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'Xbox Fitness' leaked, features Insanity, P90X & famous trainers

StickSkills writes, "For Kinect on the Xbox 360, a large amount of the successful games that we saw were based around fitness. While we haven't really seen a "killer app" of sorts for the Xbox One and Kinect 2.0, it appears that Microsoft does have one last trick up its sleeves: Xbox Fitness."

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Community1482d ago
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malokevi1482d ago

My girlfriend is going to love this.

Thatguy-3101482d ago

Kinect really excels on these fitness type of games. That's basically the only thing I would use it for.

UltimateMaster1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The problem with fitness base games is that you can buy a regular DVD version and get the same workout, instead of paying 60$ for the game, you pay 10$.

But if you're wallet wants to invest more for having a game-like fitness, that's up to you.

Reads article: Oh, and you need Xbox Gold Live on top of that? Pass.

redwin1481d ago

I would looooove to do insanity with kinect. It'll be able to tell me if my form is wrong or if the HR is too high. I would not pay a monthly service fee on top of gold for it. That's for sure. But I believe that this is where kinect can excel. Also if the sound in kinect is so good and it can track your fingers, perhaps it can also teach you to play some instruments.

konnerbllb1481d ago


This is interactive though. You can get real time feedback on your form, speed, force and just overall performance. Don't forget the heart rate monitor, expect some type of calorie counter.

This is absolutely better than a $10 dvd.

sobotz1482d ago

They should make this a free app, not a $20/$60 games just like the last time.

malokevi1482d ago

P90x itself isn't free. I don't see any good reason for them to give it away. This could be a really profitable package.

Reverent1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Agreed with malokevi. This is seriously the first ever fitness related thing on any console that I could actually be interested in. I don't even intend on buying/supporting the X1 and I can still admit that.

Mystogan1482d ago

Its free for a year from what I understand.

Cuzzo631482d ago

I kno the fangirls will disagree..... this is gonna sell shitloads.

Godz Kastro1482d ago

Im going to love this! Goes to show this is a system for people who want more than gaming. Like me

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GrandpaSnake1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

this seems retarded mainly because i have all three of those and i dont use them, i pretty much just go to youtube and learn from mr chang on fitness and nutrition and do cardio without a kinect lol.

bub161482d ago

Mike Chang is the worst fitness youtuber lol, check out Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid, Chris Lavado, Omar Isuf

GrandpaSnake1482d ago

thank you, he really helped me a lot, if these are better i should have a six pack by november.

Hatsune-Miku1482d ago

you are all lazy. if you would like a six pack today you can buy at liquor shop

_QQ_1482d ago

Hodge Twins is all you need.

Convas1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Buff Dudes and Elliott Hulse are MUCH better alternatives to Mike Chang. Hodge Twins are also pretty good.

Nocando1482d ago

Probably trains a lot at P.F. Changs.

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bub161482d ago

As a personal trainer myself, I cant stand these "fitness" programs! They will tell you anything to get in your pocket!

xHeavYx1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I agree, what happened with going outside to play?

Omegasyde1482d ago

What if it's raining or you have a child in the house whom needs supervision? What if you work at home and you are "on-call"?

(sorry I had to play devil's advocate)

xHeavYx1482d ago

Well, there is always an excuse, that's the problem with most people

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IcicleTrepan1482d ago

Mostly because it puts you out of a job lol but seriously, people know it's not as good as a real personal trainer, but for a lot of people it's good enough to get them moving.

bub161482d ago

Lol, what happened to getting off your ass, moving! Walking! Eating proper food, if people did this there would be no need for personal trainers lol

Exercise and diet isn't as bad as people make out. It changes most peoples lifestyles. Suppose we all gave to start somewhere though

Reverent1482d ago

@bub16, you obviously don't live in America then lol...

gedden71482d ago

lol to compete to with Wii fit U I c..

christocolus1482d ago

not just the gf ..i see myself using this sister ocassionally used my 360 for workouts.could get this as a gift for her.

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