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Submitted by stevivor 792d ago | opinion piece

Why Pokémon must ditch versions and embrace DLC

Stevivor's Will Kostakis writes, "There comes a time before the release of every new Pokémon game, I’d say two months out, when I panic and realise I probably should get around to finishing the old ones first. It results in a string of late nights spent churning through gym leaders, catching legendaries and version-specific Pokémon. During one such late night (hello, White Kyurem), it dawned on me: I really wish Nintendo and Game Freak would stop releasing the same game so many times." (3DS, Game Freak, Nintendo)

vishmarx  +   792d ago
full game $$<<dlc $$
people buy it anyways
PSVita  +   792d ago
vegnadragon  +   792d ago
For real, right. I'll start a article, Why "Insert Web Site Here" must not ditch economics.
Xof  +   792d ago
That's just what the Pokemon franchise needs: more milking. For the love of God, Pikachu's nipples have seen enough abuse by now.
dboyman  +   792d ago
Poor Pikachu! :( BTW I though Pikachu was male?
DarkBlood  +   792d ago
nipples are the general name for well you know for both genders, the word *tits* are actually the whole thing with the nipples if im to assume you didnt know at first?
dboyman  +   792d ago
I know that males had nipples too. But I didn't think you could milk a male....
Feralkitsune  +   791d ago
There are male and female Pikachus...
user5575708  +   791d ago
pretty sure 2 versions of the game every time a game releases is milking. instead of dlc theyre getting a second purchase. then they update the current versions slightly and release the game a 3rd time and people buy that one too.

damn i bought red blue and yellow back in the day and they were almost the exact same game
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   792d ago
I've got nipples... can you milk me?
Xof  +   791d ago
You can milk anything with a nipple.
kirbyu  +   792d ago
The author has a good point. But if they did do this, I would still want the games to come in two (identical) versions because two versions is tradition.
admiralvic  +   792d ago
Not really... the point I took away was that they didn't like beating the same game twice to get every Pokemon.

This has never been true of any of the Pokemon games and no longer an impossible task with wifi trading. Furthermore, their issues could be resolved by implementing a restricted cross save system (as I detailed below for the heck of it), which would freely allow you to play two versions of the game without having a problem.
ShadowHarp  +   792d ago
Your supposed to play with your friends
Number-Nine  +   792d ago
Max-Zorin  +   792d ago
Pokemon is doing fine without having to purposely hide stuff and then try to pass it off as DLC with a false advertisement.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   792d ago
Pokémon dont need this.
+ they will already make alot of money from the upcoming PokèBank
Espurr   792d ago | Spam
admiralvic  +   792d ago
I really wish people that didn't know what they were talking about wouldn't make sites. Like why are you talking about the game being the "usual $60", when most portable games have been $40 for ages upon ages, which is also true for X / Y. Not to mention, Newegg has had several deals that could drop the price of both of these games down to $60 - $70 dollars, which is a whole $50 dollars less than the "$120" you're willing to pay for the full version. Even then, history has shown us that DLC is rarely that cheap and Nintendo certainly isn't known for doing that either. Like a lot of people debate how much of an update Super Luigi U was, but that still ran you $20 dollars if you owned a copy of Super Mario Bros. U. We could easily be seeing the same thing here. A bunch of packs that simply result in you getting to the same price tag, longer waits to "catch them all" and ultimately we're in a similar place as you were.

If you wanted to easily fix your annoyance of playing the same game twice and get the full experience, then Nintendo should simply implement a cross save program. Simply offer people a one time or heavily restricted copy of your save from one version to the other. This process will bring over your progress, pokedex data, worthless items like elixirs / potions and finally your 6 main Pokemon. These main Pokemon instantly become locked to prevent duping and none of your other Pokemon will transfer to further prevent duping. All unique missions with special items (like getting another master ball) will be available to you regardless of what you did in the first game and this will allow you to avoid playing the same game twice. It doesn't much help the cost, but since you think the games are 150% as much as they really are... I don't think you're really a person that cares about cost in the first place, just connivence.
Rask  +   792d ago
Each new iteration of the series sells a shit ton of copies, why would Nintendo do that?
porkChop  +   792d ago
He's not saying they should stop making Pokemon games. He's saying they should stop releasing multiple versions of the same game for each Pokemon generation. He's saying the content that would be in the second version should just be released as DLC, which would end up being far cheaper than buying 2 versions of the same game.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   792d ago
it has DLC

Mystery Gift
Event Pokemon

these stuff are free and limited
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   792d ago
After reading the title, the words " Go to hell!" came to mind.
Activemessiah  +   792d ago
Whoever wrote that is either a cunt or worse: works for EA.
just-joe  +   792d ago
Yeah because that worked so well for Capcom.
Zerotino  +   792d ago
Yes and no. Granted I wouldn't mind seeing DLC for the 'Third' version installment (Crystal, Emerald, Platinum etc) so that that way I wouldn't have to wait for that instead of buying one of the first 2 and playing that only to replay the third. I'm waiting out on X and Y for that reason and waiting for the inevitable Pokemon Z to come out.

So no we don't need DLC for Pokemon exclusive to versions or what not (defeats the use of trading) but for the directors cut content, sure I would buy it.
LAWSON72  +   792d ago

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