TRUTHRant: The Nintendo 2DS Is Idiotic

Shawn Long of is a life long Nintendo fan. Yet, this new version of the wonderful Nintendo handheld doesn't seem to be sitting well with him...

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LaWiiG1668d ago

It was comfy when I held it. I just think it will limit rather than help.

knifefight1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Oh no! An adult doesn't enjoy playing a version of something made for 5-year-olds! Ring the alarm bells! I am so shocked!

This sums things up pretty well:

kirbyu1668d ago

Yeah, this product isn't meant for people that don't have a 3DS yet and don't want to spend $40 on the 3D feature when they aren't going to use it. No, not at all.

Shnazzyone1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

It's a gaming system designed to be tough and for small children, is cheaper, and is just in time for pokemon... that's not idiotic... it's fucking genius.

Only problem is they shouldn't have called it 2ds. Maybe 3ds Jr.

1666d ago