don't understand this whole PC "master race" vs Console "rabid fanboys" bullshit.

You keep arguing about which is better and I'll enjoy both.
Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
Lol. Pc exclusives.... Every rts games there is. Lol. Myst... besides graphics and the "multiple controller options". What else is there. Oh you can make graphs and play solitaire. Super fast load times? Yea if you have alot of good ram... how many pc exclusive have the console players been beggn for? None... Oh. Sims at one point. Upgradeable hardware. That is more of a nusiance than anything knowing you have to upgrade every 3 days to keep up. Lmao. Ps3 only had a split 512 mb of ram. Name one game that can run on pc with only that lol. Wonder how a multiplat game would look and play with only 512 mb of ram. It wont.
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kingduqc  +   676d ago
You can't download mods on a console
You can't play in 2560*1440/4k on a console
You can't multitask on a console
You can't video render on a console
You can't video edit on a console
You can't play rts on a console
You can't emulate on a console
You can't work on a console
You can't browse the web well on a console
You can't upgrade a console
You can't use oculus rift on a console
You can't use a good headphones on a console
You can't setup a server on a console
You can't have years of backward compatibility
You can't play with the controller of your choise
You can't use a mouse on a console
You can't get great deals for games on a console
You can't digitally download every gmae on a console
You can't have all the eye candy on a console
You can't use triple monitor display
You can't get 120 fps on a console
You can't repair a console
You can't play online without paying a fee on a console
You can't play starcraft on a console
You can't play total war on a console
You can't play chivalery on a console
You can't play dota 2 on a console
You can't play lol on a console
You can't play ftw on a console
You can't play arma on a console
You can't play dayz on a console
You can't play wasteland on a console
You can't play rising storm on a console
You can't play compagny of heroes on a console
You can't play mount and blade on a console
You can't play warframe on a console
[*List around the 18 000 games exlsusive on pc*]
Add that to the total library of games from the Nes to the wii available on pc via emulation (at higher resolution too)

Don't start the you can/can't do when you talk about consoles, they are much much more limiting then an open platform like the pc.

Ohh and http://images1.wikia.nocook...

So much for that too.
windblowsagain  +   675d ago
You can't play warframe on a console!


majiebeast  +   677d ago
This is Nvidia right now to the big 3.

"Its not like i wanted your business anyway Baka!"

Hope AMD gets back so Nvidia can lower the price on their overpriced cards already.
StockpileTom  +   677d ago
lmao Nvidia getting all tsundere now?
majiebeast  +   677d ago
Glad you got the reference:D
THC CELL  +   677d ago
Sony has way too many exclusives for steam to topple em, Xbox might get a sting tho people I no now are getting a ps4 n steam machine. Very surprised no I'm not I said ages ago this would happen
LiQuiZoN  +   676d ago
I've always been a Playstation + PC/Steam guy.
(F' Origin, F' UPlay - Never again, no more games from them)

I'm not sure i'd get a steam box, although for streaming from my PC to TV I might. I'd love to see the Playstation 4 have a SteamOS app, which would perform the same function. That would be AWESOME!!

Playstation uses linux anyway.
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clmstr  +   677d ago
Water is wet...C'mon Nvidia, stop making yourself look like an idiots. This is getting annoying.
gillri  +   677d ago
Is that why the most detailed and complex world ever created with GTAV is on over 8 year old hardware? this guy is clearly butthurt..GTAV and TLOU has proved that hardware clearly isnt the be all and end all when it comes to making next gen games on current gen hardware

The way PC's use their hardware is pathetic, good job trying to get a game that look as good as TLOU on 256 MB RAM!

You dont even need to upgrade their PC's as AAA developers will only make their games on next gen consoles for the next 10 years due to insane development costs, and once again blind PC hardware whores will upgrade their PC's comparing their (benchmarks like they seem to like doing) only for all that power to be wasted which has largely been the case since Crysis

I have a PC and I like my horror indie games on it, but I just love how developers eek every last ounce of juice out of current gen hardware, when you compare how little PC's utilise their tech compared to console's it really puts it into perspective.

Graphics is soo much more than hardware as this generation of consoles has proved
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   677d ago
agree with you that it isn't about all the specs (or i wouldn't still be playing CS 1.6 and Dota 2 XD)

but if you cant see all the foul shortcuts devs make for these games then you are blind.

games today are mostly smeared texture covered walls and simple SSAO calculations with low support for AA.

i say that GTAV looks great, but there is just sooooo many shortcuts taken just to make it look pretty.
Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
Think for a sec about 512 mb of ram... will gta5 run on a pc with 512 mb of ram... nope
SirBradders  +   676d ago
I have a PS3 and own both TLOU & GTA5 and to be honest they don't look that great, for a console yeah they look fab but there are PC games that blow them out the water.

