Little Big Planet lost in the shuffle?

This article notes that gamers are justifiably excited about all the promising games coming down the pike. But overlooked by many is Little Big Planet, which the writer suggests may be the most important upcoming game of all.

"The game we gamers ought to be trembling in anticipation for is strangely missing from many people's lists. At the risk of hurling myself into the Abyss of Bad Predictions Driven by Wishful Thinking, I say the game that will matter most - the one we'll remember as pivotal in this generation of video games - is Little Big Planet."

Article posted on The Brainy Gamer blog.

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Fishy Fingers3713d ago

Give us an Open Beta, get the hype rolling a little. We've all seen its at a perfectly playable stage.

thePatriot3713d ago

with the lbp is that they showed it too early. Six months tops.

yesah3712d ago

ive been waiting on LBP for a while, im pretty hyped for this game. The simplicity, is some relief from killing aliens and blowing up the world.

assjacket3713d ago

How about anything other than a video of building stuff again. This game is taking too long, that's why people don't give a sh!t anymore.

Harry1903713d ago

The deluge starts at the end of the month.
Good things come in small doses.

thePatriot3713d ago

mgs beta
gta (rental only) sorry just dont get the game.
mgs4. I had a dream I played that game.
battlefield bad company. my friend talked me into it.
rezistance 2. ofcoarse.
(lots of games which dont have a release date yet. white knight, heavy rain and so on.
L B (f'n) P. I will do things to this game... I all ready have level plans on paper, just give me the game. please

Palodios3713d ago

Maybe HE'S not "trembling in anticipation" but I sure am. MGS, Star Ocean 4, Timesplitters 4 and FF13 are really the only games I'm anticipating more, although those are all proven franchises.

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