EA to not produce NCAA football game in 2014

Video game manufacturer Electronic Arts will not publish a version of its college football game next year and it may stop doing so permanently because of litigation concerning the use of the athletes' names and likenesses, the company announced Thursday.

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NYC_Gamer1633d ago

Why shouldn't NCAA athletes get paid?EA needs to sign the check and pay those dudes already.

TomShoe1633d ago

They're only doing this to keep college football players oppressed and make money of their likenesses.

I hope NBA Live 14 flops.

zeal0us1633d ago

Not just EA but the colleges/universities as well should be paying these athletes.

TheEnigma3131632d ago

Well they do get free tuition.

JeromeNtheHouse1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I agree 100% These kids and athletic programs make soo much money for these universities, it's not even funny. Not saying they should overdo it, and be paid millions or even thousands to play, but just give them a couple 100 dollars after a game or every so often between games.

NCAA as well as these universities are so crooked.


Nah, sometimes Free tuition isn't enough for a lot of players. More than half the time these cats be broke as hell, even though they attend a nice university. They risk their butts off to play for these schools, that generate so much revenue just off the athletic programs alone, and the players don't see a dime. Not to mention major sponsors that pay the schools money as well.

The bigger the program/school, the better the players they get, which equals more major sponsors (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc), which then equates to more money for the school, and not the players/kids... Bastards!

Emilio_Estevez1632d ago

They aren't allowed to according to NCAA guidelines. Can't use their likeness b/c of the lawsuit and can't pay them for their likeness b/c of NCAA rules. So gamers pay the price and miss out on NCAA games.

cactusjack1632d ago

free tuition and board, allowances, arent enough, not these kids want to be millionaires.

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