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Time Lord3895d ago

to make 6mil copies of the game in less then 2 weeks. My guess is it went gold time ago.

Blaze9293895d ago

LOL, thats actually kinda funny. But who knows whats possible.

alcaponedya3895d ago

was inspired by combat evolved?
how lame

anyways, 6 million in 3 weeks since they said 6 million sold in a week.

devilhunterx3895d ago

how much difficult it can be? its not a person have to sit and do it manually. 1000s machine running for 1 week in different factories. And one week to deliver for pre-orders.

Fishy Fingers3895d ago

Get my copy in the mail now then please :)

green3895d ago

WTF!!!I just got confirmation from Amazon that mu copy arrives on the 10th of may.

Blaze9293895d ago

Wo wo wo, i pre-ordered from Amazon too. They said 10th of May!? BS!

Skater3895d ago

Last October my dad pre-ordered GHIII for Wii. Well, when it released on the 29th, they sent us an email saying it was back-ordered and wouldn't ship until Jan. 3rd. Amazon rocks when it comes to already released games but they suck with pre-orders.

sandip7873895d ago

good news. now just make sure that no major events happen, like an alien invasion, or a meteor hitting earth, and we should be set :D

power of Green 3895d ago

I was wondering what triggered so much GTA4 news today. So it begins

Shaka2K63895d ago

5.5 million copies of the PS3 version.
and 1/5 million for the infeior dvd xbug 180 version.

power of Green 3895d ago

Fanbase size and habbit will have you eating crow. You better pray the folks purchasing a "DVD player" will pick up the game.

Archaeox3895d ago

C'mon Shaka, POG wasn't being an Xbot in his post, why be a fanboy?

PMR_213895d ago

there is no way you should still have 5 fcuking bubbles

it's obvious you have alternate accounts

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The story is too old to be commented.