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Submitted by s8anicslayer 866d ago | interview

Guerrilla: Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer runs at 60 fps "a lot of the time"

Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall takes an interesting approach to frame rate: its single-player campaign runs at a steady 30 frames per second and outputs at a native resolution of 1080p. Multiplayer, however, is different.

The Dutch developer made the revelation during a developer session at Eurogamer Expo today (you can watch it below). Afterwards, in a follow-up interview with Eurogamer, lead designer Eric Boltjes explained why. (Eric Boltjes, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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mewhy32  +   866d ago
To get that FPS at this level of fidelity could have only been achieved by devs that can take full advantage of the PS4's abilities and not have to try and accommodate the "lowest common denominator" bone.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   866d ago | Well said
I dunno i have bben building pc,s for years and have done many benchmarks and what have you and i cant understand if most games on ps4 should be at least 1080p and often 60fps, thats from me looking at the hardware, 1080p 60fps is not hard to achieve anymore.
Maddens Raiders  +   866d ago
Yeah because you guys are ******* developers..*facepalm*

GG Lead Designer Eric Boltjes explains:

"Running 60 has become this Holy Grail. Suddenly people think if you run 60 your game is better. Technically, that's not really true. But what it does do is it makes decisions go from input to on-screen a lot easier.

"So, having a constant 60 is not actually better than having a 'lot of the time' 60. It sounds weird, but it's actually true. Because usually in the moments where we're going to drop framerate, either you're already dead or it's too late anyway."
============================= =============

Someone call up Eric and tell him to shut his mouth and take a look a the stellar FPS game that you just developed for the PS4 or you could just look away from your monitor when "you're already dead or it's too late anyway." Ridiculous.
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Gamingcapacity  +   866d ago
The example he gave for it dipping is if 24 players threw a grenade and the console had to simulate 24 explosions.

What I did notice is a lot of screen tearing. You can't notice it to much because they are kept to the top and bottom lines. I wonder if they can get it v locked?
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Maddens Raiders  +   866d ago
@Gamingcapacity - "What I did notice is a lot of screen tearing. You can't notice it to much because they are kept to the top and bottom lines. I wonder if they can get it v locked?"

Really you noticed this..? When? Did you take some video? I wonder why this isn't plastered all over every gaming site there is... I mean why hasn't a site written about "a lot of screen tearing" in KZ:SF yet? Hmm.. weird.
Gamingcapacity  +   866d ago
@Maiden Raiders. Download the HD footage to your PS3 from the store and go throught it frame by frame. You will see tearing along the very bottom. You will not notice it easily otherwise.

No need for the snarky remark instead just ask me.

Edit: Anybody got the KZSF HD footage, check it out and post here your results.
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Hatsune-Miku  +   866d ago
the most unique fps and the best fps imo. people can accept the other fps as their favourites and that is awesome because we are all individuals but the biggest thing about killzone is how its different.

ive played and liked cod games and bf2 and bf3. most of those games are awesome but plays the same and often times seems like new map packs were added to the newer games.

i cant wait to play killzone shadow fall and buy a ps4 first day.
thechosenone  +   866d ago | Well said
Well I've been gaming on the PC for a number of years as well and unless you have top of the line card in your box your fps will fluctuate and drop below 60fps often during intense gameplay and that's just how it is for all hardware. PCs aren't immune to frame drops...they usually have to lower screen res, effects, lower AA and other options in order to get it to run smoothly.

I'll take the occasional dip below 60fps to what the other guys are offering no question. PS4 is the way to go next gen.

Titanfall 720/60fps
Killer Instinct 720/60fps
Ryse 900p/30fps
dead rising 3 720p/30fps(and it's struggling to maintain 30fps)
Forza 5 1080p/60fps <--less cars than Forza 4, no real-time weather effects, no day/night cycles, no global illumination
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sorane  +   866d ago

"the most unique fps"

Yeah I can't disagree with you more on that one. I've seen all the footage and haven't seen a thing unique about it. It looks good don't get me wrong, but it's not doing anything other fps aren't also. It's pretty generic from a gameplay perspective.....
starchild  +   866d ago

It's all relative to the quality of visuals in the game and the performance of the hardware. It might not be hard to achieve 60fps if you were only running current gen games on the PS4, but we are talking about next gen games with significantly more advanced graphics in nearly every area. You can't just flip a switch and get 60fps.
thechosenone  +   865d ago
copy/paste from user over on gaf. any game would struggle to keep fps over 60 during moments like these...even BF4 running at 720p.

