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Check Out The Gameplay Recording and 60 Screenshots of the Prologue of The Evil Within

During a panel at Eurogamer Expo the prologue of The Evil Within was showcased on stage, showing the first twelve minutes of the game.

Here's the video and 60 screenshots from the stream. (PC, PS3, PS4, The Evil Within, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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P0werVR  +   201d ago
Looking good!

Odd, looks like....the killer within!

towards the end was CRAZY!
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pyramidshead  +   201d ago
There was that part where the dude is limping and the chainsaw dude steps on this button and suddenly it's this god damn blade spinning corridor.
I was like holy shiiiiiit, limp buuuddyyy!

Cannot wait, hope this inspires more developers to go back to survival horror roots. Hoping for that Kojima spin on Silent Hill in the future at some point too!
sigfredod  +   201d ago
I stopped watching, don´t want to spoil it anymore looks great!!
Sevir  +   201d ago
Mmm... It seems the camera is still as cluncky as RE4. Scary game... But it looks current generation... Seems they demonstrated it on the 360.
Austin48  +   201d ago
looks good cant wait to play it on ps4 I love the Resident evil series so I know ill like this series
CEOSteveBallmer  +   201d ago
Shait!! Can't Wait!!
HmongAmerican  +   201d ago
Hey, I think this game make me want to go watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It almost felt exact the same. East meet West type of horror.
Im really loving what Im seeing. This has all sorts of great horror influences in it. I see some Dagon from HP.Lovecraft Resident Evil 4 from Mikami himself, heavy Psychological themes and all sorts of other great stuff. I think horror is making a comeback guys.
DJrantz  +   201d ago
looks interesting but I feel like it lacks the sophistication that the re remake for the gamecube had. There doesn't seem to be much navigation involved and the atmosphere isn't as spooky. Also Clunky chain saw guys have been done to death. But I did like the rolling spike room, and the bloody hallway.
solidjun5  +   201d ago
i'm so interested in this game. Capcom, take notes!

the person who's playing sucks.
Ghostdogg  +   200d ago
Looks good enough to provide them"OH SHIT!!!"moments.
Pozzle  +   199d ago
I don't know why people are already judging it negatively based on the prologue. Obviously the start of the game isn't indicative of the entire experience.

That would be like judging Kingdom Hearts 2 based solely on that small section where you play as Roxas at the beginning.

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