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Microsoft showing off their Azure-based cloud game streaming at annual company meeting

Apparently Microsoft showed Halo 4 running on a Windows Phone at their annual company meeting. It is safe to conclude that the game was ‘streamed’ using the cloud based technology called Azure.

With Sony acquiring “Gaikai” cloud service to stream PS3 games to PS4 so that some form of backwards compatibility remains, there were rumours that Microsoft may buy “OnLive”, Gaikai’s competitor, for similar purpose on Xbox One. (Microsoft, Mobile, Xbox One)

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GrandpaSnake  +   740d ago
Round 1...... FIGHT!
georgeenoob  +   740d ago

It's become a namebrand for Windows, that's how you know they aren't playing around.
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iamnsuperman  +   740d ago
I would have preferred a name like Micro-Cloud. I can never say Azure properly. I think if they are going to brand it they might want to think about changing the name. Azure to the random person on the street means nothing but the term cloud is getting more known. I think they need to slip cloud somewhere in there
P0werVR  +   740d ago

I wonder if it's Azure or OnLive doing the streaming.

IDK, streaming? I've tried it a couple times already, and it's not as good than just playing the game. But convenient for other uses I guess.
Eonjay  +   740d ago
I don't see Microsoft wanting to use Azure to enable backwards compatibility. It doesn't seem to be on the radar for them. I could be wrong. I believe that they may Use it in the same way that Sony suggested; as a means of pushing games to other devices, or even to process games completely on servers and push the video to devices like Xbox One. Thats basically what Gaikai does so its completely possible.

The part that creates confusion is the idea that Azure could be used to modify the graphics of a game running on an Xbox. The demo they used in this article describes a 45ms delay. That is about 45ms too long for remote hardware so this seems alot more realistic.

Still, playing Halo 4 on a phone isn't the answer most gamers are looking for.
Freedomland  +   740d ago

Mostly console gamers don't like to be connected all the time, they like portability and that's why they are console gamers otherwise Pc is a better choice. What is this Cloud Computation? it means if you don't have internet for some reason, you can't be able to play a game or may be play a game but without AI or water downed graphics, this is future, no this is the hurdle in future for the console gamers because they would lose the portability.

Microsoft is nervous with less capable box and that's why they are following the lead of Sony next gen.

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JustPlay4  +   740d ago

OnLive vs Gaikai (be for sony)

Onlive - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Gaikai - http://www.youtube.com/watc...
come_bom  +   739d ago
Well... good news for Microsoft. Not every day Microsoft gets good news (gaming related).
Stuntz  +   740d ago
talk about frickin cool. GO MICROSOFT!
Kuse  +   740d ago
This is awesome.
XboxFun  +   740d ago
Would love to see this happen and bring over your 360 profile and digital games bought.
JackStraw  +   740d ago
won't happen.
Docknoss  +   740d ago
@Jacknurjaw Shut up
whoyouwit04  +   740d ago
So you work for microsoft
JackStraw  +   740d ago
lol ya'll mad.
drsfinest72  +   740d ago
Reported for trolling
JackStraw  +   740d ago
ShwankyShpanky  +   740d ago
"Reported for trolling"

Dude, this is the substance of like a third of your posts. And the other two thirds have no substance at all.

"Reported for 'not a reply.' Have a nice day."
Docknoss  +   740d ago
Your just another cliche jackhoffnmouth, trolling xbox articles to give yourself a warm fuzzy about your choice of console. With every argument being based on hear say instead of actual facts. Your just helping prove that fanboys of both biases our idiots. Idiots like yourself
JackStraw  +   740d ago
how am i trolling xbox by stating a very simple opinion? you kids whine too much on this site. i'm sorry, they're not going to bring over games you bought digitally lol. neither will sony. is that "trolling"? no. it's stating an opinion that most of you morons will disagree with. but on this site, when people disagree, it's "he's trolling he's a fanboy blah blah blah". sad lol.
corvusmd  +   740d ago
What? If they bought "OnLive" that would be insane overkill and PSN would have NO chance of catching up. Current XBL is PSN/Gaikai's competitor...once the new XBL hits, PSN will already be destroyed. Buying a whole separate service just to stream old games would already be unnecessary...but way cool. Leave all those Azure servers for dedicated game servers and cloud computing.

