Why The Vita Has Become My Indie Platform Of Choice

Gaming Blend "I fired up the PlayStaiton Vita last night to jump into Lone Survivor for the first time. I had gone through “the ritual” before the game ever bothered to ask me to do so, shutting myself away in a dark room with the door shut and my headphones on. This romp into the unknown is the most recent indie game I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Sony’s handheld console, and all signs point to even more “small’ games heading its way in the coming year. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier."

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SynGamer1519d ago

I couldn't agree more. My PC Vita has seen more action than my PS3 and PC combined in this past year. Though...with GTA V out now that may change a bit.

With the Vita, almost all of the indie games that interest me are on the system and being able to play wherever I want, whenever I want (usually) is such a huge selling point. But most importantly, the games aren't gimped or sacrificed in any way, and developers are really using the touch controls well.

miyamoto1519d ago

PC Vita?
Are you also doing Remote Desktop with your PS Vita like some modders in YouTube?

Protagonist1519d ago


If it wasn´t for Catharine I would have ignored my PS3 for almost 2 years now.

Remy_S1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I really want Jamestown on Vita.

guitarded771519d ago

Cool... I hadn't heard of it. I like traditional shooters, and the art style is very nice to the eye.

darthv721518d ago

That looks like total blast (pun intended) from the past. That would be sweet on vita or PSN/XBL for that matter.

Stuntz1519d ago

nobody cares about the stupid vita jesus.. That thing is a failed hardware sony is trying to recreate, enough is enough it is dumb.

_QQ_1519d ago

Everyone is trying to hype up the VITA, but VITA will never be close to 3DS because it doesn't have must have Sony Handheld exclusive franchises.

fsfsxii1519d ago

You mean worn out franchises?? Sure.

_QQ_1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

@fsfsxii, i'm just being being real,Name me one must have franchise on Vita that you can't get anywhere else. You won't be playing games like main Pokemon titles,kid icarus,Luigis Mansion,Mario RPG,most Fire emblem releases,SMT,or top down Zelda titles on a Nintendo Console,you need a Nintendo Handheld. But i can get the best Killzone,God of war,Uncharted Assasins Creed,or LBP entries on a Playstation console. I guess if you think the games are worn out thats your opinion but you are definitely in the minority.

fsfsxii1519d ago

Vitas library is based entirely on New IPs.

CaptainSheep1519d ago

@Lopez: Since you're asking for one must have VITA exclusive. Gravity Rush.
You can't get a good portable FPS experience on 3DS. Killzone: Mercenary has you covered on Vita.
Soul Sacrifice. An action game that you will only find on Vita.
Oh, and, playing JRPGs on Vita is much better than the playing JRPGs on 3DS. I'm not saying Vita has more, but if a JRPG was on Vita AND 3DS, I'd pick up the Vita version for sure.

_QQ_1519d ago

@fsfsxii i don't think you get what i'm saying, Wonderful 101 is a new ip and a great game but its not a must have system selling game,Maybe that puts things in proper perspective.
i already explained why console franchises on vita aren't system movers.Gravity rush? your trying to compare a game that i've never even heard of to the Pokemon and Mario RPG franchise?keep in mind i'm not talking about quality.As for the JRPG thing, its not about where the game looks better but which system has the game.

TongkatAli1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Both are awesome. Is that so hard to comprehend :/

This is the best handheld generation ever!

@lopez_josue Just because you haven't heard about a game doesn't mean Mario and Zelda are automatically better. You need someone who has experience on both and get their fair opinion.

Hicken1519d ago

The Vita doesn't need the 3DS' sales. And its library is comparable, in terms of quality.

If you're asking for just one "must-have" title exclusive to the Vita, then that's obviously Gravity Rush.

It's amazing that people who don't own a Vita keep talking about how thin the library is, while people who actually own the device keep listing plenty of games.

_QQ_1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

300k doesn't seem like a must have system moving vita game to me.
the vita almost has 2 years out, if you think the games are better thats fine,all opinion. But vita doesn't have a gran turismo,it doesn't have a pokemon,it doesn't have a halo or 3D Mario type game.

