Xbox Evolved - New Dragonball Z Burst Limit Gameplay

We bring you a brand new gameplay video of upcoming DBZ game, Burst Limit. Video shows off the amazing graphics and gameplay mechanics. Goku vs Frezia

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Harry1903894d ago

is that it looks exactly the same as previous versions.

Blaze9293894d ago

Yea, some say its a remake or "continuation" of the Budokai series or more specifically, Shin Budokai 1-2 from the PSP. Nothing REALLY new here tbh except the fighting.

Jim Crowslaw3894d ago

head over to ign. they have a new naruto title for ps3/360 title wit a video and its just jaw droppin. just go see it please. im a dbz fanatic but this is how every new anime game should look. the devs really outdid themselves

Harry1903894d ago

the Naruto game looks fantastic.

Blaze9293893d ago

Aw man, that Naruto PS3 game is gonna be AMAZING. Im just sad to hear that it wont be online, i mean, COME ON!