"if you have 24 players all throwing nades at the same time with distractibility we have, it won't run 60fps"
Gamingcapacity  +   865d ago
Just to back up what I was saying. Check out this link from the official trailer. You see tearing at its most in the wood section around the 30 second mark.

Pause it at any moment up until the 40 second mark and you will see tearing at the very bottom. Some section has no tearing so that bit could be from an old code.
SegaSaturn669  +   865d ago
If you have to pause video footage to notice tearing, then it isn't tearing.
Shane Kim  +   865d ago
I can only agree with Hatsune. I love KZ for it's unique feeling. I hope they won't go the CoD route with Shadow Fall.
Rageanitus  +   865d ago
1080p at 60FPS hi rez textures and effects is dificult. But if a game has textures and low res like COD on consoles it is easy to achieve.

Resolution, textures, and polygon count plus effects all factor into the FPS. Even the AI and the amount objects have an impact.
BallsEye  +   865d ago

no , no and no.

you really think most of XO games run at 720p? Are you that stupid? Please get your info straight. Stop spreading lies...oh wait it's n4g...lies get rewarded with bubbles in here.
cyclindk  +   865d ago
Never seen a game like Shadowfall on any PC, only match for it might be a suped-up Crysis with mods and that was only achievable at 60 fps or higher on monster multi-card PCs.
Cuzzo63  +   866d ago
5...4...3...2...1.... FLAME WAR!!!
Feralkitsune  +   865d ago
Well, what else do these kids have to do in comment sections. No way in hell can they just comment on the actual news.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   865d ago
What a shame huh. Looks like both consoles have to make due with what they are.
KwietStorm  +   866d ago
How do you troll in an article that is only about this game only on PS4? This is what's wrong with the community. Just appreciate Killzone and leave it at that.
wishingW3L  +   866d ago
"Just appreciate Killzone and leave it at that."

now that's what wrong with the community. You guys can't take criticism from other people about your favorite game. That's called being a fanboy you know....
Cuzzo63  +   866d ago
Im not trolling. Just seems the simplest articles turn into flamebait. Im pro sony by the way and im looking forward to playing the new KZ. Thank you...

My case and point...otherZinc below
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Cuzzo63  +   865d ago
My bad KwietStorm. Misunderstood.
PurpHerbison  +   866d ago
x86 mewhy32, x86.
otherZinc  +   866d ago
Since the PS4 is 50% more powerful than XBOX ONE, And so easy to program for, Why is this happening?

I mean wtf, Killzone:SF doesn't have "Campaign Co-op"! So why can't GG just flip a switch and run KZ:SF @ 1080p "native" @ 60fps?

Someone must have exaggerated that 50% more powerful statement.
805Junior805  +   866d ago
Why can't the Xbox One keep Ryse steady even at 30 FPS? Hmm...
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The_Infected  +   865d ago
The ones complaining about frame rates all the time should just build a PC. I myself can't stand 30fps. 60fps should've been the gold standard this generation.
CryofSilence  +   865d ago

And at 1080p. Ryse is 900p.
OpieWinston  +   865d ago
If you could be anymore of a PS4 fanboy...You'd be WORKING FOR SONY.

I get following a brand/company. BUT FUCK BRO YOU SOUND SO PATHETIC.

"devs that can take full advantage of the PS4's abiltiies"
Really...Because when I think of top grade developers in terms of graphics...I THINK OF GUERILLA GAMES? Nope...

CD Projekt Red
4A Games
static5245  +   865d ago
I'm not too worried about getting 1080p and 60fps at the launch of the systems.I'm sure PS4 will get it down probably by the end of 2014. At least with the PS4 (not sure about the X1) we all know when the developers got the Dev Kit for the PS4 it wasn't at full specs. So the game's that they have developed for launch weren't made for the final product but the Dev Kit. I'm sure as soon as they found out they had more power in the system they were trying to get the game to the full potential.

TLDR version: Don't look too much into launch games. It usually take a year or two to get games to get really good, and probably at 1080p/60fps
Bundi  +   865d ago
60 percent of the time it works all the time.
TAURUS-555  +   865d ago
only on PS4 ¡¡¡
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   865d ago
What a major fail for such a powerful console. Can't even handle running 60fps the whole time.

What a fail.
ape007  +   866d ago
opps i hate stuttering framrate, to a steady 30FPS is better than 60-56-49-39-55 FPS
Tony-Red-Grave  +   866d ago
true even though the eye can't tell difference between 30 and 60 it will notice if 60 starts to drop suddenly. Basically if the FPS is inconsistent eventually you start to notice, if not right away. Rather have stable 30 then inconsistent 60
BiggCMan  +   866d ago
Can't tell the difference between 30 and 60?? Wtf is that nonsense.