I'll treat this like a rumor for now, but if these hints become true....goodbye Gaikai and PSN...you stand no chance with your P2P online games and old weak free games.

On a side note, I do love how Sony fanboys hear the words "Azure Cloud" and they instantly get defensive...like they KNOW it's a FAR superior online service, but they don't want to admit that it's the one area where either console gets absolutely dominated...because it's not PS4 dominating. None of these kids have used it, but yet they swear that it's nothing and that cloud computing won't work cause you can't do computations online....genius, have you ever wondered how you communicate with other players online? Or did you think of this when you praise Gaikai for streaming full PS3 games? You're right...you can't use online to compute anything or provide any sort of information...
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thehitman  +   740d ago
^ Delusional Much?
majiebeast   740d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(2)
Deadpoolio  +   740d ago
Wow someone is exceptionally delusional.....First off Azure cloud servers are for ALL Microsoft products not just One80 live....So you need to get that notion our of your head that they are all for Xbox.....B IT IS NOT let me repeat that IT IS NOT going to do anything for graphics, Azure is not designed to work with the GPU of anything......

Secondly SONY has their own dedicated servers has since PS2, problem has been not enough servers and morons who don't have a clue how to set up their router.....Oh and BTW currently XBL servers are P2P, your paying $60 per year for P2P matchmaking....

Oh also BTW those Azure cloud servers your jizzing all over A ) they are virtual which isn't the same as a physical server and B ) will be limited by the POWER OF YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER....So all you Xbots with wal-mart internet your screwed
buynit  +   740d ago
Well i have great cable internet and since when did walmart give internet Service?!

Lmfao " problem is they don't have enough" yea that's a big problem considering it goes back to the flicking Ps2! But thenyou want to downplay ms for at the very least trying to make cloud more then what it Is? And wtf is everyone so damn concerned with other ppls internet Services like technology has to stop till the whole dam world catches up.. Ppl with that kind of argument must have "walmart internet" cause i know im ready for it and couldn't give a ship if youre not cause you decided to live in the woods or an area with bs monopoly service.

At least we have something to jizz over at least ms is trying to push the envelope then when it happens some how you idiots will be like well Sony did that way back when..
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AceBlazer13  +   740d ago
the government should just triple the price of everything while were at it who gives a damn if the average man would be left without.you sure as hell don't do you buynit?
buynit  +   740d ago

Slow down you are reacting off emotion so you are not thinking clearly... What would the government have to do with it other then Taxes?

Its clearly a service that needs to grow and its a service that is suited to be used for the masses, in other words its not going to be used just for the top secret government stuff, eventual it will trickle down to everyone in a affordable price.

I just don't want to wait another 10-20yrs when a lot of the east and west coast is ready. I don't see anyone waiting for me to be able to afford a lambo or a mansion, jet, yacht, shark tank, and they sure as hell not stopping production cause everyone in the world can't afford it...
DoubleM70  +   740d ago
You mad! It's ok they are both working on delivering the same product in the end.
abusador  +   740d ago
Idiot nonsense as usual, Get a life dude u wish our console of cjphoice was even half as gd as ps4. Keep that theoretical cloud boosting crap over there Lol no one believes ecpxceot then same idiots that got duped by kinect and believed the pr hype lol

Sony has been talking about cloud and streaming games rotor over a year now and here comes Microsoft Lol riding that copying wave, You must love being the cheerleader to the copy cat
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Omegasyde  +   740d ago
You are delusional.

Gaikai is way ahead of Onlive and MS would destroy OnLive if they ever competed. If MS bought Onlive, it would be because it wants to buy it's patents.

