Exclusive Alone in the Dark Video Shows Burning Physics

Atari just sent 1UP this new tech video clip for Alone in the Dark, the recently delayed survival-horror game for Xbox 360 and PS3, showing off the game's real-time fire propagation. Using in-game footage, the tech demo shows off how players can use fire to create makeshift torches to either light the way in dark passages or to set other objects, like doors, on fire. What's interesting is that flammable objects look to burn at different speeds and heat, so a lacquered table might turn to charcoal quicker than a more flame retardant piece of furniture.

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fanboi hater3894d ago

this game has some pretty awesome tech and might just help pull atari out of the hole they dug themselves in.

tony3894d ago

this game is something else. and yes it will atari ,alot. i'm sooo excited about alone in the dark.
can't freaking wait.