The Top 5: Open World Games

Hot on the heels of Grand Theft Auto V-mania, the Gamer Horizon crew lists off their Top 5 open world games.

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DBLDeathDealer1513d ago

Very cool article. Interesting to see the choices you selected for this.

xHeavYx1513d ago

No love for InFamous 2?

Riderz13371513d ago

No inFAMOUS 2 and no Just Cause 2 =/

snipab8t1513d ago

Yeah it is right there in one of the lists.

N2NOther1513d ago

Unfortunately I haven't played it yet. I just bought it though.

I also never played enough Just Cause 2 to have an opinion. What I did play was fun.

A lot of other games didn't make my list that would have if we did a top 10 every week! Though if I did that I think some of the guys would want me dead.

N2NOther1513d ago

Thanks for reading! Appreciate the time to read and comment!

I was rather pleased with everyone's choices. The funny thing is I never realized how many open world games there are!

Chuk51513d ago

Gotta say GTAV is one of the best open world games this gen for sure.

Mugen901513d ago

CTFU! at Chris who put SR3 and SR4 as the top open worlds games. Steelport has to be the worst sandbox city I have ever played.

N2NOther1513d ago

Like I said, Saints Row 2 is much better!

Mugen901512d ago

It really is. Stilwater has interesting land ranging from city, suburbs, mountains, country, and islands. The citizens were hilarious. You also can go into A LOT of buildings! It amazes me that Volition took out all of the things that made SR2 an amazing game (my favorite sandbox game) and made SR3/SR4 in such a generic boring city.

Thoth20201513d ago

I will tell Chris you hate him.

assdan1513d ago

For me it would probably be
Infamous series

Campy da Camper1513d ago

I would only make a small change. Substitute skyrim for Oblivion and move Infamous up to number 1.

assdan1512d ago

Good list. but I like skyrim more. And I'm talking about it as an open world game too. I probably should move infamous to number 2...

Thoth20201513d ago

I like to think I put Xenoblade on this list to be different. But damn if the music in that game isn't top-notch.

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