Xbox Fitness for Kinect 2.0 Includes Video

" Just leaked on the Xbox Fitness landing page, which is down as of this moment, is a new fitness service for the Xbox One. The video, below, gives you all the important details. Xbox Fitness will use the Kinect 2.0 and will be able to track your heart-rate and the ‘effort’ you exert. Featured in the game will be celebrity trainers such as Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton, Jillian Michaels, and Shaun T. The intense tone of the video really shows how Xbox is trying to corner the market for exercise gaming, and it looks extremely promising. I can’t help but feel sorry for the Wii Fit, which better look out because there’s a new player in the game and it’s bringing the heat." -Matthew

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I'm looking forward to it. Funny how we wrote an article on P90X because a game and it happen.

UltimateMaster1210d ago

What would be the difference between getting the DVD for cheaper or buying an Xbox One + this game?

For people that will be getting an Xbox One anyway, that's a plus.
But I don't see the general public putting down 500$ + 60$ for this game when they could get a better workout with a gym subscription.

zeal0us1210d ago


There probably isn't a difference between the game and dvd. This is just an option for X1 buyers. Nothing wrong with more options. Those looking to getting in shape more than likely will just buy the DvD (given the fact they're still advertising both P90X and Insanity) or sign up for gym membership.

You would be surprise how much people throw away to get in shape. My cousin went and brought a Wii and some exercise games a few years ago. She was self-conscious about how gym people might view her. To some the fitness games are more interactive compared to the DVDs.

Fireseed1210d ago

Ummm because a DVD can't tell you when you're doing a position incorrectly?

mhunterjr1209d ago


I don't think very many people would buy an Xbox specifically for this game, but Microsoft is positioning it as a device the whole household will have a use for.

Sure the Xbox is purchased for little Timmy, but mom and dad can use it to exercise, and they don't have to pay because Timmy already has live (which now covers the whole household)

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fredolopez1208d ago

how do i seriously get 7 disagrees for thinking something is cool?

Blaze9291210d ago

that was pretty damn awesome I'll admit. This could be the thing to get many people back in shape. Working out in the comfort of your own home and interactively through Xbox sounds great.

The tracking, all that. Innovative indeed. Can't wait to try this out.

RiPPn1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Beachbody got a nice check from Microsoft I'm sure. But inaccurate heart rate isn't going to help much. However if it keeps stats and has worksheets that could be nice especially if you can use voice recognition to fill them out. Prob not worth paying a second sub for especially if you already own the workouts.

drsfinest721210d ago

Yeah just like fitbit and Nike fuelband. None of those are accurate heart monitors. But they sure are motivational.

maniacmayhem1210d ago

Time to get that bikini body I always dreamed of.

timotim1210d ago

And they thought Kinect 2.0 didn't have a killer app.

RiPPn1210d ago

Actually everyone said that motion gaming is good for 2 things, fitness and dance games, obviously this doesn't change that stigma.

timotim1210d ago

We all knew Kinect is great for both of those genres...I was commenting on Kinect 2.0 and the launch window killer app it may or may not have lacked.

JokesOnYou1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

timotim, Killer app, not quite sure thats what I would call this just yet, it always comes down to implementation/how well it works + audience/market. That said it does look very promising, I mean it actually looks like something I would use regularly, well correction when I miss my regular workouts cause I still would always prefer the gym and B-ball.

Rippn yeah I've heard that to be honest but I've also heard even more albeit from the least creditable folks that Kinect was useless, worthless, it sucks, doesn't work, etc and so on. Of course skepticism and accurately pointing out past flaws are justified but the stigma as you call it (but more often is closer to unwarranted hate) clearly goes far beyond that as with most things xbox related.

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