Most people can easily tell the difference between a constant 30 and constant 60. It just appears smoother, simple as that. It's not hard to tell the difference at all.
IHassounah  +   866d ago
Actually when you do play Gran Turismo 5 , you find that really bad (30-50 FPS ; GT5) , you'll realize it for a lot of the time if it's not steady , I hope it is
FullmetalRoyale  +   866d ago

The first time I played RAGE I was completely shocked at how fast it felt. I didn't really know before playing it that it was sixty frames.

At that moment I realized why Call of Duty devs never seem to stfu about their frame-rate: It really does make a difference.

That being said I would much prefer a steady, lower frame-rate than one that fluctuates.

No matter what though, I am really looking forward to November fifteenth.

Black Flag and Shadow Fall for me.
sync90  +   866d ago
if the human eye cant tell the diff. then why in the hell would there be 60 fps in the first place? ridiculous statement
wishingW3L  +   866d ago
if you can't tell the difference then go get your eyes checked. You most likely have a bad eye disease that is messing up you eyesight for sure.
bjmartynhak  +   865d ago
Some people can`t. Just accept it. I can only tell with side-by-side comparison and only with very simple animations.
Rageanitus  +   865d ago
ive played games with 80FPS and up.... there is a noticable difference vs 60FPS
tee_bag242  +   865d ago
@ Tony-Red-Grave.

Not sure why you people think the eye can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps.
Its pretty obvious you've had little experience with a game running at 60 fps.
You would realize how ridiculous your comment is otherwise
BiggCMan  +   866d ago
No it's not. If there is occasional hiccups to 30-40fps like in big explosions and shit, I am perfectly fine with that. It will still feel better than a constant 30fps.

Games feel so much better when they run so smooth between 40 and 60fps and higher. I'm really excited for next gen to finally make it a norm for consoles. I've been enjoying high frame rates on PC for years now, and it's just amazing and really makes things better.
tuglu_pati  +   866d ago
yes people, 60% of the Time, It Works Every Time XD

In all seriousness I think its better than 30 FPS anyway.
Gamingcapacity  +   866d ago
I watched the Eurogamer feed and the example he gave when it will dip below 60fps is if something happens like 24 players throw a grenade at the same time. To render 24 explosions would cause a dip in frame rate. So I take it that dipping below 60fps will be very rare.

The guy was trying to be too honest which can lead to headlines like this.
Xsilver  +   866d ago
thats what im saying for the frame rate to drop in KZSF you have to do something crazy and i did like that he didn't lie about it i commend him for that.
Gamingcapacity  +   866d ago
The trouble is that this will be taken out of context.
Xsilver  +   866d ago
well this is N4G.
dantesparda  +   864d ago

no, not, "this is n4g", this is the internet. There is no game site on the net that doesnt have fanboys

And to people trying to make this an issue, give it a break, your fanboyism is showing. Everybody here knew exactly what he meant. All consoles game drop in framerate when the going gets tough, all games! COD, Forza, GT, and every other 60fps game. BF4 will drop from time to time too, so stop being stupid
abusador  +   866d ago
lol i hear that hot ^hit lol!!!! Ill take a game that only dips occasionaly with higher framerate anytime!
Maddens Raiders  +   866d ago
ape007 - what stuttering framerate have you seen, except for the stuttering FUD coming out of your piehole? Did you bother reading the article at all before you transported to this article from planet xbox?
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ape007  +   865d ago
hmmmm, actually kz sf is my most wanted launch console exclusive, the feel of shooting bodies is great in kZ, always been, remind me of goldeneye/perfect dark
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JackStraw  +   866d ago
that's not true at all. almost no game runs at a constant steady framerate. you're almost always going to have dips unless you can program for every possible variable.
starchild  +   866d ago
That's absolutely not true. On PC I get a SOLID 60fps in 99% of games around 99% of the time. Most games I have zero dips at all.

The thing is, in order to achieve a solid 30fps or a solid 60fps your framerate average actually has to be much higher than that. The minimum frame rate has to be at or above that 30fps or 60fps target.

So for example, on a 30fps game the frames the engine and hardware can actually pump out will usually be something more like 33fps to 51fps, but they cap the framerate at 30fps and you get a steady frame delivery.

In order to get a solid 60fps the engine and hardware would have to actually render something like 63 to 88 frames per second. This is very difficult to do with graphically advanced games on fixed hardware.
JackStraw  +   866d ago
sure you do, pal.

>"most games"

nice try.
psyxon  +   865d ago
@starchild Well, that could be because of your PC. Your PC in relation to the required specs of the games you play could be why you experience "solid" frame rates.

