Sony unconcerned by Xbox One's seven-day UK head start over PS4

That Xbox One will arrive in the UK a week before PS4 does not give it an advantage, Sony has said.

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xHeavYx1637d ago

I don't think a week advantage is going be that much of a problem

Xsilver1637d ago

true especially since they have 32 places for the Ps4 to launch in Sony will be good.

UltimateMaster1637d ago

7 days won't make much of a difference anywhere.
The fact they have it in 32 countries is more than enough to compensate.

Boody-Bandit1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Sony has ALL the momentum behind them right now and that wont change any time soon. Sony is releasing their new console in nearly 3 times more areas than the X1. Sony has their vision etched in granite and is unwavering in the direction they have chosen to go. They, unlike their competitor, are not making it up as they go along (slinging every and anything at the wall and going with whatever sticks).

They have the more powerful console, cheaper than their direct competitor, less restrictive, more consumer friendly, more developer friendly (they gave the devs the console they asked for), WAY more support out of the gate with indies, more 1st party studios and a much better and proven track record of producing high quality brand new block buster IPs throughout their consoles life cycle. They are STILL releasing brand new block buster IPs on the PS3 right now (TLOU & Beyond: Two Souls).

So it all comes down to production. Sony will sell as many units as they can produce in the first year. All indications is this is another area where Sony is far ahead of their competition.

Recap this generation (PS3 / X360)
PS3 - 12 to 18 months release disadvantage, higher price point, more difficult and expensive to develop for, a tsunami of bad press throughout most of this generation, and yet they pulled ahead of MS with the PS3 worldwide. Yet here we are saying Sony isn't concerned about a week head start in one region. Talk about an understatement of the year.

MasterCornholio1636d ago

You mean 36 and whatever countries its launching in the middle east.

Sony is ready for launch.

Nexus 7 2013

Muerte24941637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

there are European markets where Xbox isn't even launching until next year. Microsoft is only launching in 13 markets while Sony is launching in 32 markets.

vigilante_man1636d ago

To answer the question: YES

It does matter that XB1 is released a week earlier in the UK. At least it matters to me. I have got to wait a whole week while all I hear about on the news and in the press is XB1, XB1, XB1.

But I guess I will live. It's just going to be a really loooong week!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1636d ago

Probably them pre order number got them feeling good lol.

People who pre ordered ps4 can wait a week for more power, better devs & save $100.

georgeenoob1636d ago

Agreed. Same goes for PS4 launching a week early in the U.S.

xHeavYx1636d ago

Hey, look who's back.
You may be right, but what is going to make a difference is being $100 cheaper and being the most powerful console

GrandpaSnake1636d ago

if the xboxone was really awesome it would matter but i guess not.

MysticStrummer1636d ago

Yeah there is no launch date advantage this time either way. Even launching in more markets doesn't necessarily give Sony an advantage, since that depends on the production capabilities of both companies, though it sounds to me like Sony will have more ready for launch day than MS will. That's just the impression that I get anyway.

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Belking1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

That's because they know the US is the most important market. That's something that they ignored the last time around. They learned that lesson the hard way. It's funny because this gen all sony fanboys say "the world" is more important but now it's all about the US. Now, what do we have

Don't let the usual PR fool you though they are concerned about xbox one everywhere except japan......where nintendo currently dominates.

xHeavYx1637d ago

Really? Usual PR? Because lately, MS has been doing a lot of nonsensical PR, but you are probably ok with that

AceBlazer131637d ago

Or maybe cause the US is the only market where they haven't completely dominated yet so their going balls deep this gen to change that.Let me translate to Xbox.Cod,domination,capture,en emy,territory,teabag.

KonsoruMasuta1637d ago

The US isn't the only place that matters.

You will see that when Xbox lands in 3rd place worldwide.

Wikkid6661637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Really... you really think it won't sell more than the Wii U. It will sell more the Wii U the day it's released.

Sevir1637d ago

I don't know why they would be worried, 32 > 13.... MS isn't launching in the other European markets till next year, so they are more concerned with shipping to those regions than a 7 day head start in a region where they are sure to sell out...

They aren't bothered

Hicken1636d ago

One bubble is one too many for you.

I can't even begin to break down your comment. It makes so little sense I can't figure out how to refute you without sounding ridiculous, myself.

I feel ridiculous just responding to you.

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meatysausage1637d ago

it remains to be seen which is a better approach, but no doubt sony is more organised for launch with better supply.

GribbleGrunger1637d ago

Of course they're not worried. Unlike fans of a certain console, they see the region as Europe. I always find it odd that some people are prepared to imagine the UK as separate from Europe, but they never use France or Germany ... Why would that be?

paul-p19881637d ago

Funnily enough, i live in the UK, and i find we are ALWAYS trying to seperate ourselves from Europe... yet i am not entirely certain why lol.

I would guess it stems from the UK being 2 islands away from mainland europe, but am not sure...

On topic, Sony don't need to worry, Europe has always been Sony territory, and i bet the UK will be no different this time around either. 1 week's difference might sway a few twitchy people who need the newest things NOW NOW NOW, but definitely not a majority.

GribbleGrunger1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yep, the fact that they're releasing only one week later and not 16 months later, is going to make a huge difference -- as well as price, power, looks and potential exclusives of course.

DeadManIV1637d ago

Well we dont use the euro

mcstorm1636d ago

@paul-p1988 You do know the 360 has sold better in the UK than the PS3? This is a market Sony wants back this gen. The feed back I am getting is the people who have a PS3 are going to get a 4 and the people who have a 360 are getting a One so it should be interesting to see how it plays out in the uk.

Nabbic1637d ago

It's hard to say. The last generation, both US and UK were dominated by Xbox... I would only play with one or two of my mates on the PS3, but everyone was on the 360.

Of course this generation, Microsoft have faced some very negative publicity which they haven't fully recovered from.
Coupled with that the majority of people in the UK don't even know that the WiiU exists (I'm being serious, when we saw ads in the cinema, everyone would always ask what the hell it is), the PS4 seems like the only major choice this holiday.
Microsoft even had to bundle Fifa 14 with it just to get it to sell.

I know a few lads who will be picking it up, and no doubt a lot of fans will be too because it's an Xbox... Though the week headstart, I can only assume it won't give any significant advantage.

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