Ranking the Best of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Exclusives

Take a look at the list below that examines the best of the PlayStation 4′s exclusive offerings. November 15th cannot come soon enough.

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mewhy321732d ago

There' just such great exclusives coming to the PS4 that I don't know which I'll like best. I preordered the PS4/Killzone bundle with extra ds4 controller because I am a huge killzone fan.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1732d ago

I'm with ya on Killzone. By far the best PS4 launch title.

xHeavYx1732d ago

I live in Seattle, so Infamous is my #1 game

loulou1732d ago

killzone all the way. if they return the multiplayer to kz2s greatness, then i will be very happy.

it has gotta be said, why the f''k are people bigging up deep down? yeah the grfx looked great, but the gameplay looked abysmal!! seriously, the game looks bad

patsrule3161732d ago

As much as I am excited for The Order 1865, I don't know how they could include it in the list. Nobody has seen a second of it in action, so we have no idea how good it is. Sure it is highly anticipated, but who knows how good it is?

Personally, I have Deep Down, Infamous, The Witness (which may wind up not being exclusive, but is so far), Galak-Z (see the Witness), and Killzone as my 5 best exclusives.

WeAreLegion1732d ago

inFamous: Second Son is my most anticipated.

pr0t0typeknuckles1732d ago

infamous and knack are the ones im interested in the most,besides a few of the indie games

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The story is too old to be commented.