AMD Announces Mantle API; Compatible With PS4 And Xbox One?

Gameranx: "AMD statements have the gaming community abuzz."

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5h4h4b1667d ago

^__^ hurrah. Both pc and consoles can benefit from this API. Thank you AMD.

WarThunder1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


AMD has a win win situation on Consoles and PC.

And this will make porting from PC to Console easier. This way developers will use the architecture of the AMD at full!

AMD, Nvidia and Valve are working together on Linux using OpenGL/CL... this way we can say farewell to DirectX...

"AMD has actually been pretty active in the Linux community in recent memory, though its open-source Linux drivers still lag behind its Windows drivers. Just a few months back, the company released a massive set of 165 kernel patches that enabled some key features in Linux Radeon drivers, such as dynamic power management and initial support for the "Sea Islands" family of GPUs."

5h4h4b1667d ago

AMD has done a brilliant job. No doubt.

rambi801667d ago

Forgive my ignorance but i'm curious.

Will this move to linux affect game prices?

WarThunder1667d ago


I think it will not affect game prices.

rambi801667d ago

thanks for the response.

P0werVR1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Mantle is NOT going to replace DirectX.

Did you even convey the article correctly?

" to make full use of AMD graphics card capabilities. However, Mantle should still be compatible with other rendering APIs."

That's how it should have been written, and the guy who wrote the article doesn't know better since he contradicted himself.

It's purpose is for AMD GPUs only.

So it'll fully be capable with other APIs.

mewhy321667d ago

Wow. nvidia just got kicked in the nuts.

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meatysausage1667d ago

could someone explain what this means?
Ive heard reports that applies this to ps4 and xbox but im not sure what it acually does?

TacticAce1667d ago

Why is it a surprise? The consoles are using AMD hardware. Why is this even a article?

switch20151667d ago

Call my crazy, but it seems weird that this announcement happned just after the announcement that SteamOS and Steam machines are coming out.

Even if they are completely unrelated, they will definitely help each other quite a bit, so good news all round.