Former Disney Star Dylan Sprouse Takes Restaurant Host Job to "feed Bountiful Video game Addiction"

You guys remember that show on Disney called Suite Life of Zach & Cody? Dylan Sprouse now works at a restaurant as a host, not because he is broke, but because he needs to "feed his over bountiful video game addition."

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majiebeast1368d ago

So he isnt living the suite life anymore ;)


Theyellowflash301368d ago

LOL! He says he's financially secure though.

majiebeast1368d ago

Yeah when im financially secure i think working at a restaurant is the first thing i would do...

Theyellowflash301368d ago

Its to feed his video game addiction.

maniacmayhem1368d ago


Oops, wrong show...

Max-Zorin1368d ago

At least he didn't lose his mind like Popped a Molly Cyrus.

FamilyGuy1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I'd rather be rich and crazy than a has-been, embarrassingly working at a restaurant just so I can keep playing video games. WTF

Miley's "lost mind" = publicity stunts

Soldierone1368d ago

At least he isn't addicted to drugs (Lindsay Lohan) or being a slut (Miley Cyrus)

DragonKnight1368d ago

Why in the blue hell was this approved? Who here cares what this guy does and why? This mentions gaming in passing, it has no relevant news to discuss in any way. WTF people. Stop putting through garbage like this.

majiebeast1368d ago

Sorry approved it for my pun:P

DragonKnight1368d ago

You can comment without approving though. Just saying.

Good pun though.

DarkBlood1368d ago

but then it wouldnt show up on the site and get any attention if he just did that lol.

ShAkKa1368d ago

HA! This comment was actually better than the pun.

cyguration1368d ago

Look man, usually I would agree with you... but this trashy article wasn't from Kotaku, so it's all right in my book.

KonsoruMasuta1368d ago

Did you hear? They're rebranding the site.

It's going to be called Celebrities4G from now on.

Qrphe1368d ago

This, everyone who approved this is dead of a "news" site into a zombie.

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The story is too old to be commented.