Otoshigamisama1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Your being negative man I understand your point, but before counting the vita out we must see first what it can do in 3 years its not even 2 years old, and about the games both system have their own taste of library reaching out to different type of gamers and if you prefer 3ds games thats good I won't hold it against you because that is your taste, But for me I own both of these systems and for me vita's library appeal to me more than 3ds but that is just me and MY OWN taste nothing wrong about that how about we remove doubts and negativity and see what the system can do before we even judge it at this early stage of its lifespan :)

Someone will eventually disagree with you because we all have different taste in gaming.

miyamoto1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Are not you Nintendo fans burned by your obsession for sales figures already?

Look at the Wii U

When will you kids ever learn?

Can't you see the difference between the kind of games for the PS Vita vs 3DS? PSP vs DS?

If Sony want to cater to hardcore gamers and does not want to be identified with kiddie games and casual stuff its their choice and principle.

Of course hardcore games wont appeal to the casuals and kids and soccer moms and Sony knows that.

Bitch all you want about sales figures for no logical reasons. Its not the all and be all.

Portable gaming for hardcore gamers has been their platform since 2004 with the PSP.

Same with the original PlayStation. Sony made sure their platform is aimed at the older gamers and away from Nintendo's kiddie image.
The same drive for portable hardcore gaming might not sell for easy money like Kidtendo games do buy hey 80 million PSP is still nothing to sneeze at and by no means a failure.

Sony will never stoop down Nintendo's kiddie level with the Vita even if 3DS wants a big chunk of the PSP demographic in Japan with getting an exclusivity deal with Crapcom's MH4. Sony will stick with the hardcore gamers and we should all respect that some game company is doing something different instead of aping a toy company for easy money.

If it weren't for Sony and Nintendo had its way in video games industry, video games will still be dismissed as young children's playthings and will never reach the maturity it has today.

This is just the way it is.

If a cheap Toyota Prius sells more units than a BMW sports car, so what?

Nintendo's style is bank on the next generation of young kiddie gamers year in year out. That explains their gaming philosophy nothing wrong with that. Its easy money tried and true formula. But to be stuck with the kiddie games year after year for an adults is retardation and Peter Pan syndrome. I'd rather grow and move on.

tiffac0081519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Bro, regarding your comment about not having Gran Turismo on the Vita. Remember the biggest negative attack is being a port machine. So if the Vita has GT, it will still come out as a negative to all the haters out there. P4G, U:GA, KZ:M, LBP:V all got that bashing.

And then you get a new IPs, like Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Sounds & Shapes and they get ridiculed for not being a system seller kinda like what Wonderful 101 is facing right now. Which is sad because these are great new IPs. That people should try out or we will be stuck with the usual suspects for life.

grassyknoll1519d ago

Nothing worst than a person who plays sales.

_QQ_1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Lol i'm not even going to read Miyamoto's comment because he has demonstrated to me countless times that he has no idea what he is talking about.

@Tiffac008 you obviously didn't understand the point of putting other best selling franchises in that sentence.hint: i'm not saying vita needs Gran Turismo.

@people saying i am the playing sales game, i'm not saying vita is an inferior product because of sales.But i see way too often people saying dumb things like VITA TV=hotcakes,or PS4 is going to sell VITAS. That just simply is not the case.Funny how no one has problem using the sales card to attack wiiu though.

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mr-phillips1519d ago

No one cares about the Wii U either. some consoles fail others are successful.

Hufandpuf1519d ago

That somewhat changed with the announcement of SSB

imXify1519d ago


Smash Bros Melee was released for the Gamecube in it's first year and it never did justice to that console.

cyguration1519d ago

I'll get a Wii U when Monolith drops X. So yeah, I care.

Funantic11519d ago

The vita is a fail. I was interested in using the Vita TV to stream PS4 games but was turned off when I found out that it'll only reach 720p. I'm considering buying a 4k tv and 720p is too out of date for me.

Insomnia_841519d ago

The Vita is fail for anyone that doesn't have one only.

Protagonist1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


Lame! and ignored.

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Xof1519d ago

My indie platform of choice is the PC, for obvious reasons.

ElementX1519d ago

PC is mine. Can't beat the sale prices on steam and greenmangaming

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