Gran Turismo 6: Behind the Scenes

Michael Grassi is the Head of Motorsport Sales and Technical Support at KW Automotive GmbH, a manufacturer of high end suspension systems that will feature in Gran Turismo 6. Grassi talked about the company’s philosophy - they don’t just sell a product, they sell a support service for that product - and how this will be translated into the game. Players will be able to fine tune their suspension systems (as you’d expect from this series) with the company’s “7-post” test environment, allowing players to test tweak and re-test their car’s systems to get it just right before heading out to race. Clearly, the level of collaboration between Polyphony and automotive manufacturers goes a lot deeper than just licensing deals.

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sigfredod1634d ago

Polyphony Digital’s partnership with KW Suspension for Gran Turismo 6 could be more of a collaborative effort than many may have initially realized. Sold!

yewles11634d ago

Stress testing your suspension before a race... what OTHER surprises are in store for announcement before December?

SniperControl1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

A fitting end to the PS3 era, will hopefully pick this up in Jan, have to much gaming to do on PS4.

Hicken1633d ago

I'm gonna struggle to have all the money and time for this holiday.

This is the kind of dedication I expect from a game that doesn't compromise on the "simulator" aspect of its gameplay.

Kennytaur1633d ago

I wish GT6 would have 4p split screen, it would make the game a lot more fun.

WarThunder1633d ago

Suspension calculation for the new suspension physics! Nice!
GT6 will be fantastic!

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