Forza 5 "A Flagship Title" In Japan - Microsoft Japan Interview 1 of 2

Microsoft Japan is picking Forza Motorsport 5 as a title to really heighten the appeal of Xbox One in Japan. Along with Titanfall and the OS, MS Japan is full of confidence heading into the next console generation.

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jhoward5851673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Seems like the x1 is going to do much better than the 360 in japan.

majiebeast1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Yeah much better...

If an onslaught of jrpgs cant do anything for the 360 it doesnt stand a chance against a ps4 thats getting Yakuza,Suda game,FF14RR and Deep Down.Xbone is launching later then PS4 and with no games that appeal to the audience there.

If it even does a million in its lifetime i would be shocked.

jhoward5851673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I don't think the x1 is going to do well either. But by the looks of things it seems like the x1 is going to do much better than the 360 in japan.


Yeah jrpgs are definitely needed if MS wants to win the heart of gamers in japan.

Personally I think every jrpgs games released for the Japanese market sucks, accept for phantasy star.
So hopefully MS make better jrpgs title for the x1 or it will fail like the 360.

Mario181673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Lol Xbox One will fail in Japan just like the 360. They tried the jrpgs and it barely sold. Look at Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey when it was released in Japan

Forza 4 sales in Japan 0.06m < lmao
BEST selling Xbox 360 game in Japan
Blue Dragon 0.2 million LMFAO

badz1491673d ago

LOL @Forza

I'm not implying that Forza is bad game but racing fans over there will be too busy playing GT6 released this fall for them to even care about Forza 5!

mcstorm1673d ago

Lol I love hope people go off last gen numbers to say what will and wont sell. No one knows if the xbox one will sell well in Japan or not. It was said the beginning of last gen that the PS3 was going to walk all over the Wii and the 360 and it got off to a very slow start.
Then people were saying Sony were pulling out the market and they managed to get the sales up.
Then it came out the 3DS was going to be walked all over by the PSV yet that did not happen too.

No one knows what is going to happen with any of the consoles and the xbox one maybe a flop but it may not be. The WiiU may become the best selling console of the new gen but then again it may not and the same with the PS4.

At the end of the day Japan is a market that is full of gamers and Microsoft might as well try and get into the market because if they do there is money to be made there.

IHassounah1673d ago

Actually we don't know the release date of the Xbox One in Japan.....

mikeslemonade1672d ago

The X1 will be lucky to sell better than what the 360 did in its life time in Japan.

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dbjj120881673d ago

That's what they hope for.

BitbyDeath1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Probably do worse actually since -

1. No year long head start
2. Sony has the cheaper console this time around
3. No RROD sales boost
4. Kinect

ape0071673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

great points but let's extent the argument

1- X360 needed 1 year head start to go against the massively dominating ps2, MS had to make a name for themselves, they needed a strong 1 year head start plan and they succeeded, X1 doesn't need a year head start, "XBOX" is already established as a strong/serious player in the market

2- MS can drop mandatory kinect at any time

3- saying that RROD boosting sales is half the truth, the reality is that the RROD could've ENDED the xbox 360 but the system stayed strong because it's great

4- MS may have the potential to capture the casual with kinec 2.0s features, u know Japanese people are bit crazy, they can TOTALLY fall for something like kinect 2.0

yes ps4 might seems to have a bit upper arm at launch but it's far from over

BitbyDeath1673d ago

1. PS2 -> PS3 transition shows just how much things can change in a generation. Sony had a series of unfortunate events leading up to PS3 and it looks like the Xbone is going above and beyond those.

2. They should, it is not for everyone.

3. It also received little media attention so most did not know what they were buying into.

4. Kinect requires a large family space which Japan is generally not privy too.

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knifefight1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Some real lack of answering the question in the middle.

Q "Forza 4 didn't sell in Japan. Why do you think Forza 5 will be a system seller?"

A "Because you can drive a Ferrari!"

Q "Right, so that's what will sell it to Japanese people?"

A "Look! You can see the stitches on the steering wheel!"

This is seriously sad.

jhoward5851673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


Q "Forza 4 didn't sell in Japan. Why do you think Forza 5 will be a system seller?"
----------------------------- -------------------

The reason why I think Forza 5 will do better than foza 4 in japn is because I notice japan gamers like a challenge.I also notice japan players like lots of characters/objects on screen at the same time. So being that FoZA has a 24 players slot(not 2-16 player slot like foza 4) it might be more changeling to them. Drive clubs only have up to 2-16.

knifefight1673d ago

If only the interview could have been with YOU. See, YOU actually provided a real answer to the question, heh. ^^; MS Japan, meanwhile, seemed like they were avoiding a real answer.

Mario181673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


"The reason why I think Forza 5 will do better than foza 4 in japn is because I notice japan gamers like a challenge."

So Forza 5 will sell better because Japan like challenges... dude, take your head out of wonderland

Hicken1673d ago

This is another case of someone taking false information and running with it.

"That info came from a Forza Motorsport 5 product description that was on an online retailer site. It was inaccurate and was pulled once we became aware of it. We plan to reveal more details on our car list and multiplayer car count in the coming weeks."

As for Japanese gamers liking a challenge, what are you basing that on, and what makes you think Forza 5 will offer that? That it has a number of players it doesn't actually have?

AznGaara1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Man by that logic I guess Japanese gamers absolutely hate fighting games then. I mean only 2 characters on the screen.... oh wait -_-

paul-p19881673d ago

If Japanese gamers want a challenge they would get Gran Turismo or any simulator game, not an arcade racer.

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rainslacker1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

LOL. I tend not to read interview articles until I read a few comments to see if they're worth the time, but this comment made me have to see if that's what he actually said.

Seriously, do they think Japanese people are so stupid to think that the impulse triggers will truly give a representation of what it's like to drive a Ferrari...or even a Prius for that matter. Rumble has been around for years, and they do make these things called racing wheels which offer much better feedback. Using my racing wheel though doesn't make my chair vibrate, nor do I feel the force of acceleration or tight cornering, nor that feeling you get when your car begins to slide out. I've had the luxury of driving a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini, and I can say, that no controller or super fancy seat/wheel setup on the market can offer the feeling that those kinds of cars can provide. They don't even come close, and an extra couple rumble motors isn't going to change that.

I love how much they tout Titanfall as an XBox game always saying how many awards it's won, and in this article he goes on to say, "I don't know, it's EA's title. It's not our title". I'm sure this guy knows full well if Titanfall is releasing on PC in Japan.

Mario181673d ago

Xbox One will be a fail in Japan. Microsoft stated the same thing with the 360 and NO ONE bought it

AznGaara1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Can't see this over taking GT6 in Japan.

Riderz13371673d ago

Yeah it won't happen...

Forza series (1-4 + Horizon) sales in Japan = 220K

Gran Turismo 5 sales in Japan - 800K

fsfsxii1673d ago

LOL, yea, nice thing to wake up on

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