But, when it comes to a console, or fixed hardware as you put it, it's totally different. I believe that is what JackStraw was referring to.

As a developer, optimizing a game can only go so far, and as such when working with one or two platforms, you begin to reach a point where you have to decide between "quality" or "stability".

That is something that the article also points out, and I believe that is what the GG employee was getting at.

Playing a game like Amnesia on PC and having it run well over 60 fps on a beastly computer isn't the same as having a game like KZ:SF on a console trying to balance visual quality with stability, which in any case, will almost always result in an unsteady frame rate.
#2.7.3 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
starchild  +   865d ago

Yeah, I get all that. Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing and I am super impressed that they are even able to get it around 60fps most of the time.

What I am saying is that I personally would prefer a solid 30fps if the drops are going to be very frequent at 60fps. It's for the very reason you said: developers have to make trade offs. And if it is too difficult to make it run well above 60fps most of the time so that we can get a solid 60fps, I would just prefer for them to cap it at 30fps so that we can enjoy a rock solid framerate.

On my PC the reason I get a solid 60fps is because when I benchmark most of my games I am actually getting way over 60fps on average, and the minimum framerate never dips below 60fps. In some games I get over 200fps and even if there is something that causes a massive framerate drop the minimum still stays well above 60fps.

Anyway, we'll see. If KZSF truly does maintain 60fps the vast majority of the time and only drops in very hectic areas then it will be fine. We'll still get the benefit of 60fps and the drops will be infrequent enough to not be bothersome.
tee_bag242  +   865d ago
Most games will have frame rate dips. Here's some news for alot of you youngsters. A fast CPU brings up your minimum frame rates.
thechosenone  +   866d ago
Having the fps jump around from 60-30 for those few secs is still better than having it locked at 30fps. Your eyes will not detect anything until it goes below maybe 35fps and even then if it holds and runs smoothly you won't notice a thing...the problems start once it drops below 30 that's when things get ugly.

And he's talking about it dipping slightly below 60 on occasion during the most intense gameplay which is simply amazing.
#2.8 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
starchild  +   866d ago
Absolutely. That's why I hate this push for 60fps on consoles. Most the time all it is going to do is cause a juddering frame rate.

If your framerate isn't at 30fps or 60fps it won't sync with the 60hz refresh rate of your TV or monitor. If you average around 45fps, for example, the frame intervals will be uneven and it will result in judder and an uneven response from the controls.

People putting pressure on devs to deliver 60fps is a bad idea. It's already a huge challenge to create games with the expected next gen visual leap, as well as the jump in resolution to 1080p. Expecting 60fps on top of all that is just unrealistic and is going to result in developers pushing for 60fps but not really hitting that target very solidly.

I will take a solid 30fps over a juddery 60fps that has regular drops in framerate any day. But it really depends on how often the frame rate drops occur. If it truly is only very occasionally then yes I would still prefer the 60fps with very rare drops to a solid 30fps. If it dips fairly regularly, I would much prefer a solid 30fps.
#2.9 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
_QQ_  +   865d ago
Agree i would rather have locked 30FPS over 60ish fps with dips.
#2.10 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kingduqc  +   865d ago
Not really ape007

steady fps means they introduce some latencies into the game

and usually frame varience is more like 60-55-58-61-54-67 and doesn't really chuck alot uneless the vram is over limit. Then you would get like 60 62 60 10 2 64 where there is a huge dips.

Kinda sad the ps4 can't do 60 fps on a pretty low resolution.
Convas  +   866d ago
"So, having a constant 60 is not actually better than having a 'lot of the time' 60. It sounds weird, but it's actually true."

You have got to be kidding me. WTF am I reading?
#3 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
kizzle32  +   866d ago
I think that means that its better for the fact there is no graphic fidelity lost, merely some fps drop that won't even be noticeable. I will take full graphic fidelity and "a lot of the time" 60fps anyday. That is why he said it is actually "better".
#3.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Feralkitsune  +   865d ago
Poor choice of words for him. Instead of better, he should have said manageable or something of the like. Better implies that an unstable frame-rate is better than a stable one, which makes 0 sense.
Maddens Raiders  +   866d ago
"WTF am I reading" Apparently not enough and only what you want to read /troll/ lol...

"Running 60 has become this Holy Grail. Suddenly people think if you run 60 your game is better. Technically, that's not really true. But what it does do is it makes decisions go from input to on-screen a lot easier.

