Battlefield 4 Running on Xbox One At EuroGamer Expo: "Hold 60 FPS Nicely and Looks Pretty Swish"

It seems like we are just moments away to see how Battlefield 4 looks and play of Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console "Xbox One". At ongoing Eurogamer Expo 2013, fans and industrial professionals are getting hands-on with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One.

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mewhy321311d ago

Eagerly awaiting the beta.

Ksar1311d ago

Seems legit, since the xbox one is that powerful.

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PFFT1311d ago

SAWEEET! Now all we need is some in game footage.

Belking1311d ago Show
Animal Mutha 761311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Roll on Sunday when I'm at EG

In the mean time a video please.

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The story is too old to be commented.