From BioShock to Gone Home: How a game designer shifted gears

Fullbright Company founder Steve Gaynor discusses the critical hit, Gone Home and shifting from a major studio to starting an indie.

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NagaSotuva1699d ago

I would have loved to find secret love letters from one Big Daddy to another.

AnotherProGamer1699d ago

I don't get the appeal of Gone Home its basically a 1 hour visual novel

Pandamobile1699d ago

Wasn't that sort of the point of it? It's a different type of gaming experience.

Krimmson1699d ago

Is that 1 hour unique gaming experience really worth $20?

Pandamobile1699d ago

Depends who you're asking. Don't fault the developers for trying something new and different though.

Everyone wonders why all these big games these days are so similar - it's because people don't see different games as an equal experience and discount them.

AnotherProGamer1699d ago


I won't say this is new or different a lot of developers made similar games to this

despair1699d ago

It was good but way overpriced. I enjoyed it but regret paying so much for it, not worth more than 10 buck imo.

wita1699d ago

I agree, it was good but overpriced. But since it's done well, maybe next time the devs can afford to price it a little lower?