OnLive was garbage, as the input lag was horrible. Playing Homefront was absolutely unbearable.
~+1-3 seconds for a button press to respond on screen.
kingPoS  +   740d ago
The key to cloud based gaming is software. As someone who enjoys both old & new video games, the future looks bright... for both sides.

I don't know why you see it as winner take all. I'd rather Sony Nintendo & Microsoft compete as rivals.

Who'd want to see a monopoly anyway. You must've not have been around 16bit days huh. Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo... those two consoles pushed each other be creative. I doubt Sonic 3 or Starfox would've come about otherwise.

I don't want either of the current three to fail. To have that happen again would be like another Dreamcast tragedy.
DigitalRaptor  +   740d ago
The words "defensive", "scared" and "blind". You use these, but you're the first here to really try and defend Microsoft and use insecurity as your motive. Fear doesn't even factor into logic. Blind is every word of your defense speech for Microsoft. And you claim anything that posts against your mindset is non-factual - yet nothing you say is actually factual. It's all unsupported fanboy gibberish.

"P2P online games and old weak free games."

So much tragic irony on here.

1) Sony has been using dedicated servers on their first and second party games for years, since the PS3's beginnings. Third party publishers have started using dedicated servers and many have also been doing it for years. So for you to state "P2P online", when Microsoft has been charging you for P2P connectivity and features that are free elsewhere with XBL for a decade, is such wonderful irony. Truly laughable. Try and keep up, mate.

2) We've covered this "old, weak" games of PS+ fanboy excuse before. I'm just going to dig up that list I posted a while ago... here it is:

Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Spec Ops: The Line, Uncharted 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Lego Lord of the Rings, Battlefield 3, Gravity Rush, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Catherine, LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Saints Row: The Third, Assassin's Creed III, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, inFamous 2, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, PayDay: The Heist, Demon's Souls, Mortal Kombat, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning, Lord of the Rings War in the North, Okami HD, Rayman Origins, Dead or Alive 5, Mass Effect 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

This is not even the entire list of what's been made available. Here's October's content: Far Cry 3, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Street Fighter X Tekken, Touch My Katamari, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

FAIL EXPOSED. You are just tragic mate, tragic. The epitome of a blind loyalist.
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xRedline  +   740d ago

It's funny you call the guy out for being defensive and a loyalist, yet you use the majority of your comment to defend Sony in the process.

You went so fast you passed even yourself, mate. How was he supposed to keep up?
DigitalRaptor  +   740d ago
When did I say I'm not defending? Do you see me try and hide it?

I comment against gross misinformation and fanboy stupidity. And what he said contained both. I posted facts. He posted a "pre-emptive strike" using nothing but conjecture.
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mcgrottys  +   740d ago

No, you know where you fail? You obviously have no clue as to how much you underestimate the power of azure.

You see how much Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo spend on their consoles? Well part of what Sony spends on Playstation is put towards Gaikia servers. Well Microsoft is spending just as much if not more on the xbox to compete with the Playstation. But not only that but in terms of their Azure division, their fighting a whole other war against Google, and Amazon cloud services things that all three of those and more including Nvidia and intel think are the future.

In 2010 Gaikai had 300 data centers in the U.S. by then Azure had 6000. Azure is already a major threat to amazon and google. With much faster growth from multi million dollar contracts from major companies including apple who even were using azure at one point to power iCloud. Besides if you think cpu power doesn't do much for visuals then the last of us most look so amazing because of that nice radeon 7800 GPU, not the fancy Cell Processor designed by IBM the same people using their architecture for servers which they make the most of their living off of.

Sure the xbox one might be a pit slower than the PlayStation 4 in term of whats in the boxes but once you go into the cloud you step in Azure's domain. Azure can take the same load as Gaikai and still be starving for more work.

Heck the article even says they are running Halo 4 at 45ms latency its unnoticeable. When gaikai usually has about 80-150ms on a good day.

Well, I wasted my time because I didn't have to bother telling you because you'll see how naive you in just a few months. Maybe we'll even have a proper demo of it's true power in just a few weeks.

