History repeats itself as Dick Smith’s Wii U sale seems to be too good to be true

Stevivor's Steve Wright writes, "Well, just like in April 2012, it looks like Australian consumers have been let down by a Cheeky Dick."

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-Mika-1488d ago

They are practically giving them away at this point. It the only way it sells.

Bathyj1488d ago

Just dont screw me around on my PS4 Dick. I cancelled my preorder at EB cos they couldnt guarantee me a day one console. Dick Smith said they could.

ChickeyCantor1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Damn it Dick, why you gotta be so anal.

SonyKong641487d ago

Dick, is that a banana in your pocket? or are you just a dick with a happy to see me erection?

Dick? Stop dicking around..