Do violent video games lead to real violence?

Howstuffworks writes,"As of 2001, roughly 79 percent of America's youth play video games, many of them for at least eight hours a week. Beyond the obvious issues of concern, like "what happened to riding bikes around the neighborhood," there are bigger questions. Many people wonder how this type of exposure to violence as an adolescent effects social behavior. The rise in dramatically violent shootings by teenagers, many of whom apparently play violent video games, is helping the argument that video game violence translates into real-world situations. But other people aren't convinced and insist that video games are a scapegoat for a shocking social trend that has people scared and looking to place blame. Entertainment media has always made a great scapegoat: In the 1950s, lots of people blamed comic books for kids' bad behavior.

Video games as we now know them are only about 20 years old, so there's nowhere near the amount of empirical evidence for or against their violent effects than there is surrounding, say, television violence. And even that's not a done deal."

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demonrock3684d ago

Violent Video games in no way what so ever lead to real violence. Anyone is capable of violent behavior. Some suffer real problems, but somehow the video games that serve a violent nature are blamed.

Vilent games are not intended for younger audiences, but these kids manage to get their hands on them. Why is that??? If a parent is dumb enough to allow his child to play games with such graphic content, then the parent is responsible. But, then who allows a child to rent or buy these adult only games? When I was younger I always got carded when even renting a movie with such violent content or movies that contained sexual nature.

Alot of problems in our society cause people these days to do horrible things. Anything you can think of is a possibility to the cause. But why blame a persons actions on something else. No one knows what goes on in a younger persons mind to commit such horrible acts. I don't blame violent games because these games are not intended towards the younger audience. I blame the people who allow the younger ones to get their hands on games of this nature.

Its funny to say violent games that contain alot of shooting can raise concern when it comes to teenagers shooting people. Gangs have been around alot longer then games with violence. Younger people are always somehow manipulated into these gangs. And to my knowledge, anyone can pick up a gun, point it at someone and pull trigger. So whats so different really.

Just cause your young, doesn't give you the right to pass judgement on to something else. The person who commits a crime has no one to blame but theirselves.

S1nnerman3684d ago

Let's be honest, the world has never been a safe place. Violence has always existed and humans have always had the capacity for it in reality - it did not suddenly appear after games were invented. Did playing cops and robbers as a child make me want to go and rob a bank? No, it didn't. And it's really strange that when we can enlist into the army (UK) at 16 and train to defend our country and in the process have to kill and then even have a debate about the moral issues/affects surrounding playing games. I understand the need for the debate but Games and gamers have just become an easy punchbag of late and it really irritates me.

Putting it in context is also important which is something the popular media fails to do on the whole. We have wars, famine, genocide, terrorism, lying politicians, poverty and 'games' ... spot the odd one out.

Bottom line ... adult games are for adults not children. GTA4 is woefully innapropriate for children as is COD4. But playing the game doesn't suddenly turn me as an adult into a raving psycopath! I think the main problem is that parents and teachers have slowly had their ability to chastise children in their care removed so who is going to control the (small) number of children running amock? ASBO's don't work. We can't lock them up. You can't give them a clip round the earhole ... society has gone mad around us.

I think gamers are undervalued in society or at best misunderstood as being 'sad'. Look how much cash we put into the economies of the world. People should love us! ;)