"So, having a constant 60 is not actually better than having a 'lot of the time' 60. It sounds weird, but it's actually true. Because usually in the moments where we're going to drop framerate, either you're already dead or it's too late anyway."
#3.2 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Convas  +   866d ago
Hard (Constant) 60 frames per second > Soft (Variable) 60 frames per second.

That isn't opinion, belief, or spin.

That is quantifiable FACT.

For a dev to say that not having a locked 60fps is better than a locked 60fps is some incredible bullshit.

The fact that you're even contesting this means you've lost the plot.
#3.2.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(11) | Report
Campy da Camper  +   866d ago
@con. Wrong. I'd rather have 60 fps during gunplay and have it drop to 45 during animation sequences when I'm dying or major explosions occur than keeping it locked at 60 and having the over all graphics suffer from degradation
Maddens Raiders   866d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
JackStraw  +   866d ago
learn to program. read again.
wishingW3L  +   866d ago
he should go tell that to the pro-players always complaining about the bad frame-rate on PS3 compared to X360. Now that would turn into a really intense argument for sure. XD

In fact, after so many years now Evo will be held on X360 only because of all the complaints about the PS3. And this is just because of 1 maybe 3 frame drops at most!
#3.5 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Trago1337  +   866d ago
What? Are you kidding me?
MadSientist89  +   866d ago
"a lot of the time" :D
pyramidshead  +   866d ago
lol Was waiting for this to get reported.

Didn't he use an unlikely example of if every person in a fully maxed player game lobbed a grenade and they all exploding at the same time it would more than likely drop a lil. I think he mentioned another extreme case but can't recall.

Will have to see how it goes come launch but I doubt it's gonna hinder it.
pyramidshead  +   866d ago
"The problem with this interview is that you really need to watch the presentation session to understand the full picture.

His statement was out-of-context.

In the presentation, he stated that the game was pretty much 60fps already. But they said that there will be situations like "24 grenades going off at the same time with 24 players" that will kill the 60fps framerate.

When that happens, you're most likely dead anyway."
#6.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BABY-JEDI  +   865d ago
It's good to know that someone actually watched the presentation
byeGollum  +   866d ago
They gave it their best it seems. . can't deny their effort. A lot of the clowns here don't realise how much work goes into achieving these results. I commend GG.
KnightRobby  +   866d ago
I suppose that's why Call of Duty has been so popular. For the very beginning - since Call of Duty 4 - they managed a steady 60fps yet we are complimenting devs for just figuring it out on next-gen hardware. Call of Duty has been hated, in my opinion, for one reason: overuse of the game's name with same features, and worst of all, copycat titles.

I can't wait for Titanfall, Battlefield 4, KZ Shadow Fall, and yes, will even give Call of Duty Ghosts a try when it comes time. Looking forward to all of them!
Statix  +   866d ago
Fyi, Call of Duty on console has NEVER been a "steady 60fps." All of those installments have seen frequent framerate dips below 60fps (i.e., dips to 50 or 40 fps).

It's just that the dips are infrequent enough to not be noticed by the average player most of the time. Which is what I expect will be the case for Killzone: Shadow Fall also.
#7.1.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report
KnightRobby  +   865d ago
Yes, you are probably dead on about Call of Duty running at 50 or 40 fps from time to time. I'm really not that picky, as long as it is above 40fps and the controls are responsive. If Killzone has responsive controls and they aren't lumbering or sluggish, then that would be awesome.

I think that Call of Duty 4 was just an accomplishment and I can't wait to see what next-gen does. At least they got their frame rate well above 30fps for the multiplayer - where the staying power is going to be for Killzone: SF.
onyoursistersback  +   866d ago
It's still good, now they need to compare it to battlefield 4's fps.

"Let the fighting being!!!"
KnightRobby  +   865d ago
It would be nice to see BF4 better optimized for the next-gen consoles, especially compared to the decrease in graphics and player count from BF3 PC to Xbox 360/PS3. DICE has the talent and will likely be able to work something out. Looking forward to actually playing these games!
sigfredod  +   866d ago
the funny thing is that actually you only notice with naked eye when the FPS get below 24 lol
MidnytRain  +   866d ago
What are you talking about? That's borderline unplayable.
Feralkitsune  +   865d ago
If this were a movie, I would agree. But in games where your movements directly impact the actions on screen, it makes the controls feel sluggish. Creates a input lag of sorts.
kizzle32  +   866d ago
And, if Guerrilla didn't come out and say this, DF would've just found out and posted a big article and then people would say Guerrilla were LYING and covering up for the PS4...blah blah blah...I commend them for coming forward and telling complete truth...and a truth that nobody probably would've even noticed while playing.
#9 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
gamertk421  +   866d ago
Oh, the SDF told me it was all 60 FPS. Good to know. Thanks.
JimmyLmao  +   866d ago
i don't even care about framerate as long as it is steady 30fps but it will HAVE to be 1080p.

