Review: 'The Wonderful 101' is one of 2013's best games -- Examiner

Team! Unite up! It is time to play a wonderful (pun intended) Wii U game.

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for we are many1875d ago

This game is one of the most unique and fun action games I've ever played (and this is coming from someone who've been playing video games since 1984). I recommend everyone who's able to get this game to not miss it, believe me you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge fun and quality of this new IP.
I wish Nintendo and Platinum continue this as a series, despite the negative anti-Nintendo crusade by the immature game "media".

admiralvic1875d ago

"I wish Nintendo and Platinum continue this as a series, despite the negative anti-Nintendo crusade by the immature game "media"."

Without a doubt! I know when a game I like scores between 7 and 8 out of 10, I assume that the reviewer was filled with hate and had to make sure this game failed. Especially this review you choose to comment on, since clearly a 9/10 is clearly due to the game losing all those points for being a Nintendo title....

Sarcasm aside, there is no immature "anti-Nintendo" crusade. There are just people that speak ill of the Wii U, which is no different than the Vita hate speech, or the Xbox One messages you see. The point being, every big company is getting nailed for something, but none of it is directed exclusively at Nintendo.

Whymii1875d ago

I love the game to bits, but it's no game of the year.

Theyellowflash301875d ago

I disagree, it's unique, innovate, and the gameplay is hands down one of the best combat systems i've ever played.

Whymii1875d ago

Fair enough. All valid points. But still no cigar from me. That one will probably go to Last of Us.

Neonridr1875d ago

It might not be game of the year because it doesn't appeal to enough people. But I would definitely award it Original Game of the Year. Regardless, it's a fantastic game.

Whymii1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

It is certainly a fun and original game that makes plenty of amusing references to games (including the SNES superscope). But each to their own and I just can't resist a great story well told. Last if Us is my GotY because it is a landmark in games and storytelling and will be the benchmark for what follows.

deafdani1875d ago

I disagree. It's GOTY for me. I played this and Last of Us, and both are absolutely fantastic games for different reasons, But I loved Wonderful 101 even more.


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Xof1875d ago

I have a hard time believing that. I played the demo twice, and both times I had to quit because of bugs/glitches breaking the game (first time got stuck on terrain; second time, it was the camera that got stuck).

Convinced me not to buy the game.

_QQ_1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

funny no one else has mentioned bugs/glitches in any reviews or impressions,you must have just been reaaaally unlucky. I suggest never buying lottery tickets or used products.

Neonridr1875d ago

Maybe he's just special. I never heard of anyone else have game breaking bugs before. Shame that was your impression of the game. It's truly awesome.

_QQ_1875d ago

I agree, the game has amazing gameplay when you take the time to learn it, great and unique puzzles, Epic boss fights, great art style , great music, Hilarious and charming Characters and story.

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