Final Fantasy XIV/Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Crossover Gets New Screenshots and Trailer

Square Enix just released a batch of new screenshots and a trailer showcasing both sides of the crossover between Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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allgamespc20121673d ago

so if u dont like it, go back to wow, leave this game to the ones who like it and dont bash it witohut even knowing it. great mmo

wishingW3L1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

that music and outfit is kind of nostalgic. I remember being so hype for FF13 only to be greatly disappointed. ;___;

blast from the past, 2006 E3 trailer:

This game could have been so much more. And to think that an abomination like FF13-2 was born from it and soon Lightning Returns which looks equally mediocre and cheesy as heck.

Spenok1673d ago

The fact you call 13-2 an abomination just goes to show you never played it... troll harder.

fsfsxii1673d ago

Have you ever even played a JRPG or do you just troll japanese games articles or are you just a sheep??

Tiqila1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

please no more of lightning. Final fantasy series has become so lame, with a character cast of crybabies only.

Why are they not featuring cool strong and sometimes hilarious characters anymore, like in past ff titles?

at least this gives me the opportunity/motivation to play the older titles I missed out on, like everything smaller than 6.

leonard1671d ago

I'd rather see more of Lightning or any other FF character besides Cloud and Sephiroth in the millionth iteration of a FFVII spin-off game.

Noctis1673d ago

SE can we please stop with the Lightning adoration?

Abriael1673d ago

Probably not, considering that the Japanese love her.

Magicite1673d ago

Shes not my favourite character but definately shes better than most generic chars we see nowadays in video games.

caseh1673d ago

She's the only redeeming factor from FF13 as a whole.

chrissx1673d ago

Miss the good ol FF days. I dnt understand the insistance on lightening. Hope this game will suprise me n be a good one

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