that is my biggest expectation of next-gen games.. 1080p a bare minumum... then anything over 30fps is just extra benefits
Corpser  +   866d ago
So you can't call it 60 fps
BeathuberCH   866d ago | Spam
Ezz2013  +   865d ago
yes, we can't say it run 60fps (just because it drops few fps in very rare times lol)

like we can't say Ryse,DR3 .etc run at 30fps too since they can't even stay at steady 30fps ,right ?!
and what sad... they are not even "Native" 1080p like all ps4 lunch exclusives they are either 720p or 900p

like thechosenone above said :
"Titanfall 720
Killer Instinct 720
Ryse 900p/30fps and can't even stay at 30fps
dead rising 3 720p/30fps(and it's struggling to maintain 30fps)
Forza 5 1080p/60fps <--less cars than Forza 4, no real-time weather effects, no day/night cycles, no global illumination "
#12.2 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ducky  +   865d ago
Your jimmies must be rustled pretty bad if his one comment gave you the need to trash games of an unrelated platform.
#12.2.1 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
Corpser  +   865d ago
You're talking about these unrelated games because ?
Ezz2013  +   865d ago
not really no
just point out what's wrong with his logic
if you can't see what wrong with his comment then it's your problem

because you call a game that run at 60fps and only drop few fps in very rare times a "not 60fps game"
so it really easy to point out your strange logic with those xbox games that run at 30fps but yet they still drop fps in most of the trailers and gameplay demos ...they must be "not 30fps games"..right?!
#12.2.3 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
Bundi  +   865d ago
I love how Forza 5 is 1080p and 60fps and so we have to add in all that other nonsense as if this discussion was about more than resolution and frames per second.

Also, have you seen what else PS4 is serving for "lunch"?
Knack? This ugly bland game has no choice but to fun at 1080p/60fps since it has nothing else going for it tech wise.
DriveClub, pretty clouds but all the cars run tand handle the same since it's a Need For Speed wannabe with Facebook jammed into it.
abusador  +   865d ago
Yeah you can, the same way Cod dips on occasion and is called 60fos and Gran turismo 5 was considered 6ofps and dipped on occassion
Hicken  +   865d ago
So you can't read beyond the title.
WorldGamer  +   866d ago
Lol. The $H!T storm is quickly approaching. Seems like something GG should have clarified from the beginning, especially given the climate these days.

I'm not too worried however. I'll be picking this up day 1 for sure. I think there needs to be an open mind about what these devs are doing and we need to wait to see what the final product ends up being before passing judgement.

And before anyone says that the other "side" does it too, please grow up, two wrongs do not make a right.
Qurupeco  +   866d ago
despite the constant harpin' about 50% thicker sauce than X1. . . even the PS4 cannot maintain 60 frames on a cartoon-like game, like Killzone. Despite all the sacrifices they made to get 1080P. I'd like to know how the SDF will spin this.
abusador  +   866d ago
900 p trash framerate, cartoony zombie game still not locked at 30fps, etcc.... Give it up big boss Kz Sf dipping between say 40 to 60 fps some of the times and looking the way it does early on in the systems cycle as compared to the 900p bs and crappy framreates across xbone games is a telling story, oh and resogun is 1080p, 60fps goodness as well :)

Yeah the 50 faster system and 30% more raw power is evident early one.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   866d ago
"cartoon-like game, like Killzone."
Skips  +   866d ago
"on a cartoon-like game"

I think he was talking about Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall. All of which aren't even in 1080p, or has huge framerate dips below 30fps. : /
#14.2.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report
KwietStorm  +   866d ago
Cartoon? Lol.. A cartoon-like game? Yea?
RevXM  +   866d ago
You blind?
Cartoony? Id say stylized, but CARTOONY? LMAO.
ALL the sacrifices GG made to get to 1080p?
Such as?
Dynamic physical ray trace based lighting model? advanced LOD supporting 60 AI heavy characters on screen at 40k Polygons? Superb particles and physics?
There Some of the best animations in any fps? Mo cap based animation blended with by hand animation and rag doll? Some of the best textures in any game?
A lot of animate independent and AI controlled Objects and just about infinite light scources?

Got to look at the whole picture.

