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Outlast Review | RealGamerNewz

DJ Killzown Jones of RealGamerNewz writes, "Final Verdict: Forget Resident Evil and Dead Space, this game is the new standard in the survival horror genre. Outlast is a masterpiece and for $20 on Steam it is a must-own for any survival horror fan. Overall this game wins a perfect 10 out of 10 making it a Diamond Game on the RGN Rating Scale." (Outlast, PC, PS4) 10/10

theXtReMe1  +   205d ago
Was the guy reviewing the game eight years old? Gave almost no information about gameplay or visuals or much of anything other than sound design and a few tidbits. Not even worth the click. Are there any professional reviews on this game?
Thirty3Three  +   205d ago
Many. And they all give this game 8-10/10s, on average.
Please stop trolling. Try actually 'playing' the game, man.

I beat the game and LOVED it! I'd gladly rebuy it again if it weren't coming to PS+ as a freebie.
theXtReMe1  +   204d ago
I don't troll, if you actually read the review you would see what I was talking about. Bad grammar, horrible insight into the game and very little information to make people want to play and buy it. Which is exactly what a review is supposed to do.
Sadist3  +   202d ago
Um, he was making a comment about the reviewer giving the game a 10, but giving no information about the game whatever. And if you read the article, you would see there is no other information about the game. This review sucks, and why did someone post this?

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