Xbox Fitness - Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer of Xbox Fitness.

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Bigpappy1638d ago

It's just getting started. Official fitness box. This is one point that Kinect will not concede. Would like to know more about the PS4 Eye. But not having it bundled is letting M$ own a huge chunk on the casual market.

Riderz13371638d ago

You can get a PS Eye bundle if you want.

2 PS4 controllers, a PS4 console, Killzone Shadow Fall and the PS Eye all for 499 (Same price as Xbox One).

Bigpappy1638d ago

Ok. But what is the incentive to do that. The playrooms is not enough to drive most people to pickup an Eye with PS4. Some I am sure will for their own reasons, But that will be a slow process to get enough out there to get the needed 3rd party support.

Riderz13371638d ago

Lol I just thought you wanted a PS Eye so I was suggesting it to you. I am getting this bundle, but not for the PS Eye. That is just an extra device for me, as it will mainly be used by my younger brother and since I already have the PS Move I might as well get the new camera.

I am mainly getting that bundle because it gives an extra controller as well as Killzone Shadow Fall.

Bigpappy1638d ago

You really don't need to explain why your are getting the camera. You already passed initiation. They are not going to toss you out over this. But I kind of understand the pressure. When did you get that "younger brother" by the way? Is he older than your 'younger sister'? /wink-wink

NukaCola1638d ago

For $100 more, you get

Killzone $60
PS4 Duel $50-60
PS4 Eye $60

I think it is hard to miss the incentive for the bundle.

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OrangePowerz1638d ago

You can do that fitness stuff for a lot less money and easier.

Mystogan1638d ago

Its free for a year? What do you mean a lot less money?

P90X and Insanity are very expensive. And we get it for free.

mhunterjr1638d ago

How? Through piracy? There's no way you could purchase P90x, insanity, a heart rate monitor, and a person to critique your form for a year with just $60.

BluEx6101638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

@Mystogan Think he means you can do the fitness stuff without buying a $500 console + $60 XBL Subscription....

Biggest1638d ago

If you're using a video game for fitness you're doing it wrong.

Don't make this lame announcement seem like a cool thing. Video gamers don't care about fitness games. Fitness buffs don't care about fitness video games. Go check and see how many people use a video game.

OrangePowerz1638d ago

@Blue that's exactly what I meant.

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Pogmathoin1638d ago

People exercise the finger here...

OrangePowerz1638d ago

Don`t know for you, but I exercise 3 times a week for 2 hours.

Biggest1638d ago

With a video game, OrangePowerz?

Eonjay1638d ago

I'm still not getting an Xbox but I think this is cool.

-Superman-1638d ago

"Are you ready for this?"
Me: "NO!"

jgrigs091638d ago

Real superman would do it. SO YOU'RE FAKE! I'm calling for him

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WIESIL1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

ah kinect fitness....just what i have been waiting for

now to find some girl gamers to stream this on twitch...

Mystogan1638d ago

Have a bubble good sir.

TOGC1638d ago

Hmm, will give me a change to move off the couch and get fit :D

Bluepowerzz1638d ago

day one said no real gamer ever

meatysausage1638d ago

you know you dont need to use it,
wont impact gamers in anyway

OrangePowerz1638d ago

What I wonder is how much money MS wasted with that instead of you know spending it on game development.

The thing that MS does that irritates me the most is spending huge amounts of money for stuff like that or 1 month exclusive DLC instead of building up more great dev studios. Spending some money on that stuff is to be expected, but MS is spending ridiculous amounts of money on those things that could be used better.

dark-hollow1638d ago


Yeah, that 1 billion dollars dedicated to games and studios that ms has invested truly shows that they aren't spending enough on games /s

maniacmayhem1638d ago


I guess they wasted money on Ryse, Deadrising 3, Titanfall, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, D4, Crimson Dragon....

I think you get my point.

If you're going to be full of sh%t at least try and be better at it.

mhunterjr1638d ago

This will be a huge hit... Horrible commercial though...

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