Cartoony? Look no further than this! VVV

Ezz2013  +   866d ago
what worse is that you have 9 agrees on that dumb comment
TomahawkX  +   866d ago
pre-order cancelled!
GDDR6_2014  +   866d ago
looking forward to 1080p 60 FPS console gaming on ps5
Bundi  +   865d ago
A lot of the time™
"next-gen" still can't do 60fps. lol, consoles.
Whitefire  +   865d ago
Who said that? This game is running at 60 FPS and like very game it drops when there is too much to handle. This happens in games like COD all the time.
XboxFun  +   866d ago
Interesting, this could get spun in a very negative way by me and for all purposes it would be very easy for me to do for this considering how this site is.

But instead I'll say this...

Who cares, the game will run great and will hardly be noticed by anyone who plays it.

When I play a FPS there wasn't anytime I said, "I wish this game was 60fps."

I doubt anyone will say this about this game.
jhoward585  +   866d ago
6O fps is always better than 30fps. The main problem is can the hardware run at (locked or close to)60fps consistently. If it will see a huge gap in frame rate drop.

So it make much sense to run the game at 30fps if the hardware cant run at 60fps. At 30fps frame rate drop will mostly drop slightly by 1-3 frame which is better.

I'd rather have locked 30fps than 60fps with lots of hiccups all over the place.
#19 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Drithe  +   866d ago
No 60 FPS on a next gen fps? The ps4 is a super system and they wont make the game 60 fps?

I will stick with BF and COD. Guerrilla sucks ass, and frankly, so does the Killzone series.
Drithe  +   866d ago
I cannot believe how many SONY APOLOGISTS are on here. Do they pay the employees to come on here and say, "Its ok to have a 30 FPS next gen shooter because the game blah blah blah."

No. It is not. This means either the developer is too damn lazy and incompetent or the system is not as strong as Sony and the fanboys say it is.

End of line.
Statix  +   866d ago
You DO realize that all of these supposed 60fps games in the Call of Duty series have significant frame drops (dips to 50 or 40 fps) during hectic gameplay moments, don't you?

The only difference is that Guerilla isn't lying to you (or embellishing the truth) about their game running at a constant 60fps clip. I guaran-damn-tee you that Battlefield 4 on console will see occasional framerate dips below 60 fps. GUARANTEE you.

Look at the benchmark videos for yourselves before you pounce on the slightest bit of semi-negative PS4 news like the pathetic haters you are. Calling Guerilla Games "lazy and incompetent" is just a pathetic low-blow and incredibly disrespectful, not to mention completely untrue. How many other AAA developers are ambitious enough to attempt native 1080p, have state-of-the-art graphics fidelity, AND target 60 fps at the same time?

Bottom line, I don't know of a single 60fps game on console that actually maintains that 60fps benchmark 100% or even 90% of the time.
#20.1.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report
GodGinrai  +   866d ago

Im not being funny or anyting, but you must be refering to the ps3 versions of COD games. Its always been smooth on X360.
Man-E-Faces  +   866d ago

Okay your right it's not fair to call Guerilla lazy, they are at mercy of fixed hardware.
But, Sony is fair game! Oh yeah, they sure like to hype up their RAM to take the heat off their mediocre GPU/CPU, honestly there was no need for 8gb ram this gen, that money would have been better spent on a better GPU/CPU. That goes for Microsoft too, both these companies failed this gen, it seems to me all they did was stick a dvr in and call it a wrap. Target specs should have been 1080p native, 60ps locked if the GPU can't provide this for 99% of the games this gen then get better guts that will! This is BS standards for supposed next gen hardware, why bother?
Statix  +   866d ago
"We didn't want to say, we can run at 60 constantly if we just half the resolution and take out all the destructibility and remove all the glass, for example."

Hmm... making reference to Battlefield 4 being sub-1080p, perhaps?
aquamala  +   866d ago
how next gen

I'll wait for the ps5 version then
#22 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
buynit  +   866d ago
After reading all the comments its settled... no one can knock a single game from xb1 that fluctuates in fps as long as it stays above 30..
TheOneEyedHound  +   866d ago
1nsomniac  +   866d ago
Not sure why anyone is bothered about locked framerates these days, only seems to have become an issue this gen. who cares if it varies between 30-60. Just get the best you can in the current situation.
fpshooter2  +   866d ago
This is still an great title to me, and i will still be enjoying it day one.
Xsilver  +   866d ago
When i played UC,TLOU,FaRCRY3,Masseffect,KZ2 and etc i have never even paid attention to the frame rate. didn't care in any of the game generations not gonna care in this one, you guys remember the days when we played games to have fun and didn't care what it was running on once it was fun.
its kinda of funny really.
byeGollum  +   866d ago
The funny things is, the majority only get technical Online. They don't know sh-t about what they're talking about half the time. They usually STFU and play their games offline.

