Why Pokémon must ditch versions and embrace DLC

Stevivor's Will Kostakis writes, "There comes a time before the release of every new Pokémon game, I’d say two months out, when I panic and realise I probably should get around to finishing the old ones first. It results in a string of late nights spent churning through gym leaders, catching legendaries and version-specific Pokémon. During one such late night (hello, White Kyurem), it dawned on me: I really wish Nintendo and Game Freak would stop releasing the same game so many times."

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vishmarx1699d ago

full game $$<<dlc $$
people buy it anyways

vegnadragon1699d ago

For real, right. I'll start a article, Why "Insert Web Site Here" must not ditch economics.

Xof1699d ago

That's just what the Pokemon franchise needs: more milking. For the love of God, Pikachu's nipples have seen enough abuse by now.

dboyman1699d ago

Poor Pikachu! :( BTW I though Pikachu was male?

DarkBlood1699d ago

nipples are the general name for well you know for both genders, the word *tits* are actually the whole thing with the nipples if im to assume you didnt know at first?

dboyman1698d ago

I know that males had nipples too. But I didn't think you could milk a male....

Feralkitsune1698d ago

There are male and female Pikachus...

user55757081698d ago

pretty sure 2 versions of the game every time a game releases is milking. instead of dlc theyre getting a second purchase. then they update the current versions slightly and release the game a 3rd time and people buy that one too.

damn i bought red blue and yellow back in the day and they were almost the exact same game

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1699d ago

I've got nipples... can you milk me?

Xof1698d ago

You can milk anything with a nipple.

kirbyu1699d ago

The author has a good point. But if they did do this, I would still want the games to come in two (identical) versions because two versions is tradition.

admiralvic1699d ago

Not really... the point I took away was that they didn't like beating the same game twice to get every Pokemon.

This has never been true of any of the Pokemon games and no longer an impossible task with wifi trading. Furthermore, their issues could be resolved by implementing a restricted cross save system (as I detailed below for the heck of it), which would freely allow you to play two versions of the game without having a problem.

ShadowHarp1698d ago

Your supposed to play with your friends

Max-Zorin1699d ago

Pokemon is doing fine without having to purposely hide stuff and then try to pass it off as DLC with a false advertisement.

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The story is too old to be commented.