Mega Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, In Classic Red and Blue Style

Kotaku: "One of the more distinctive things about the first Pokemon games—aside from nostalgia—is that we got to see the older, distinctive art style drawn by Ken Sugimori (Pokemon's art director). And thanks to artists like Tomycase, we can still have the pleasure of seeing new Pokemon in that older 'Sugimori style,' too."

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Brazz1667d ago

old gen style handsdown!

AznGaara1667d ago

Always preferred the older artstyle

LAWSON721667d ago

The older style looks much better.

Lord_Sloth1667d ago

Why don't we get a Mega Blastoise?

Lord_Sloth1667d ago

Shows how current I am with Pokemon. XXXP