We're all still gonna play the games we want, no matter the flaws.
#26.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
FantasyStar  +   866d ago
You sound like a person who has never experienced playing games at 60+FPS.
#26.2 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Holeran  +   866d ago
It is amazing the amount of people who will bad mouth Guerillas take on the FPS they target in thier game. If the multiplayer runs at 60fps like he says and only drops when there is absolute chaos going on in your screen then it will be much better than running at 30fps locked or dropping alot of particle effects out of the game in order to keep it from dropping a few frames. By his description it will run 60fps 99% of the time and until we see that isn't true then give them a chance. What if it dropped to 40fps 5 seconds out of a 30 minute game?
iistuii  +   866d ago
Next gen struggling for framerate already, & being so easy to develop for too. Wheres all the so called power, er, exactly.
xKugo  +   866d ago
The hardware isn't struggling, per say. It's developers that are having to make sacrifices when they want to have great visual effects, 1080p and 60fps. It's seems like most developers are sacrificing resolution over frames, but GG chose the opposite route, because the pride themselves on visuals and not silky gameplay. Most other games are running 60fps locked but not at 1080p.
FantasyStar  +   866d ago
Screw the eye-candy: give us 1080p and 60FPS while taking all resources to improve the gameplay. If I were to play this game: it wouldn't be to appreciate glossy mud or stare at someone's tessellated asscheeks. It's to frag and get fragged in split-screen with my friends.
#28.1.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
xKugo  +   866d ago
I thought this was already known? The game wasn't built with 60fps in mind because the devkit they built it on was limited to 1.5GB of RAM, this was before the increase to 8 from 4GB of ram by Sony. Honestly, the only reason they changed they're mind was because fans were disappointed when the initial gameplay reveal was at 30fps second and not 60fps(discovery courtesy of DF). I knew as soon as they said "targeting 60fps in multiplayer" that is was going to be a somewhat soft 60, susceptible to drops in framerate when a lot of stuff is on-screen at once. But, I mean why even care? I don't run at a locked 60fps in FPS games on my PC, I run it with v-sync off because anything above 45 fps is fine. I usually game between 45-80 fps, anyway. As long as it's not 30 and below, I'm cool with a soft 60 on consoles. It's still a sizable leap from the 25 fps you were getting on last-gen consoles and it's still at native 1080p so the game is going to look great and feel great.Just relax...
#29 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Jovanian  +   866d ago
Ohhhh so not only are you struggling to get a good framerate and resolution in single player, now apparently the promised '60 fps' in multiplayer is only some of the time

Next gen ladies and gentlemen

2013, and we still do NOT have a 60fps 1080p standard, something that was attainable a decade and a half ago. I was optimistic about these next gen consoles but I have started to see the kinks in the armor...well its not REALLY 1080p, its 900p nataive...well its not REALLY 60 fps, but its 60 fps most of the time! Just pathetic. THESE CONSOLES ARE NOT EVEN OUT AND THEY ARE ALREADY OBSOLETE BY YEARS.
xKugo  +   866d ago
The single-player is a locked 30fps with native 1080p. It's only the multiplayer that's a soft 60fps. What are you talking about??
windblowsagain  +   866d ago
I think your missing the bigger picture.

There isn't just one Magical PC, there are many pc's all with different hardware.

Lets say your playing batman at 1080p with your current rig, but it's not 60fps./ If your really bothered you will go and buy a new GPU. Basically you can always add. The other way of going about it is either dropping rez or dropping fx or both.

Making these console games look the way they do, and killzone sf looks like Crysis3. 60fps is an ask whether online or not.

When Devs make games for PC, they try to get to a fps target. But they do not optimize like on a console.

GTA4 is pure evidence of this as are many other games.

From what i've seen of Shadowfall. It looks very nice, but that engine isn't built from the ground up and neither will be Naughty dogs first game on PS4. They will add tech.

The order is a game that's coming built ground up for PS4. It'll be one to keep and eye on.

I play BF3 on my PC and it'll be 80fps, 73 fps, some parts 55fps, etc. It's all over the place.

If a game is 90% 60fps. It's not a problem imo.
starchild  +   865d ago
10% dropped frames is too much in my opinion. It will significantly detract from the quality of the game. I really dislike the uneven response in the controls that occurs when the framerate drops. I would much prefer a solid 30fps in multiplayer.

And of course the framerate is all over the place. The engine load in any game isn't the same at all times, so no game is going to be able to output a completely steady frame rate. That's why it is important to achieve a frame rate well above the target and then cap at the target framerate, thus eliminating uneven frame delivery.
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