Don't believe me? Check out this http://www.brianhprince.com...
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Angels3785  +   740d ago

Just want to say that the cell processor is not a typical cpu in the slightest...it doesn't even have cores.....it has SPE's and is specifically designed to offload gpu processes and handle some gpu processes itself. It does gpu calculations for the gpu, but renders nothing. and standard cpu's would render nothing either. The last of us GTA V and uncharted (just to name a few) are games that stream textures through the console rather than putting weight on the internals (which is why games are pushing what people thought possible for current generation). Back to the point IBM wouldn't use cell technology in servers...thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard...and since Azura IS multi purpose...having a gpu based or cell like structure for graphics would serve a strange purpose since most of the other services would never utilize the gpu...and the servers cannot just switch their purpose....its all or nothing. Either gpu based servers or processing based servers and storage..since you say apple utilized it for iCloud..it seems to be processes and storage...as apple isn't exactly using and gpu based items.

and btw..streaming games like what was talked about above^^^ requires no gpu only cpu based servers.
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christocolus  +   740d ago
what they doing here again?...never tire of following xbx articles i see
Sarobi  +   740d ago
Good god.. with this much delusion I question how you get through every day life. Sony is not going the route of P2P. If you were informed you would know that they will be doing dedicated servers via cloud (OpenStack). While I do believe you have every right to believe that your preferred system is the next coming of christ, please refrain from spewing nonsense to others.
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kewlkat007  +   740d ago
Oh sh!t....its real!!!

This could get serious.

Why buy onlive? Microsoft spends billions on cloud tech and infrastructure. What is onlive worth?

Onlive may have the software infrastructure/code to stream games but it takes lots money to support the hardware. This where Microsoft excels. The hardware backing, support and infrastructure. They are already in the business of.
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Volkama  +   740d ago
If they can stream halo 4 to a smartphone already why would they buy onlive? No value to that.
ALLWRONG  +   740d ago
Sonyslave3  +   740d ago
-___- Azure(Blue Sky) MS> Gaikai now if Ms buy Onlive just for lol Sony have no chance against XBL.
IcicleTrepan  +   740d ago
they don't need onlive, they did this themselves. they are a software company after all.
SpiralTear  +   740d ago
In concept, that's pretty damn impressive, and the fact that it is possible is encouraging to say the least. However, if Microsoft follows through on this idea, they will need to amp up Windows Phone considerably, because right now, it's not holding its own against other mobile systems at all.

It's hard to get excited about streaming things to a mobile device when barely anyone owns that particular device. Microsoft will need to branch this idea out beyond their own proprietary Windows Phone line to make it work as well as they want.
abusador  +   740d ago
Kinect and Milo were impressive in concept but we all know how thtnturned out Lol. Illumiroom seemed cool in concept but when u got down to it we learned it was a glorified projector and micro. Isn't even taking about it anymore. See the pattern? Microsoft bluffs, lies, uses illusions, etc..

Streaming games Lol oh wait isn't this what Sony has been talking about for over a year now well before Microsoft! Let's act like this is new, Microsoft copying againnnnn
SpiralTear  +   740d ago
I am perfectly aware that Sony announced Gaikai before this happened and I was in no way saying that this was better or worse than Sony's Gaikai solution.

I was simply saying that if Microsoft wants this to work well, they can't limit it to the struggling Windows Phone. That's all I said.

Keep your fanboyish accusations to yourself.
mhunterjr  +   740d ago
I think your missing the point of their tech demo. It was more or less to show that they already have the infrastructure to stream their existing catalog to other devices. The fact that they can stream a 360 game to a windows phone likely means they can do the same to any other device... perhaps an xbox one, or an iphone5s.
SpiralTear  +   740d ago
Yes, that shows that they CAN, but not necessarily that they WILL. If they want Windows Phone to succeed, having this technology on other devices seems rather ridiculous.

