Take-Two Still Recommending Stockholders Reject EA Offer

Take-Two held their annual shareholder meeting and are still recommending that their stockholders reject EA's buyout offer of $26 a share.

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Alcohog3690d ago

I hope they do, but $26 a share has got to be hard to resist...

Athlon3689d ago

$25 is not a tempting at all. I own some shares of Take Two via scottrade. A month ago, I was notified that EA wanted to by my shares at $26. My shares at the time were valued at $25.75. I would basically only make 25 cents a share profit if EA bought my stock. I don't think so.

ICUP3689d ago

If what Athlon said about Take-Two stock valued is true then it is foolish to sell now, remember GTA 4 is a mega huge game one the game is release Take-Two stock may jump 1 or 2 dollar.

PirateThom3690d ago

They should hold out until after GTAIV, because at that point the shares are almost certainly going to be worth more.

Storm233690d ago

Keep trying Take-Two!!!!!!!!!!!!

marioporter3690d ago

That the shareholders have enough sense to reject this offer. I know that money talks, but damn. I really don't want to see a great franchise like GTA get flushed in the name of coporate greed. I guess the guys from Rockstar could always start up a new franchise if they left. Maybe Breaking and Entering? LOL

Nitrowolf23690d ago

if EA does get there hand on GTA that will suk
Just look at EA games allot of them start out great but after year after year it there games get more worse.

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