26 Ways to Kill in Titanfall

IGN: "Love murdering robots? Of course you do, and that's why you'll love Titanfall."

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Godmars290972d ago

Shouldn't this kind of video be showing up *AFTER* the game comes out?

Winter47th972d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PC.

Feralkitsune972d ago

What engine is this game on? The lighting looks like something from the start of this current gen. For a Next gen title, it's lacking in the pretty department. Looks fun though, wonder if the mechanics get old after a while.

JokesOnYou972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Yeah this game is going to be crazy fun on X1/XBL, my nephews, a few friends with dedicated servers too....daayum I can't wait. They should throw in some kind of day ONE achievement.

krazykombatant972d ago

managed to play this abit this morning and it feels plays really well. It's fast paced but when that mech drops down ohhh it's soooo good.

GrandpaSnake972d ago

26 ways and i bet you the majority will either just camp with robots for easy kills or corner camp.

Sam Fisher972d ago

Or play it as cod but with ROBOTS

Maldread972d ago

Haha think they guy who`s doing the voice in this video has been watching this crazy dude make food. Sounds almost just like him ;)

Looks good though. Hope Titanfall makes it to PS4 not too long after the Xbox and PC versions.