USA Weekly, 21st September 2013

Weekly Sales for 21st September 2013.

1.Grand Theft Auto V (X360)-5,939,351
2.Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)-3,675,906
3.Madden NFL 25 (X360)-47,746
4.Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (PS3)-43,202
5.Madden NFL 25 (PS3)-38,574
6.Minecraft (X360)-35,024
7.Saints Row IV (X360)-19,391
8.NHL 14 (X360)-18,579
9.The Wonderful 101 (WiiU)-15,134
10.NHL 14(PS3)-14,416

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NatureOfLogic1672d ago

Grand Theft Auto V is no COD killer, but great numbers though.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1672d ago

This is USA only it's rumoured to of sold about 17million worldwide within it's first week on sale so by the end of the month it will be around 20million sales or more so by Christmas atleast will of sold more than the highest selling call of duty game

jose1shot1672d ago

EMMMMM, It has actually killed COD in like three days dude....Worldwide that is :)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1672d ago

Exactly it's smashed call of dutys earnings records in 3 days

the worst1672d ago

plus its not showing the downloaded numbers

Kryptonite42O1671d ago

There is no Logic to your comment NatureOfLogic.

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chadboban1672d ago

Damn GTA V is a beast! And despite it's low numbers I'm very surprised to see The Wonderful 101 in the top 10

XboxFun1672d ago

I agree, that game needs to get more recognition and attention.

It's a great game and a wonderful addition to the WiiU library.

Stsonic1672d ago

Probably because it is plastered on ever single IGN video.

aquamala1672d ago

damn 9.5 million of GTA 5, and just in US

DejectedJeff1672d ago

im surprised the wonderful 101 made the top 10. even if its meh sales

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