Superior Controller: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

"Both Sony and Microsoft have invested a lot of time in not only carefully designing the console architecture for maximum power and efficiency but also working on improving their controllers. Today we want to look at each controller and the specific changes made to enhance the overall gaming experience for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." -BootHammer

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darthv721515d ago

They both use batteries. One is user replaceable with a rechargeable option. The other is rechargeable with....i guess that's it.

MineHaxx1515d ago Show
Hatsune-Miku1515d ago

wavebird except for x and y buttons.
preferences are up to the player but i do like the touchpad, share , grip and new rumble tech on ps4.

darthv721515d ago

@hatsune, yeah the wavebird is really nice but shoddy wouldn't like it. it takes....batteries.

BallsEye1515d ago

Rechrgable AA are way better than play and charge kit. All you have to do is swap the batteries and set the used up ones for charging and you can keep on enjoying wireless gaming without the risk of someone tripping on a P&C kit cable and pulling your console down. don't have to sit 1.5 meter away from the system. Did I mention it is way cheaper??

UltimateMaster1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Have a PS3, I can charge it with my USB cable.
I also have a 10 feet long cable that I bough for 2 for 2$, a real steal.

Battery on my PS3 controller never had to be replaced, when AA batteries die out a hell of a lot faster, 2 years and you're f*cked.

Xbox One controller takes less than 4 hours to fully charge, the PS3 takes less than 15 minutes with USB Cable. Not to mention the PS4 USB 3.0 will have a much faster charge than USB 2.0, expect less than 4 minutes.

And the length of AA batteries in Game play hours is a fraction of that of built in battery.

They are made built-in because you Really don't need to take them out, ever.

We already know the PS3/Wii U "Pro Controller, not the Gamepad" last well over the 80 hour mark before a recharge. Microsoft has not stated yet how long the batteries will actually last, but if it's anything like the 360, not that long.

UltimateMaster1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

And it's not just a matter of batteries, but overall technology and comfort:

-Touch Pad
-9 Motion Sensors "An upgrade from 6"
-Light Bar that interacts with the Augmented Reality Camera
-Built-in Battery
-Comfort grip material in the back
-Enhanced Analog Stick to remove Dead zones
-Revised Triggers for better experience for shooters
-Dual Shock Rumble "Ever wondered why it was called a Dual Shock controller?"

Wii U:
-Touch Screen Interface
-An Augmented Reality Camera in the Back of it
-Very small life Built-in Battery <=== Only 2 hours, THIS one can be problematic, but the charger is included for the controller.
-6 Motion Sensors
-A Frontal Camera
-A Universal Remote Sensor

Xbox One:
-Impulse Triggers "Rumble under the analogs"
-Enhanced Analog Stick to remove Dead zones
X=No batteries built-in
=No more box in the bottom of the controller like on the 360, like that couldn't have been done earlier...
-I think it also has a universial remote like the Wii U. Not 100% sure.
No new innovations technology-wise beyond the rumble

The design on how it looks is purely a matter of personal taste.

Technologically speaking, the Wii U would be the best, but since the battery only last 2 hours, the overall best is the PS4 DS4.

Unless you're cool in keeping the charger near you all the time, then i's the Wii U.

Again: Technologically speaking.

Kinect was not counted in, other-wise, we'd need to add the PS4 camera as well and we're only focused on the controllers.

AlexanderNevermind1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I have PS3 controllers break from (years of)overuse but I also have never had a battery die on the controller. Those things are tanks. I also use a Razor Sabertooth for PC gaming so I am very comfortable with the 360 controller as well. As the op said its all personal choice.

I have to say I was better at MP shooters with the PS3 controller so Sony would be my lead choice.

pedrof931515d ago

Ps4 battery ?

Fucked ?

When ?

hiphopisdead1515d ago

not a good comparison. most items apply to both... comparison should be more like:

Aside from personal preference of how they feel when you're actually holding/using them, from paper specs and hands on articles:

Shared (not exclusive) features:
-Comfort grip
-Enhanced D-Pad, Triggers, Buttons, Analog Stick
-etc... both claim to have improved everything...

PS4 Built-in Battery vs. AA Batteries
PS4 Light Bar (interacts with optional camera)
PS4 Motion Sensors
PS4 Touch Pad
PS4 Share Shortcut Button
XB ONE Trigger Feedback

Conclusion is... before we have a chance to try both... on paper... the PS4 controller looks a lot more impressive.

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darthv721515d ago

both have made some real improvements to be more comfortable and precise.

Neither one is reinventing the wheel but both are just making the ride better in the overall sense.

My hands are ready!

Eonjay1515d ago

Impossible to tell unless you have actually held both... features with the PS4 takes the cake with touchpad. Although I've heard that rumble triggers are also nice.

Paytaa1515d ago

I personally think both controllers look amazing. They both improve on their predecessors and are probably the 2 most adaptive controllers in the industry.

UncleGermrod1515d ago

Seems odd everyone is talking about the new rumble tech in the ps4....the xbox one controller has the new rumble tech in the triggers. I always preferred the xbox controller and replaceable battery option, but the dualshock 4 is looking real nice i have to say

bviperz1515d ago

If you EVER owned a 360, then you know one the first things that goes is the the controller. I have gone through numerous controllers and it doesn't matter, sooner than later the damn controller will die, and you will continuously press that damn middle button to reconnect the damn thing until eventually it will not connect anymore. So you have to buy another one. And another one. I still have the original controller from my 'fatty' PS3, even though the left controller rubber has worn off. That's the difference to me.

mhunterjr1515d ago

I still have two launch 360 controllers... I don't know anyone who shares your experience.

titletownrelo1515d ago

most innovative = PS4
best? = preference

PunisherRevenge1515d ago

We won't know until we actually use them both so this article is a waste of time.

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xHeavYx1515d ago

Typical "which controller is better? They are both equally impressive" article.
Bottomline, if you like Xbox, you like that controller, if you like the PS4, then you like the PS controller

B-radical1515d ago

First time I have agreed with you! aha

boeso1515d ago

Its simpler than that: if you buy the Ps4 you get a DS4, if you buy an X1 you get an xbox controller. Solved.

KwietStorm1515d ago

I agree, except I've been seeing a lot of people who didn't game on PS3 because they don't like the Dualshock 3, say that they love every inch of the 4. I've never had an issue using the DS3, but I have my criticisms, so I'm really anxious to get my PS4.

Volkama1515d ago

@KwietStorm, That almost describes me. I didn't go so far as avoiding gaming on the PS3, but I really didn't like the controller. I spent the whole of that generation kinda wishing Sony had stuck with the boomerang (something that looked so silly was surely ergonomic and comfortable?!)

The playstation finally having a controller I like is one of the things I'm most looking forward to for next gen.

MineHaxx1515d ago

Finally,The first uh-trollish message of xHeavYx!

xHeavYx1515d ago

Sorry if stating facts offend you ;)

MineHaxx1515d ago

Finally,The first un-trollish message of xHeavYx!

slampunk1515d ago


That is the best comment i've ever seen you post ....couldn't detect fanboy anywhere!!!.... good job!

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bonafide7321515d ago

matter of choice i would think. we'll see in a couple of months what mine is

LoveOfTheGame1515d ago

It's easily the new Xbox One Dualshock 7, the last controller you will ever need.

PFFT1515d ago

Yep its all about preference. Both look great both will have improvements from their previous versions.