Deep Down: Yep, It's Dark Souls Meets Assassin's Creed on PS4 [TheGameHeadz]

Capcom has just confirmed that Deep Down will be free to play for the PlayStation 4. They have also released a new trailer to go with this news that showcases Deep Down's gameplay.

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loulou1633d ago

free to play, because who honestly would want to buy it?? it looks the character is moving through thick mud, and the combat makes ryses look spectacular.

game looks abysmal. i dont even think i will dl it for free

xKugo1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


I didn't know games could be judged on not even pre-alpha footage. Could you be more pessimistic, bro? Makes Ryse look spectacular, huh? I'm guessing that's why Ryse's character animations were thrashed so bad, you would think the combat was broken. Which game is at 1080p/60fps and 900p/30fps, again? You're obviously biased, but you wouldn't even download it for free? Game looks abysmal? Wow!! Could you by the way show me the game you're developing, please? Nothing I love more than new games and just judging by the level of criticism coming from your mouth, you must have some AAA gem hiding in the basement. Right? Of course...

OT: Anyway, the game looks good from what I've seen of it, but it's obviously a work in progress and currently has it's faults. However, unlike my friend above me, I'm going to save my criticisms for when we have some footage closer to the final build of the game. After all, that's the only time you're really supposed to judge a game, especially a new IP.

jamz41632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I'm not sure why you think resolution has anything to do with the characters movement and how fluent the combat looks. Loulou has a point, it may be early days but the character does move very slowly and the combat looks massively inferior to that of DS2. That's not to say it will be bad by any means but at the moment, although it looks beautiful, the combat looks dull.

Mario181632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

@loulou and jamz4

There is absolutely nothing wrong about free to play. In fact many free to play games are better than $59.99 retail games. Are you mad that Microsoft are not offering as many free to plays? Or simply do you like paying for things rather than getting them for free?

Here are some great free to play games
League of Legends
DoTA 2
Planetside 2
Team Fortress 2
Black Mesa
Minecraft Classic

And if this game does turn out bad, don't download it, there will be others games you can play and enjoy. Wait for reviews before making a final judgement.

jamz41632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


I never made any mention of the merits of f2p or Microsoft so why jump to those conclusions? I commented on the current progress of deep down in its early stages, clearly not a final jusgement

Lovable1632d ago

Funny thing is Deepdown on its preAlpha footage looks so much better than Ryse which almost done in production. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

Army_of_Darkness1632d ago

After watching all those demo's of this game I'm still not impressed with the gameplay. The combat Looks very stiff, not fluid at all and appears like as if the spear weights 100 lbs.. . But the animation looks excellent at least.

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LordDhampire1632d ago

Are you fuckin kidding me, this looks likes the only true worthwhile exxlusive...its reminds me of dark souls and dragons dogma, two amazing games

DigitalRaptor1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

And you, YOU complain about PS fanboys.


The game looks far from abysmal, but even then, do you really think that even in its current state - the demo we've seen - represents the entire the game? It's still got about 5 months of development until it goes into BETA form. We've seen one small section of the game, and that stabby pokey looks like a single combat style. And yeah sure, the character looks like they're moving through mud... maybe.. Why? Because they're wearing heavy armor.

Skate-AK1632d ago

I just came to say that about the weighted movement. I'm sure we would all look like we were walking through mud if we wore 60+ lbs of armor.

StockpileTom1632d ago

Agreed, though I do hope movement speed with heavy armor can increase with stats or something. I can walk with only a 10% decrease in speed with a 100lb load on. It of course requires more effort so with a good stamina system that can be balanced.

FamilyGuy1632d ago

It's already been confirmed that other armors sets can be lighter and faster with the draw back of having less defense. It was actually an option on the demo at tgs but no one that made a video that I've seen ever chose the lighter armor. Only mentioned.

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PSVita1633d ago

I liked a Demon Souls more than Dark Souls because of the Nexus and amazing story and gameplay. This looks to be the step up hopefully.

dedicatedtogamers1632d ago

I stopped giving Capcom the benefit of the doubt a long while ago. With that said, they've proven they can make really good new IPs (Ghost Trick, Dragon's Dogma) so we'll see what happens.

Evilsnuggle1632d ago

Demon SOULS was a better game than dark souls. Demon SOULS was a Better story and game play and better frame rates that dark souls and the backstab was not over powerful like dark souls.

Brucis1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

While having a preference is Ok, simply going 'X IS BETTER THAN Y' with almost no factual basis is silly. Story is mostly subjective, frame rates only really dropped in Blighttown and the backstab was just as OP, which was the point of a backstab (do massive damage).

Evilsnuggle1632d ago

Yes it's an option that demons souls has a better story than dark souls .. but its a fact that demons souls has better game play and better frame rates.

Brucis1632d ago

>but its a fact that demons souls has better gameplay

How is that a fact? Where are your facts? That's an opinion unless you have something to back it up. Frame rate, yes (thanks to Blighttown), but better gameplay period? I greatly enjoy both Demon's and Dark Souls and can't really pick which I like better but if you're going to tout one of them as objectively better you can't just list your opinion, you need facts.

Kuse1632d ago

Free to play...? Capcom? No thanks..

Devilbringer1632d ago

Really? Free to play? capcom? YES please!

capcom has many great games including resident evil. Devil may cry. street-fighter and much more. and free to play? well bring it on i say, i'll take any free games with a smile.

Just my opinion ofcourse :)

bjmartynhak1632d ago

Does anyone know if it will have some kind of campaign with story?

If all the game offers is randomly generated dungeons and looting, it will seems a bit out of context and repetitive, which is huge let down imo.

StockpileTom1632d ago

Diablo II is a good example to look to for games that use randomly generated elements and a plot/story.