DICE Reveals Battlefield 4 Game Modes

Earlier today we announced the details for the BETA that is coming next week. Just a few moments ago, DICE again pushed some information out for gamers in regards to the Game Modes for BF4.

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yarbie10001518d ago

Defuse sounds pretty cool for competitive matches

elhebbo161518d ago

reminds me of counter strike with that perma-death.

3-4-51518d ago

I'll stick with Conquest but options are always a good thing.

Majin-vegeta1518d ago

I will be hiding in the water waiting for enemy water vehicles to pass by attach C4 to them *SURPRISE MOTHERF*CKER BOOM*

Hufandpuf1518d ago

I'll hide in the water and pop out onto a group of unsuspecting enemies and yell "FREEZE MOTHERFUCKER HANDS!!!"

cyclindk1517d ago

Navy Seal style, I like it.

Initiate operation: Cuttlefish.

Eliminate all hostiles with extreme prejudice.

Codeword: Ant-lion

xc7x1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

weak,only one mode gets the full 64 piayers,guess their game engine not as good as they boasted

ZeroX98761518d ago

it says designed for, not limited to, so lets hope we can play 64 in other modes :)

xc7x1517d ago

we'll see but on that list it says otherwise

titletownrelo1518d ago

it clearly says "designed for". Meaning admins will be able to boost it.

WorldGamer1518d ago

The first thing that came to mind was that it is strange that CONQUEST is the only mode to get 64 players. I thought the high player count was what the BF series was known for. Very interesting indeed.

Maybe it's a balance issue with the higher player counts. I do remember some BF3 PC players saying that with 64 player it gets quite crazy. Perhaps its something DICE will clarify in the near future.

lsujester1518d ago

TDM does get pretty crazy at times with 64 players, but it's also really fun. And for the really large maps, an absolute necessity. Running for five minutes before you see anyone makes for a bad experience.

jayswolo1518d ago

BF is known for it's large scale combat. Conquest being it's flagship mode. I have no interest in playing Rush with 64 players unless it's designed for it.

iRocket1518d ago

All modes can get 64 players. It's just that they say "designed" as in the optimal playercount.

SmoothC9111518d ago

I thought it would be 64 on most / all modes... I'm guessing that server rotations will have to be only one mode or there would be random kicks each round, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.