Miyamoto on Wii Fit, Hardcore Gamers

With Wii Fit's U.S. release finally pinned down -- Nintendo revealed the price for its health-awareness game a few days ago -- the Wii Fit media blitz has begun in earnest. The $90 game and peripheral package has been a surprising hit in Japan, with sales closing steadily on the two million mark, yet that's no guarantee of success overseas. 1UP sat down with Wii Fit producer Shigeru Miyamoto to talk about where this unconventional game falls in Nintendo's grand scheme... and whether or not hardcore gamers should see the company's latest creation as a threat to their hobby.

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Harry1903684d ago

those 'hardcore' games he is referring to are just Gamecube rehash.

wiizy3684d ago

gamers should think nintendo for making gamers mainstream... the same can be said about halo 3 , metal gear solid 4.. so hating will not help your cause ... you already sound foolish just saying that.

Shadow Flare3684d ago

so i don't suppose either the psone or ps2 with 100 million+ consoles sold has brought gaming to the mainstream?

ChickeyCantor3684d ago

funny you mention that, and no one complains about the "crap" that can be found in the Ps2 library

Shadow Flare3684d ago

any popular console will get a load of crap games made for it sidar. Thats why fortunately the ps2 has a whole load of some of the best games made, ever. PS2 possibly has the best games library of any console

PumPum3684d ago

Hey everyone listen! The man whos whole career and fame is based on copying others and "making" "innovating" new games has something to say.
Gamesblow is a troll but he has some intresting facts about miyamoto.

ChickeyCantor3684d ago

Most of gamesblow "facts" are flawed.
dont just "read" his article do some research allong with it.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3684d ago

It has been scientificlly proven that Wii Fit is a gimick and Wii does not make you loose wieght.

Filanime033684d ago

another gimmicky peripheral from nintendo but sadly this piece of crap will sell. This will sell in the america and australia in which overweight and obesity are the number one problem. This will sell system and lots of people will buy it believe it or not which kinda sucks.

SaiyanFury3684d ago

Agreed. There have been results taken by scientific institutions and Wii-Fit doesn't burn calories nearly as much as normal exercise. I'm glad I work out on a regular basis.

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