Why CoD: Ghosts Riley is set to become gaming's most realistic dog

PSU looks at why Riley is set to be man's best friend in Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

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The_Infected1248d ago

That's because other games have a dog as a main character.

Also the most realistic dog? Like when he takes down a helicopter? Lol

Hellsvacancy1248d ago

It's ok, i'll stick with this for my dog gaming needs

Insomnia_841248d ago

One bite kills...
Takes down helicopters...

They should've put Bolt in the game to make it more believable LOL

ghostrider321248d ago

Jack Slate's dog would eat that dog alive.

WeAreLegion1248d ago

Most realistic would go to Jake from Dog's Life on the PS2. Or Chomp from GTA V.

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