Trouble On The High Seas? Assassin's Creed IV Hands On l Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction goes hands on with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and found it fails to impress.

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Regis1516d ago

I don't care about this guy's opinion I will find out myself

thewildbeard1516d ago

Good for you pal. Thanks for reading!

Regis1516d ago

Not sarcasm right its hard for me because its the internet it plays mind tricks on you.

Bolts1516d ago

If you didn't care about his opinion then why bothered reading and commenting. The PS4 version that he played was buggy and failed to impress. That wasn't an opinion, unless you think bugs are impressive.

Captain_Mushroom1516d ago

Maybe it's an old build. Maybe the game will have bugs (after all, which open world game doesn't) but I'm sure glitches THAT big won't be present in the final build. Falling through the terrain is too obvious for anyone to overlook during development.

Wranglersofttop1516d ago

This is all a matter of opinion... most people who have played the game came out impressed...

thewildbeard1516d ago

The guy I was next to wasn't too impressed as he fell under the game world but yeah, most people seemed satisfied. Just a shame I wasn't.

jimmywolf1516d ago

i read the preview, he just points out all the flaws an bugs of the demo.

not very good opinion piece, even if it first impression. should add some focus on least one two good things not just the flaws.