Unreal Tournament III Gets Price Drop: $40 Everywhere

"For one reason or another, Epic's PS3-early Unreal Tournament III never found the success of its previous titles, like Gears of War. Midway is giving the multiplayer FPS another chance at retail, with a rather significant price drop. Originally $60, the game is now a mere $40 new at game retailers, such as and GameStop.

With a recently released free map pack and a growing collection of user-generated mods, there's never been a better time to jump into the UT community. Hopefully, this price drop will give the game the attention it never received at launch."

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Omegasyde3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

As much as I mention the downfalls, the mods do make this game worth a purchase. For anyone who is bored and has a day off, they should pick this up and explore the Mods that have been created.
From MasterChief, to 2-D game play and being able to practically moon jump and have slow motion matrix-esque battles really makes the game worth the 40$.

And home support is on the way. However what Epic has planned for home will be really interesting. I guess we will find out this summer (or sooner)

Skerj3868d ago

It didn't get advertised like Gears did, hell it didn't really get advertised until after Xmas in the states. The masses need to know the value you're getting when you purchase this game as well.

Palodios3868d ago

now if the ps3 could only get the damn split-screen that the 360 is getting, it would turn this game from a rental to a purchase.

Mr_Kuwabara3868d ago

Yeah I saw it today on gamestop in that price next to another one with the regular 60 bucks price. I was like "WTF" it says new not used...

Bought Prologue though. =P