Most Overrated Games of This Console Generation

Games are about gameplay. This would have been a self-evident point only a few short years ago. But in the last console generation, with better graphics, a better sense of writing and narrative, and stronger processors, developers discovered that they could push gaming in other ways. Stories and presentation predominated in many cases. Yet, as some of those pushed the envelope in favor of presentation, they, to the detriment of the games, de-emphasized gameplay. These are the worst.

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xHeavYx1635d ago

Hey, look, another one of those " overrated " articles bashing critically acclaimed games. It never gets old to complain about MGS cutscenes.
I bet the guy went back to pay COD after writing this

CriticallySane1635d ago

Actually, I write a column called The Strategy Gamer and mostly review strategy games. I did review Call of Duty for another site last year, but I haven't touched it since last November. But thanks for your blatant ignorance about me.

WeAreLegion1635d ago

Can I proofread your articles?

napoleon10661635d ago

It's hard for something to be overrated unless it's highly rated.


kariyanine1635d ago

You're right, it never does get old complaining about them.

kratos_TheGoat1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

mgs 4 is overrated by their fanbase. mg 3 was way better. it was a movies rather then a game. best things about 4 was graphic & guns because the story was a decent at best hope 5 will be better