Missed your Metal Gear Online beta code? Have no fear!

Here is a simple guide to follow if you missed out getting your beta code either through pre-ordering or registering online.

Sorry about the trouble guys, I don't know what happened but it's back. Enjoy the guide.

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Frnicatr3895d ago

Why didn't I think of that...? Will it work though... or will my IP address show I'm in NA and I won't be on?

Exile__3895d ago

I haven't run into any problems so far. I'm running the game on my PS3 through my US account and I also got the patch from the US account, still waiting on Konami's site to work so I can get the ID. We'll know for sure if it works for online come the 21st.

iamtehpwn3895d ago

I got mines today. w00000000t.
Couldn't get the patch though. It took forever and Got network errors.

ISay3895d ago

just put it on p to p and and turn of your tv and walk away, thats what i did just waiting for id

chanto233895d ago

i got mine this way too...all i need id the id and im good to go i suppose...

Ri0tSquad3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

it was stuck at 0%. Jeez, I hope these aren't the download speeds everyone was complaining about :/


When I first started it out, it was stuck at 0% and 0kb being downloaded. Now I'm getting a download!

iamtehpwn3895d ago

I got up to 20% on HTTP, so even though the p2p method is recommend by Konami, I wouldn't recommend it personally.

ps3FTW3895d ago

The same thing is happening to me it sucks.

ISay3895d ago

the http errors to much, p to p takes for ever but it works

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The story is too old to be commented.