Sony: PS4 Pre-orders Have Grown "Substantially" over One Million from August 2013

Back in August 2013, Sony announced that Playstation 4 pre-orders has crossed One million mark and is still growing. Sony today has shared some new updates on Playstation 4 pre-order figures.

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Muerte24941635d ago

Nope, not in the least. I'll be getting a PS4 and a tier3 Steambox aka "SteamMachine". Picking up a Vita early next year.

mewhy321635d ago

Well I preordered my PS4 on the same day that Sony and micro$oft had their E3 press conferences. Also got extra Ds4 controller on order.

MWong1635d ago

Same here, as soon as Sony said $399, the next day I went out and pre-ordered it. Along with KillZone, BF4, Watch Dogs and a couple of other games.

Muerte24941635d ago

Funny thing is I had an Xbox 360 only for Halo 4 and Gears of War 3. Like so many other, the moment I heard that price, I packed it up. Moments later I'm walking out of Gamestop without a Xbox and a reserve for a PS4. I didn't care because Ps3 was my primary console anyway.

sigfredod1635d ago

one of those millions here

GirlOnFire1635d ago

I'm one in a million also. I got 4 PS4s does that actually make me 4 in a million? 3 were free pre orders from Amazon. I'm converting X-Xbox users I'm getting everyone to join PS4 side.

JimmyLmao1635d ago

hehe that is what i am doing too...

im coming from being mainly an xbox 360, to switch to PS4 (although i do have a PS3 which i am just starting to play a lot more to get back into the PS community in time for PS4 and i just bought PS+)

but yeah, i am bringing a lot of my friends from xbox 360 over to PS4 with me =)

unfortunately some of them feels like they're locked into xbox and have to get an xbox one, otherwise they give up all their hardwork on their gamerscore and stuff... which is stupid because it is just a meaningless score, but i understand that they feel this way.

Akuma2K1635d ago

Good job, maybe they'll bring more of their friends once they see how the darkside (PS4) is where its

JRH77831635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I'm part of this million club!!! Pre-ordered my PS4 when Walmart opened the in-store pre-orders. I'm getting A PS4, Camera & a DS4 all for the low price of $333.83

My girl is a CSM at Walmart and gets 20% off all year round, but the first week in November the give her a voucher for an extra 20% which means I get 40% off. WINNING!!!

Hate I paid NBA 2K14 off at Gamestop already, but i'll make sure to get the rest of my games when I go to Walmart to get everything. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!