Skyrim with 4k textures, models etc... installed
Witcher series as it comes without mods
Metro Series
Every single multiplat. BF3, FC3, AC3 etc...

I see what your saying but the extra juice in PC's do push games although i agree there is a hell of a lot of work in optimisation to be done, which is where this steam box comes in.

I may end up flashing my PC and actually installing Linux if it lives up to all this hype.
LiQuiZoN  +   676d ago
Very interested in the new PUSH steam is making for Linux. If my entire steam library worked in Linux and I had some solid Drivers for Audio/Visual then I would certainly move on and never look back!
Nerdmaster  +   676d ago
Console gamers who never played on a decent PC think that the sub-HD graphics and 30fps are the best there is... And you say "good job trying to get a game that look as good as TLOU on 256 MB RAM", but you do know that they even stop background downloads because PS3 can't handle both of them together, right? On PC I can do so much while I play (do downloads, talk to friends with Skype, listen to music, leave browsers opened that are reachable by a simple alt+tab...)

And using TLOU as an example is not very smart. Even graphics-wise, it's not the best there is even on consoles. And don't get me started on the whole "infected don't attack Ellie even if she is climbing on them". It's a great and emotional game, but it's far from "next gen" as you said.
TurboGamer  +   677d ago
Funnie how people bash nvidia. Between sony, ms, amd and nvidia, nvidia has the biggest annual profits.
KwietStorm  +   676d ago
OK. Now what.
elhebbo16  +   676d ago
Yes because every nvidia card is used only for gaming./s
FlyingFoxy  +   677d ago
Nvidia have been talking a lot recently, take it they don't like the fact AMD is using their chips in the new consoles.

Besides, even though AMD are using more cores in their CPU's they are weaker than a quad core i7 chip in a PC, no doubt AMD make good graphics cards though.. and everyone should know you can build a good gaming rig for a about £200-300 more than the launch price of a console, you soon save on the cost of no subcription fees and cheaper games anyways.
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MrZkaar  +   677d ago
Jesus another PC Console post. This is getting boring now. More flame bait.
Tapani  +   677d ago
There's no way 1000W PCs will sell over 100 million units.

Substance over form.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   676d ago
quality over quantity.

loving my 1200W Corsair PSU <3
Tapani  +   676d ago
I do have an HTPC and a GTX670, but I'm still not convinced by NVIDIA's constant boasting about this and that.

They are not realistic with their predictions, and moreover, they tend to exaggerate and spin everything. I just do not respect these arrogant companies, like Microsoft. However, I do respect Nvidia's business model and products, just not the "pissing contest"-attitude.

I have nothing against PC users as I'm one as well. In fact, I enjoy my Rayman Legends in crystal clear 1080p on a nice 42" plasma with dualshock 3.

I'm just tired of Nvidia's constant attitude problems.
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Pandamobile  +   676d ago
Annual PC sales are still in the hundreds of millions.

A 1000W PC in 2012 is a 500W PC in 2016, and 500W is pretty close to the average wattage of a PC.
5h4h4b  +   676d ago
Nvidia you really want to come in the limelight. Am I right?
Yep. I am.

Instead of starting a console vs pc war, can't you just shut up!

Pathetic cry baby Nvidia blah blah blah.
#13 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   676d ago
These guys are sounding like Crytek now. I wish they would shut up or at least promote their own product without downplaying consoles. I know they've always been in the business, but they're voluntarily being garden variety PC elitists now, and it's clearly because of certain circumstances, whether they want to be truthful or not. We all know PCs have infinite power, but we don't play silicon, we play games. That's why I play both console and PC.
Goku781  +   676d ago
Why are they even in the conversation like that? To me PC gaming is a different experience. That's like an 18 yr old telling a 12 yr old I bet I could kick your a$$!
windblowsagain  +   676d ago

If the name suits.

Uncharted 3 is an excellent game in it's own right, people loved Uncharted 2 so much that's why it gets some hate.

As for fps, it's capped at 30fps. it's solid.

As for the vita version it's anywhere between 20-30fps which is just wrong even though it's a good game, it should not have shipped until it was solid.

