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One Area Sony Could Open Up on For PlayStation 4

There’s one area Sony can still open up on: game tracking. (PS4, Sony)

CyberSentinel  +   298d ago
"Earlier this month Dennis Fong, Raptr’s CEO, told GamesIndustry that ”I think overall Xbox has been way more progressive and open, just in general.

“PlayStation on the other hand, has been very, very closed, almost to the point of ignorance, in terms of trying to control every little thing that goes through PlayStation and what their users see,” Fong added. “So getting them to release any kind of data, user profile data and such, has been a lot like pulling teeth.”

Since when is protection of consumer privacy a bad thing?

M$ sure as hell don't give a shit about it.
Roccetarius  +   298d ago
Not sure what you're on about, but what he says is true. There's no security issue with this, as from what i remember them saying, the info is stored locally on your machine.

The problem with Sony, is exactly what he said. They had no trouble with tracking players on PC and Xbox, but Sony was a different beast to tackle.

Speaking from a user view, that has been on Raptr for some years now.
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CyberSentinel  +   298d ago
Security and privacy, are two different things. That's why I said privacy, not security.
Roccetarius  +   298d ago
Even if you said Privacy, CyberSentinel, there would still be no issues with this. The only way something could happen, is if Sony makes the same mistake of outdated security.

Raptr isn't a risk.

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