The Last of Us: Outbreak Day and Alternate Ending

Posted by Neil Druckmann // Creative Director, Naughty Dog -

So today is September 26th, 2013. That’s a special date for us. It’s the day the Cordyceps outbreak hit critical mass in the world of The Last of Us.

We at Naughty Dog are celebrating by sharing some crazy tweets in regards to the outbreak. Join us in describing your experience (real or not) of how you’d survive the pandemic. Tweet with the hashtag #OutbreakDay. We’ll be retweeting the most creative tweets throughout the day.

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Thatguy-3101640d ago

Hilarious lol But really news for the dlc was said to drop yesterday but then Wednsday came and they tweeted a picture with today's date. Now today they're saying tomorrow? lol They're killing me now.

Austin481640d ago

Me too they are killing me with the wait

xHeavYx1640d ago

Don't you guys get it? The DLC will be TLOU: The Musical ♫

Maddens Raiders1640d ago

That was truly epic. Thanks for the lulz.

Ezz20131640d ago

The Les Misérables of Us XD

thorstein1640d ago

Seriously though. Can you imagine: The Last of Us Musical.

Green Day did something amazing with the their American Idiot Album turning it into a musical.

Why not this?

They were incredible BTW!!!

jsslifelike1640d ago


You mean "Once More With Feeling": The Video Game? XD

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Eonjay1640d ago

OMG Marlene and Joel are legend. Some of the most talented voice actors ever. Naughty Dog is legend.

Joe9131640d ago

Isn’t Troy Baker Joel who voices Marlene?

brodychet1640d ago

Troy baker is voiced by Nolan North who voices Marlene's Ellie. Drake. Bioshock. ??

miyamoto1640d ago

Now that is Druckman's genius at work!

LOL! Look at Troy dancey dance time.

ND is the best game developer on the face of planet earth today.

showtimefolks1640d ago

only ND can do this lol

any news on DLC yet?

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SeraphimBlade1640d ago

Wait, the outbreak starts today? Like, canonically?

... man, this is gonna be the worst birthday ever...

Crazay1640d ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, You now have the cordyceps and you're head will explode and you're going to die.

Ezz20131640d ago

well, if that was my last day on earth i would love to meet that Breast in your avatar ...err...i mean that girl

SeraphimBlade1640d ago

Well, at least I can celebrate it with some FUNGUYS :D

Y_51501640d ago

It's my birthday too...

iamnsuperman1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Damn. I weirdly would have liked to have that scene.

The Last of Us m....(cough you know what I mean if you watch the video cough)

1nsomniac1640d ago

Glad they didnt go with the camp version..

iamnsuperman1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I didn't think it was "camp". It was actually quite powerful. Marlene signing, unexpectedly, was captivating and very powerful. It did tail of into ridiculousness with the bang bang bit. Musicals are not always "camp"

1nsomniac1640d ago


If you don't think that was camp I would question what it is you do actually find camp.... There was absolutely nothing 'Powerful' about that at all.

It was a pathetic, camp, hipster, alternative, scene. That didn't work on any level. It was just cringe-worthy & horrible & I wish they just would of kept it a secret instead of ruining the game with it.

trenso11640d ago

"I wish they just would of kept it a secret instead of ruining the game with it."

how did seeing an alternate ending that didnt even make into the full retail game ruin the game for you? People just take things to the extreme for no reason at times.

Thatguy-3101640d ago

Exactly it's called having fun. It's good that it's not all just about work. They get to mess around and stuff. The whole crew were just laughing their butts out in the background. Would have done the same.

Neo-Axl1640d ago

Not very open minded are you, it was a funny blooper, nothing serious. Take the time to enjoy it for what it is.

GryestOfBluSkies1640d ago

that was amazing. i cant believe they all kept a straight face!

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