As for AMD, they have come along way. People make alot of stuff up about drivers. Normally the uninformed. Nvidia drivers have problems in games as well. I've had many different types of GPU'S over the years.
5h4h4b  +   676d ago
Even after your continuous babbling, there are many pc gamers who will buy next gen consoles. Keep crying Nvidia.
Hillyhill  +   676d ago
NVIDIA always talking about consoles and how they have no graphical power compared to pc. This after conversations went sour with securing console hardware to have had NVIDIA chip sets in them. Every week it's another story about this. You did not see AMD complaining when they didn't complete deals with Sony or Micro to have chip sets in their earlier gen consoles. If NVIDIA is so buthurt about not having NVIDIA parts in the newer consoles why don't they just go and make a console themselves and call the console the "wish a console was cheap like AMD consoles with quality parts we can not compete with at that price machine." then maybe they will stfu about the whole situation. def jealousy in NVIDIA's parts.
5h4h4b   676d ago | Trolling | show
PCpower  +   676d ago
Take it like man, Nvidia. You got schooled in the console space and now you just got OWNED by AMD in the PC space when Mantle API becomes more in use by developers. I hope you can make a video card that can get higher frame rates when Battlefield 4 starts to use Mantle API that will give AMD's 7000 series or newer GCN based cards way more performance than using DirectX garbage that you will be stuck with, Nvidia. You lost, Nvidia.

AMD had this planned out all along. Think about why they called the 7000 series GPU, graphics CORE next, because it is the core of the Earth and the API is the MANTLE. I am so glad I bought my HD7970 when it first came out 2 years ago. I will benefit from Mantle API. Feel sorry for those that wasted money on Titan FAIL.
#20 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
WitWolfy  +   676d ago
"Butthurt 101" people. Thats the word of the day... When a company see's that its competitors is in both next gen consoles and is going to make a MASSIVE profit for the next 7-9 years just make it as if next gen consoles are over prices pieces of shit as well as their future products.

That will bring your customers back...
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SITH  +   676d ago
Ok, I will admit it now. Nvidia looks thirsty for attention.
Gore-Content  +   676d ago
yaaaaawn... Wow, it's already Friday!
CYBERHATER  +   676d ago
Ouch LOL!! That's gotta hurt.
FernandoMartinez  +   676d ago

1000 > 200

...thanks, i never would have figured that one out by myself.
cunnilumpkin  +   676d ago
these are the questions people keep asking NVidia

these are "journalists" trying to start a console vs pc war

NVidia does not give two sh!ts about consoles

they sell OVER 100 million gpus EVERY YEAR

the xbox1 and ps4 will be lucky to move 100 million units in 7 years COMBINED

NVidia has better chips, better drivers, higher stock prices, more market share and makes as far better product than amd

amd is second tier, budget parts, which is why the cheap console makers went with them

ask your self why on "next gen" consoles bf4 runs in sub-1080p at low and medium settings yet a $120 NVidia 560 will be able to run it in NATIVE 1080p at high-very high settings (not ultra but a helluva lot higher than medium and low!)

a high end gaming pc from 2011 will CRUSH the ps4/xbox1, you can take that to the bank
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Roccetarius  +   676d ago
I used to be on AMD's side myself, but i went over to Nvidia due to AMD's quality issues. It has gotten increasingly worse over the years.

And i wish people would stop using ''butthurt'', because it doesn't make them look any better.
#26.1 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
windblowsagain  +   676d ago
Cunnilumpkin stop talking crap.

An Nvidia 560 would get nowhwere near 60fps in BF4,LOL.

A 560ti gets about 50fps maxed in BF3@1080p.

Be lucky if it gets 30fps in BF4.
first1NFANTRY  +   676d ago
Still sour i see. i wonder what tune they would be singing if the tables where turned. all i know is playing on a couch with 50inch HD TV beats staring at a pc screen. It's all about convenience.
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1nsomniac  +   676d ago
...Who has a 1,000W PC & why would you even need one!!!?

I like Nvidia but boy are they butt hurt over this whole AMD console domination!

They're starting to sound like Microsoft.
worldwidegaming  +   676d ago
1000w aint that high! Gaming rigs sometimes have three video cards in them.
Nvidia needs to make a game...
Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
The average joe does not run 3 grafics cards. Lol
worldwidegaming  +   676d ago
The average joe is sure not buying a ps4/xbone either.
Most average joes will be fine with a ps3/360.
strigoi814  +   676d ago
There is no way Nvidia is gonna get a contract from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft right after this..
worldwidegaming  +   676d ago
Take a look at samsung/apple.
Business is business and if money is to be made they will make a deal...
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