New Stunning Project CARS Screenshots

DSOGaming: "Well, we all know that Project CARS looks beautiful, don’t we? We’ve been covering this racing game since its early stages, and today we bring you another set of screenshots that was released a couple of hours ago. As usual, Slightly Mad Studios claims that these shots are from latest development builds of Project CARS, and that they represent the many of the stunning cars & highly detailed tracks that are already available to all WMD members. So feast your eyes everyone on what appears to be the best looking racer!"

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CERN1700d ago

The weather in this game is really amazing. Wonder what nextgen Gran Turismo is going to look like.

Clunkyd1700d ago

this shit looks better than real life.

camel_toad1700d ago

Real life is totally overrated.

Dee_911700d ago

This is beautiful and definitely sets the bar regarding effects imobut I prefer photorealisric approach like PD uses.By GT7 I doubt we would be able tell the difference between reality and game. I mean GT6 already comes close and this on very old hardware
I thought it was real the first time I saw that video...

Dee_911700d ago

yay.. more screens...can we get some actual info about the game ??
seems like for the past year all we got is screens... I mean look at the related media screens screens screens .. We all know the game is stupidly beautiful.So please tell us something we don't know.. 2014 is right around the corner

WarThunder1700d ago

There are alot of gameplay videos on youtube...

Dee_911700d ago

I'm completely aware however those videos have no commentary let alone actual info.
I want to know the types of game modes, any tuning and customizations, tracks and cars to be added in future, online modes etc..All I know is its made by the team that nfs shift 2, its beautiful, and they are currently tweaking physics.. thats literally all I know about the game

BadlyPackedKeebab1700d ago

Yeah it was an open development so anyone can download and play the latest build (if you paid upfront). It was good to try but not really playable as a game when i was playing it six months or so ago. Graphical performance was awesome.

Feralkitsune1700d ago

Dude.... the game is playable already. If you maybe actually researched you could find all the answers you ever could want. Stop being lazy.

Tiqila1700d ago

what systems will that game be released on? I hope it handles as good as it looks.

level 3601700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

That photo of the Ford Capri sure brings tears to my eyes..

..sorry just feeling a bit nostalgic here.

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