Official March NPD Numbers

Official March NPD numbers

HW Sales
Hardware Mar-08

Wii 721K
Nintendo DS 698K
PlayStation Portable 297K
Xbox 360 262k
PlayStation 3 257K
PlayStation 2 216K

SW Sales
Top-Selling VG Software - March 2008

Platform Title Publisher Release Date March Units

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Time Lord3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

but software wise, it looks really bleak for the PS3

Edit: Sony needs to make more of the 80gig PS3s, they're very hard to find.

Silellak3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I think it shows that a lot of the people are picking up a PS3 primarily as a Blu-ray player but continue to buy multiplatform games for the 360.

When the PS3 exclusives start rolling out, then the NPD numbers (for software at least) will likely look quite a bit different.

Edit @1.5 Below:
I didn't say most people were buying a PS3 as a Blu-ray player, just that a lot of people were, which helps the PS3's numbers. I figure many people are picking one up now as a Blu-ray player also knowing that many of the big name PS3 games are just around the corner. I know I've considered grabbing one for that very reason.

Obviously the larger 360 userbase means more 360 software will sell, but there's a reason PS3 sales picked up so quickly in January despite there not being any real big-name releases besides DMC4 - which was multiplatform.

I was giving a reason that PS3 hardware sales increased faster than PS3 software sales.

Marceles3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

So we're all going to stop posting Pachter stuff right? PS3 selling 50K more...can you be anymore off? lol...seriously, if a Pachter story is pending, I'm reporting it...that's how off he is


I'm dead serious...let's all apply to be analysts.

crck3810d ago

And blame it on the lack of 80gb models the day before the data was released to the public. Anyway April numbers should be interesting.

jwatt3810d ago

Wow ps3 and 360 neck and neck, I honestly had the ps3 coming out on top though. Were the numbers close like this last time?

fenderputty3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Are you kidding me? I know you're normally a well though out poster. What's with that. Even if people are buying PS3's for the BD functionalities, it isn't the majority of buyers.

You know ... there might be another, more simple reason for this. It's called a 360 user base that twice as large as the PS3 user base in the United Stated.

Jesus people ...

Edit: Well ... of course people are buying it for the it's BD funtionality as well as it's gaming funtionality. Once the BD war was won, the system became a much better and solid deal for a system. That isn't the soul reason for slacking software sales to the 360 though as I pointed out. The userbase has a much larger affect. You can see this in Europe since the hardware totals aren't as exaggerated.

v1c1ous3810d ago

the recession is obviously having an effect on ps3/360. not so much on wii.

if trends continue as they are... i don't even want to think about when wiifit hits.

the s*** might hit the fan. HD will die! /sarcasm.

no but seriously, wii gamers are apparently only buying wiiplay/ssbb/guitar hero...but in large numbers :/

sonarus3810d ago

yea 360 ps3 head to head. April hardware sales will be more interesting

NO_PUDding3810d ago

Where's GT5p?

Is this just America? Or was it not released in March?

jwatt3810d ago

This is just America and gt prologue was released here 2 days ago.

thePatriot3810d ago

not much to say. Now lets see if gt prologue and mgs beta can stand against DLC. lets hope they can.

NO_PUDding3810d ago

Wow if 360 is doing not so hot there, and there was no big releases for PS3, then... wow.

Do NPD deal with Worldwide numbers? Or has it always been NA only.

yesah3810d ago

this is only America, Sony is winning in terms of the world

Exhaust3810d ago

"Wow if 360 is doing not so hot there, and there was no big releases for PS3, then... wow."

Seriously, to be fair here. What game released for 360 in March? Everything was multiplatform so I don't think lack of releases on either side effected sales.

Yeah NPD is NA only.

Homicide3810d ago

Yeah, its pretty close, especially since MS has resolved some of the 360 'shortages' BS. The PS3 is gaining momentum.

Ju3810d ago

I also believe the genre mix in general favors the 360. Majority releases in March were still shooters, and I believe, the typical PS generation, even though we might like shooters, looks for a bigger variety of themes. The only game in March coming to my mind, which was interesting, is Hot Shots Golf. GT5 is releasing right now. But nothing else so far. I'm waiting for Haze, no need for RB6. Army of Two...well, rental. And then, the big shooters are lined up, again, no need to buy anything right now. And that combined with the smaller install base. The PS3 is still doing OK, IMO.

callahan093810d ago

I noticed something: Pachter, pretty far off... VGChartz, not too far off. Pachter predicted a pretty decent advantage of PS3 this month, and VGChartz predicted a very miniscule advantage of 360. Looks like VGChartz was correct.

Maybe from now on when VGChartz data gets posted people won't cry so much about how unreliable their numbers are. They're not that bad. Their ratios and rankings for each systems' performance was pretty darn close with their North American hardware predictions for March. Most of their numbers were bigger than these numbers though, because they include Mexico, and NPD does not.

Montrealien3810d ago

For the next couple of years these 2 consoles will be fighting with tight sales. And during all this time all you fanboys will be chasing your tails trying to make sense of it all, pathetic...truly pathetic.

What do I play this morning? Some GT5 Prologue? Some Rockband on my 360? DO I try, once again to beat Ninja Gaiden on my Virtual console? do I play Ninja Gaiden on my DS? Continue Crisis Core? Or go farm in Nagrand?

