Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn impressions: Proud to be an MMORPG

Ars Technica: "Revamp is unapologetic about ignoring accessibility trends, and it's better for it."

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McScroggz1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Final Fantasy XIV is a good MMO at its core; however, I feel like most everything else mechanically is inadequate. The best example, to me, is the crafting system. I really enjoy that crafting has its own set of skills and is legitimately its own mini-game. Sadly, it tends to leave a negative impression because there is little reward aside from better crafting/gathering gear until you are basically max level.

In contrast, the crafting system from WoW starts enabling you to create green items as early as the teens. It also has trinkets, gadgets, pets, mounts, etc. The actual crafting is just pressing a button and letting it go, yet because you feel an actual drive to craft beyond trying to get it to max level it feels more rewarding than FFXIV which is quite literally a grind. But crafting is just one example of this.

Like I said, the core of Final Fantasy XIV is good and I'm definitely enjoying my time. However, I am saddened that aside from a decent selection of pets there isn't much to do besides grind for high end gear or grind your levels in crafting until you can actually make something of use.

Just my two cents.

Edward751729d ago

If it follows 11, crafting becomes more and more important and meaning later on. Plus it has some perks with the next add on coming with building your FC mansion.

Myze1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

It doesn't follow FFXI in that sense. None of the crafts are good for anything but profit. The best crafted gear is far more difficult to obtain than the best pve gear (and requires pve to even make), and it's not as good (the way it works, is it let's you place stats where you want through materia, but it's incredibly limited and doesn't allow you to make really useful pieces). The only reason to buy crafted stuff is the base weapons needed for the relic weapon quest chain and gear to craft better stuff from weavers/blacksmits/leatherwork ers, even though that better stuff, still isn't good.

Gil is really hard to come buy in the game after you are finished leveling, other than crafting (although, as more people get to 50, the profit margin will plummet). That's about crafting's only use.

Obviously they could introduce new recipes in the future, but there are so many content deficiencies with the game, it's doubtful they will add enough, soon enough to keep people playing. The game is fun the first time through, but leveling new classes/jobs is nothing more than a FATE grind, and not fun at all. The end game content is incredibly sparse. A person can get to 50, get their relic weapon and complete all dungeons (including Bahamut's Coil) in less than a couple of weeks. I did, along with a 50 Botanist and 50 Alchemist/Weaver. It was fun while it lasted, but there is literally nothing to do but level another class. I didn't even play at a hardcore pace except for the first couple of days.

The game is probably gonna be ok since it's on the ps3, and hell, people actually liked complete trash like DCUO on the system, and this game is way better than that. I'm hoping they add a lot of new content quickly (if they are sticking to the every two months plan, it better be a LOT every two months). Being a pay to play game, I haven't seen one this sparse with content in a long time.

Edward751729d ago

@ Myze.

I don't know if I can believe you.

As of the 22nd... And in a later article (two days ago) SE said BAHAMUTS COIL HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

Please reply, maybe you are top tier, higher then what the makers of the game can see!

Or, you are mistaken on what you are saying.

Or maybe you just aren't telling the truth.

Or you cleared it yesterday??

Edward751729d ago

This might just be one of the better reviews I read on the game I am enjoying the most on my PS3 right now. It explains the simple joys of this mmo, and why it can be super successful for years to come.

I am loving this mmo, I'm loving it on my ps3 over my PC, even though it looks better on my PC. (Better surround sound on my tv helps ALOT as the music is wonderful)