Polygon Live: Is GTA 5's torture scene satire, or just gross?

Grand Theft Auto 5's torture scene is provocative, graphic and unlike anything in mainstream video games. But is it good satire?

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TheEnigma3131632d ago

Why is this still being discussed? Last I checked; this game was rated M. People never seem to have a problem when this happens in movies.

Lord_Sloth1632d ago

Indeed and it was pretty tame when compared to torture movies like Hostel.

Grave1632d ago

I thought it was hilarious listening to the dude after you rip his teeth out.

KwietStorm1632d ago

lol.. I had read about some controversial torture scene before I played that part. When I did it, I didn't even see what the big deal was. It didn't seem realistic enough to leave any lasting feeling, and I've played way more graphic scenes than this. Maybe it's me that's demented.

Grave1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Ya, little let down actually after seeing same stories. Wish it could of gone down the Reservoir Dogs road if ya ask me.

gaelic_laoch1632d ago

Playing Resident Evil 6 was more torturous!

Pintheshadows1632d ago

And more likely to make a gamer angry as a result.

Audiggity1632d ago

It was pretty bad, but, it could have been MUCH worse. Particularly considering how the scene ended...

The media should listen to the older Wu-Tang albums, listen to the proposed torture techniques from them in the 90's, and be thankful Rockstar didn't include anything like that.

SpideySpeakz1632d ago

Polygon is run by very sensitive-hearted white men with feministic characteristics. Beta males.

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The story is too old to be commented.