Fanboys are little losers and I will remind you every chance I get. It about choice kids, and if money is the reason why you are a fanboy? don't worry, one day you will grow up, move out of your parents ouse and learn about crided, jobs and life in general..

dan-boy3810d ago

even if was an excuse, they've still bounced back! and the software sales for the ps3 are pretty dismal! people thinking the xbox is stil not profitable must see that they are wrong!

and the 360 has been out for a year longer that the ps3, i've seen people saying that it's reached saturation point and what-not, but it's still there dogging sony! sony desperately need europe now!, and they're more than lucky that the 360 is already dead in japan. but either way, sony need to start shipping boxs at the rate that nintendo does. coz other wise, they aint gonna make up that 8 mil they're behind til into 2010!

now wheres shadowflare to tel everybody that the ps3 is performing the same as the ps2 was????

gaffyh3810d ago

Lol VGChartz were sooooo off. These are their estimates for March:

Plat....8-Mar......15-Mar.... .22-Mar......29-Mar......5-Apr. .......Total
DS....106,117....143,973...15 5,715....127,845.....143,579... .......677,229
Wii....62,535.....130,836.... 224,868....74,923.....166,547.. .......659,709
PS2...77,188.....76,701.....1 00,290....85,656......80,255... .......420,090
PSP...67,227....63,614......8 6,635.....76,839......87,826... .......382,141
360....69,593.....72,647..... 87,699.....68,319......56,539.. .......354,797
PS3...67,447.....68,103.....8 6,504.....71,487......60,074... .......353,615

wallace10003809d ago

I agree with Silellak, i have seen a lot of places pushing the PS3 as a blu-ray player rather than a gaming console. For a while here Future Shop was giving PS3s away with HDTVs so that people could experience movies in HD, they didn't say anything about gaming.

NO_PUDding3806d ago


Totally true, I ahdn't emant to sound biased. It's jsut it's not like the 360 gained any sales, it's just that the PS3 lost sales.

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Silellak3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

PS3 and 360 within a few thousand of each other, just as many predicted.

Despite the cries of doomsayers and fanboys, the 360's not down yet - not be a longshot.

Glad to see both consoles going strong. A hotter console war means more competition and thus better games for everyone.

God of War deserved to do better. Oh well.

Overall, what an amazing month. It's great news for all gamers that video game software and hardware continue to sell so well outside of the holiday season.


And that's why I take what analysts say with a grain of salt. So much for Patcher having 'inside info' from NPD, eh? I wish I could get paid to be a professional guesser.

wicked3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

patcher didn't

jwatt3810d ago

Yea the console war is fun to follow too, lots of surprises and things to look forward to. Plus unlike any sports the console war goes all year round. I think I follow the console war more than I do my Lakers but it's starting to get close to the finals.

The Lazy One3810d ago

I like how 50% of this community just got pwned.

alcaponedya3810d ago

wonder if they discontinued to ps2 how that will affect the ps3 sales.
o wait, they're not macroshaft.

wicked3810d ago

what are you on about, the PS3 has dropped backward compatibility so you need your PS2, Microsoft didn't.

Max Power3810d ago

isn't there only slight BC on the 360, where you can only play like 10 xbox games?

LeonSKennedy4Life3810d ago

I'm sorry...I hate the xbox...but you're just being ignorant.

The 360 plays a LOT of original xbox games...


popup3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Just out of interest (because I do not know), how many new Xbox1 game releases have there been in the last year?

JasonXE3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

There was a bc update this month i believe too. I'm not going to copy/paste the list either or it'll take up a good portion of the comment space.

NOVEMBER 2007 LIST: Not even updated to the other bc updates the 360 had recently yet it is still a lot.

For new xbox 1 game releases, barely any since the console was discontuined i believe. Then again how many gamecube games come out now. The ps2 capture the casual market as the wii is doing now so its going to be here for a long while. Its like moving people who have standard t.vs to hdtvs, gonna take a long while till they make the upgrade.

dan-boy3809d ago

you would realise that continuing support for the ps2 is not such a good thing! sony have devide their resources to continue that support, where if they devoted themselves solely to the ps3, you mite have xmb in games, player matches, chat in every game, a unified on-line service and mite even have got gow, and the getaway3 this year aswell!

i'm astounded thta ps3 owners think that sony supporting it's older platform is good, and use it as an excuse to attck microsoft!

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jwatt3810d ago

In March there really wasn't a game pushing the ps3, I think if the ps3 doesn't come on top in April with Gt prologue and MGO beta it's going to be a bigger struggle for the ps3 than we thought. As of this year though, the ps3 has completely turned around and has been selling considerably well.

SL1M DADDY3810d ago

Are you loco?

You're saying that if a demo of GT5 and a beta of MGS doesn't help boost sales for the PS3 then they are going to struggle the rest of the year? You are being silly no?

myxomatosis3809d ago

i agree, i cant imagine people dishing out hundreds on a ps3 to play GT5P, not the full version of GT5, and an online beta that most people cant play anyways. the system mover of april by far is GTA, obviously, and it looks like the 360 will move more consoles under this game.

though I shouldnt undermine the bundle, which amounts to a free GTA4.

also keep in mind, a USA recession would cripple the xbox 360 sales more than it would the PS3 for obvious reasons.

blynx1823810d ago

On the other hand, april 29th will be the Ps3's defining moment; it needs a miracle.

SL1M DADDY3810d ago

Sorry chap, but no single game, even GTA4, will ever be a consoles single defining moment. When you get a little older you will understand...

And since the PS3 is killing the 360 in all other regions, a 5000 sale lead in North America per the NPD reports is not near enough to keep the 360 from losing out on their lead even more.

dan-boy3809d ago

and it desperately needs those other regions even more! sony are lucky that the 360 is already dead in japan. the way it's looking, sony are gonna be behind this year, and most probably nearly all of next year aswell! obviously they will over take microsoft, but it aint gonna be anywhere near as fast as they planned, or what the fanboys were thinking!