That being said, Windows Phone is not a platform with a ton of market presence. This streaming service could actually help Windows Phone sales, but only a bit.
timotim  +   740d ago
I'm sure if MS did this they would roll it out on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT PCs...as well as Xbox One itself. Not just WP as you suggest. With those platforms, that well over 100 million devices with the potential to play these streamed games. By contrast, Sony offers their streaming service to Vitas and PS4...thats not much at all.
mhunterjr  +   740d ago
So you're saying that not limiting it to Windows phone is 'ridiculous', but they'll have to branch beyond their proprietary line in order for it to work well...

Which is it?

My take, MS has already released xbox music and xbox smartglass on all mobile platforms. Their goal here would be to sell xbox live subscriptions to as many console owners as possible, regardless of what type of phone they use, then offer enough perks to convince a conversion to Windows phone later...
SpiralTear  +   740d ago
They can't put it on other devices because that would devalue the Windows Phone brand. If you can get it on Android, no one will buy a Windows Phone if they are after it for the streaming capabilities. That's why putting it on other devices is "ridiculous," at least on its own.

At the same time, however, this can't be the only appealing feature of Windows Phone. It needs to have more; this can't be Microsoft's crutch for Windows Phone appeal. Microsoft needs to make Windows Phone better for consumers and Azure Cloud is not enough. This isn't a one trick show.

Microsoft should make a larger, integrated ecosystem of products that the streaming can be used on. Microsoft has a lot of different devices available. This streaming service should be available on any device that Microsoft can make for consumers.

If this was only available with a subscription like you said, however, that could give Microsoft a bit more control even if it was on non-Microsoft platforms. I definitely agree on that.
TomahawkX  +   740d ago
So if MS buys OnLive you can stream 360 games? Oh wow u can play the 5 exclusive games that 360 has, yea Sony is done for..
Bundi  +   740d ago
oh yeah, because games that appear on other platforms don't actually count as Xbox 360 games right? That's right, the Xbox 360 library consist of just five games
TheRealHeisenberg  +   740d ago
Go sit next to this guy.

ALLWRONG  +   740d ago
This whole gen "some" people (PS fanboys) were under the assumption that the PS3 had more exclusives. In fact the 360 has more exclusives in every category from retail, arcade, indie, and dlc.

It's 100% fact
Angels3785  +   740d ago
Lol....whatever helps you sleep go on game ranking and look at the exclusive games list...ps3 dominates the list. Just because you are too ignorant and only have hear of gt uncharted resistence and infamous doesn't mean others magically don't exsist.....either you area special kind of stupid or are just ignorant enough to block out the reality because you have never touched a ps controller...
ALLWRONG  +   740d ago
360 has more games. Ever hear of a search engine?
Angels3785  +   740d ago
Since you are obviously to stupid to understand....here go to a wrbsite called "gamerankings" go to "exclusive titles" look at each console and count...ps3 wins by a country mile...it also wins in average review score....that's the purpose of gamerankings..

Ill bet you are using wikipedia.....gamerankings gets updates every day.
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ALLWRONG  +   740d ago
Reading helps
iamnsuperman  +   740d ago
Something I was expecting to hear as Microsoft needs to improve its tablet and phone division and what better way than this. I also expect Sony to do the same to. Gaming in the next 5 years is going to get interesting
jhoward585  +   740d ago
it's about damn time...I hope it turns out to be Good.

cant wait!
Animal Mutha 76  +   740d ago
Azure is monstrously huge. MS have spent big and are not messing about. We will see the benefits of this soon enough and it will be a USP.
christocolus  +   740d ago
nice......this is quite interesting.
kratos_TheGoat  +   740d ago
Onlive vs Gaikai Is good 4 business
kewlkat007  +   740d ago
Latency down to ~45ms so far.
Supermax  +   740d ago
Thats impressive running halo 4 on a phone.i always like infrastructure when it comes to multiplayer games.300,000 servers is a nice start.
GeneralRaam93   740d ago | Spam

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