Nvidia Announces Collaboration With Valve on SteamOS

Gameranx: "Nvidia and Valve have been working together for SteamOS."

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DA_SHREDDER1698d ago

whatever comes out if it aint cheap it wont sell.

animegamingnerd1698d ago

or if valve decides to make half life 3 exclusive

frankiebeans1698d ago

won't happen not no way in hell valve is not the type of company that is just going to turn on the people that made them what they're today and they have too large of a pc install base already , same reason why gta came out on ps3/360 and not on next gen

zeal0us1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

That would be a big gamble for Valve. Sure all people would have to do is download SteamOS and dualboot but Valve is bound to catch some backlash for cutting out Windows platform if they made HL3 exclusive for SteamOS.

Eonjay1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

So I guess this means Titan Fall isn't Xbox Console exclusive anymore. EA played everybody.

nirwanda1698d ago

Making it exclusive wouldn't be such a big deal, it's free to download the os and give a performance boost too.
It's more likely to be a choice though, I.e you can play it on on windows for x amount or you play it on steam os for less as we don't need to pay ms and you will also get a framerate boost.

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frankiebeans1698d ago

I wont spend more than 500 and at 500 I want it to be as good or better than a ps4 but I highly doubt that will happen but I would by it in place of an xbox one because all I play on xbox are multi platform games anyways.

jeffgoldwin1697d ago

The article was about SteamOS, had nothing whatsoever to do with Steambox.

The OS is based off of Linux and will most likely be free.

frankiebeans1697d ago


zeal0us1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I believe its about improving the open source drivers such as Nouveau. In the past Nouveau had problems mainly due Nvidia not releasing documentation. 3 days ago Nvidia finally agree to release documentation for Nouveau.

Better understanding:

kingduqc1698d ago

That's why there are multiple steam box at multiple price point dumbfuck

jeffgoldwin1697d ago

True, but people over the age of 15 (assuming they have the kind of money for a steambox), should really just build their own pc.

By build, I mean you literally just plug in about 8 essential components (which are retarded proof because of the plug in shapes). You save around 50% by just doing that. But we live in a very lazy society, so I guess steam box could be an option for those people.

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adorie1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

This is big. The linux push is moving full 'steam' ahead. :P

DA_SHREDDER1698d ago

you already have steam, lol, i dont get you pc guys

frankiebeans1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I said the same crap and got attacked by the pc guys, thy're a bunch of knuckle heads. the "pc master race" as they like to call themselves is getting a console type of experience (maybe) and they're getting excited but yet they always said consoles were inferior....

@monkeyninja anybody can install steam os it will be a free download its not just on the box they're selling.

MonkeyNinja1698d ago

People are excited to move away from Windows. Plus, Valve said that they are getting a noticeable performance boost from using Linux.

gamernova1698d ago

We never settle. That is why we are PC gamers. We want more!!!!

Perjoss1698d ago

Some of us dont want to game on windows anymore, microsoft have not embraced PC gamers at all, instead they constantly try to push us onto the xbox.

NateCole1698d ago

Dude. Nvidia Linux support sucks monkey balls so this is big.

Finalfantasykid1698d ago

Ever since Steam was announced for Linux, NVIDIA started to actually put some decent effort into their Linux Drivers (and I think AMD did as well). But SteamOS should make the push for better drivers even more and that will make me happy :)

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Giru0171698d ago

Ohhhh, no wonder Nvidia had been so aggressively been targeting AMD with their comments, they have their own vision of the living rooom future... This is gonna be VERY interesting

DeadlyFire1698d ago

This also means SteamOS could have more Linux Ubuntu ARM in it as NVIDIA's APUs are all ARM based with full 64-bit ARMv8 CPUs launching by 2015. First batch is coded Project Denver. This likely is the main reason for them announcing collaboration. So they get their CPUs in some machines in the coming years. :)

NVIDIA isn't the only one AMD also has hardware in Steam Machines or they wouldn't both be racing to improve Linux drivers.

wtopez1698d ago

Oh yeah. Tell me more please.

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